Author Topic: Roger Stone Punches Back At MSNBC Smears  (Read 47 times)

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Roger Stone Punches Back At MSNBC Smears
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:52:29 AM »

that's right final segment with Roger
stone you're watching the war room I'm
your host Rob do got Liam McAdoo and
co-host chair Roger stone back in
Florida I believe that's where he's that
Roger stone could be anywhere at this
point well he has been making the rounds
on MSNBC and on Hannity because even
though MSNBC I think once put him on a
black list but now oh if we want to drag
your name through the mud here come back
come back so stone you want to jump into
these clips well you're absolutely right
Rob it was stunning because I had
cordial requests from Anderson Cooper
Erin Burnett Chris Cuomo on a new day to
get on with CNN and discuss these most
recent and absurd insinuate knows as
little for seniors to say about Roger
stone I resemble that in sinuan know he
would you know these latest you know
smear tactics about stuff that I've
disclosed and testified truthfully about
the real question is how did documents
leaked out of the house intelligence
committees investigation all the
material that was truncated in kind of
doctor and released by the Atlantic
which by the way was exculpatory
I'm sorry I'm sneeze there for a second
sorry about that was so you know this is
it's only news to the media the idea
that I testified untruthfully which some
House Democrats grumble about is simply
not true I don't think the Republican
majority they would have to do any kind
of referral to justice agrees with that
I've been very forthright there is no
Russian collusion I received nothing
from WikiLeaks or Julian Assange or the
Russians and discussed it with anyone in
the Trump campaign this is a and it
would have been legal and I done so
which I didn't
unless of course you believe that asides
use a Russian so this narrative is just
as funny as their claim that the DNC was
hacked by the Russians not proved at a
minimum not proved there's substantial
evidence and counter a a terrorism
experts who have examined all the online
forensic and conclude it's far more
likely to have been downloaded to a
harddrive and taken out backdoor by
someone said rich yeah and those are
just former directors of the NSA you
know I got to take a page from Roger
stone on this one if it looks like a
canard and it smells like a canard it's
a canard bad alright let's go to that
first clip this is stone pushes back on
Wikileaks smear now the New York Times
reported on January 20th the 2016 in a
page one story that my communications
had been accessed through a FISA warrant
along with those of Paul Manafort and
Carter page therefore I have always
operated on the assumption that there
are folks in the government who have
examined all of my communications and I
can say with confidence that I know
nothing about any Russian collusion or
any other inappropriate act that I never
had any advance knowledge of the content
the source or the exact timing of the
WikiLeaks disclosures I never predicted
that John Podesta's emails would be
hacked I predicted that his business
activities would come under scrutiny his
time in the barrel that is based on the
January 2016 disclosures in the Panama
papers where his Russian business
dealings are fully exposed the uranium
deal the bank deal the gas deal you keep
talking about John Podesta there do you
mean Tony Podesta I know I actually mean
the Podesta brothers which is addressed
in the Panama papers I had also seen an
opposition research memo by dr. Jerry
Corsi and all of these things were
ultimately reported so I didn't ask sam
nunn Berg to protect me I don't think I
require any protection but look I'm one
of the president's oldest
friends and I remain a staunch supporter
it's not surprising that the special
counsel may want to see emails and memos
that I wrote to the campaign and about
politics and that's not really
why did you reach out to gusoff er why
did you reach out to WikiLeaks
well first of all my my direct messages
42.0 guys
why did you reach out to gusoff er why
did you reach out to wikileaks yeah
that's your job
Roger your reporter I mean Chuck Chuck
Todd why weren't you reaching out to
gusoff er why weren't you reaching out
to wikileaks this is ridiculous and then
the whole thing about the Panama papers
the lady who wrote those blew up in a
car but that's okay no you know they
don't want to bring up that I don't want
to talk about that but it's just this
crazy notion and we subsequently learned
that John Podesta has a secret bank deal
with an old guard got close to Vladimir
Putin where he gets knocked - or 35
million dollars so look this is all an
attempt to distract from the content of
Assange's stunning journalism how
hypocritical that there's a movie out
the post which celebrates the Washington
Post's role in the publication of
classified information regarding the
origins of the NAM war how courageous
but now wants to jail Julian Assange
because he publishes classified
information that he gets from
whistleblowers even the Obama
administration correctly concluded that
if you prosecutor decides you have to
prosecute the Washington Post the New
York Times The Wall Street Journal
because publishing embarrassing
information of government the
information that is embarrassing to the
government is the job of a free media
yeah it is and all this all this
WikiLeaks stuff is basically to keep
people's minds off of the Trump
surveillance I'm not gonna play that
clip because we're running out of time
but one of the questions Chuck Todd
asked you is did you speak to the
president about the WikiLeaks disclosure
I guess you had some prior knowledge and
then you back-channel
to trump and let's hear what you had to
say did you suggest to the president
that he at that press conference say
Russia if you're listening
go find Hillary Clinton's emails I can
honestly say that the candidate Trump
Donald Trump President Trump and I have
never discussed the WikiLeaks
disclosures before during or after
you've never had a single discussion
about Hillary Clinton emails with him at
that is correct nothing about he'll I
got it I understand WikiLeaks not once
about Hillary Clinton emails you never
had one conversation with President
Trump about that not not a single one no
and that's the same answer you're gonna
give if mr. Muller asks you that
question is the same answer that I gave
the House Intelligence Committee under
oath some months ago and certainly the
same answer I would give the special
counsel Donald Trump and I have never
discussed the matter no look at that no
no no no no and Chuck Todd doesn't want
to call WikiLeaks or goose for two you
know he doesn't want to get on the phone
them very interesting very interesting
oh and yeah go ahead Roger
so more insulting Rob here is after that
interview which I think I fended off
every question which Chuck Todd was very
aggressive but fair partisan leaning
perhaps but fair they had a panel of
experts who treaded me with Tom Brokaw
saying I view myself as a an eagle
0:07 because I once did a parody picture
you know in the white tuxedo piece with
a red carnation it's about the suit
Tom chill buddy it's about the stood
butt and some woman Michelle Goldberg
says I fabricated my claim that the
Washington Post said that the Senate
Democrats memo said that the Russian has
liked documents to from desires which
the Post speculated was Roger stone I
present provided the link here at de M
for several times Michelle Goldberg New
York Times says that I
it doesn't exist there it is sweetie
so you know it was a it was a lynching
it was a these are the hate Roger stone
crew I remember salon vice the beautiful
people and they're trying to regenerate
questions I answered months ago it's a
tactic of be annoying left no they're
gonna keep asking you the same questions
over and over again to see if they can
go oh he changed his answer he changed
his answer and even though you've
already given it yeah and they'll never
believe it because it doesn't jibe with
their their perspective and their point
of so a if it doesn't sound true to them
it's not going to be true in their eyes
exactly exactly stone defending the
Republic from enemies foreign and
domestic thank you for joining us and
we'll be right back we're gonna take
more of your calls people in the steel
industry eight eight eight to zero one
two two four four let us know how the
tariffs are gonna affect you thanks for
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