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understand it was his being the bad cop
South Korea being the good cop they're
bringing Kim Jong on to the table but of
course rachel maddow cannot allow that
that is a good thing she's got to show
herself to be nothing but a partisan
hack because who other than a partisan
hack would try to pretend that Dee
nuclearized North Korea is not a good
thing and so I want to play you a clip
of Rachel Maddow and how she responded
to this I mean even the people on CNN
for the at least for a while at least
the people on CNN said hey this would be
really good if we could stop this guy
who is lobbing missiles over Japan and
setting off a one nuclear test after the
other this guy is really dangerous he's
looking for attention wouldn't it be a
good thing if we could stop that by just
giving him a selfie with President Trump
is that all it takes to give this guy
the attention that he wants and then
take away his nuclear toys I think
that'd be a great thing but Rachel
Maddow is not really so sure here's what
she has to say you might imagine another
president in this circumstance Kim
jong-un makes her makes a request you
wanted me you might think like another
president in this circumstance you could
imagine a president asking himself or
herself why has no other American
president ever agreed to do this
good question I've asked sitting
American president ever met with a
leader from North Korea yeah never
happened in all the decades North
Korea's existed as a nation why why
hasn't any other president ever done
should I take that to mean that this
might be a particularly risky or even an
unwise move see I think that's how most
presidents would approach the idea of a
personal presidential meeting with the
North Korean dictator I think a lot of
people probably suspect tonight that
those are not the kinds of questions
that this president asked himself before
agreeing to this meeting
but this is the president we have and he
said yes to North Korea
the New York Times tonight headlining
this breaking news as quote a
breathtaking gamble oh wow
and this is the president with that we
have saying yes to North Korea she tries
to portray it as us saying yes to North
Korea you know said yes to North Korea
oh you're Obama and Clinton and State
Department that enabled these people how
about the fact that you had the guy that
you love so much President Obama you
fond over him didn't year this is a news
busters org points out that Rachel
Maddow fawned over President Obama when
he said yes to the North Koreans that
was a good thing because it was
President Obama wasn't it Rachel that's
what a hopeless smarmy snarky act she is
just disgusting to watch her there and
lying through her teeth lying through
her teeth she said when Obama pushed for
the Iran nuclear deal she said it's the
major foreign policy achievement not
only of this presidency but of the
American generation that's right
it was a foreign policy achievement but
not for America's benefit for of the
Iranian benefit it's amazing
you might think she said why has no
other American president ever agreed to
do this that's the right question but
she gives the wrong answer
she said should I take it that to mean
that this might be particularly risky or
even an unwise move let me tell you what
is unwise to just sit there and let
these people continue because obviously
he is willing to do anything what is
going to happen Rachel if and some of
these moves where he lobs missiles over
Japan if it actually hits Japan people
are going to be they're gonna have to
respond to that then you think it'd be a
better thing to have a war I guess so
you have an MSNBC another host says well
it's definitely risky so one of the
things this would do if we have a
picture of Kim jong-un and president
Trump standing next to one another this
actually achieves one of Kim jong-un's
long-standing and his father's goal
which is to elevate North Korea so
that's the risk that's the risk
we cannot lose our prestige by having
our president take a selfie with the
North Korean president that is what
MSNBC that's their desperate attempt to
try to say that this is a bad idea to
talk to them no it'd be much better
witness MSNBC to just allow this little
dictator to continue his nuclear program
his missile program until he shoots a
missile at Guam or lands one on Japan
and then we have the whole area erupt
into war no that would be much better
let's take the advice of the hacks at
MSNBC it to me that's a small price to
pay and we've all we've had Michael
malice who spent a lot of time in North
Korea say this guy just wants attention
let's give him a little bit of attention
if we can Dinu clear eyes a place there
is no risk involved in this understand
the deal that has been announced is that
nothing is going to change in the
sanctions until they have the meeting
and unless he denuclearize as nothing is
going to change he is still going to be
under siege with the largest military in
the world pointed at his country he has
nothing to gain but to denuclearize at
this point but then we got another hack
another Democrat hack this is Tommy
Vitor he is someone who worked with
Obama he was Obama's former National
Security Council spokesman he tweets out
why would the Trump administration
announced this like it's some kind of
accomplishment as a conversation with a
homicidal dictator not an invitation to
the Met Gala really really so the reason
he would do this Obama national security
spokesman yeah Obama left us with a lot
of national security that me you're
gonna have secure borders we don't
secure secure situation with North Korea
or with Iran
anybody else but really the answer is to
disarm them not to arm them like you and
the Clintons did with Iran and China
others I mean that's what the Democrats
have done Dan mcLaughlin of a National
Review came back and and pointed out
that his boss had spent
his time going to Havana Cuba impelling
around with the president there who had
run communist death squads as Raul
Castro who is still there said in fact
the two-year anniversary of their super
awkward handshake is coming up later
this month about that this is the
hypocrisy of the left but I want to take
a moment here with Rex Torsen because
the top of dried yesterday it said
teller Tillerson is sick he's not going
to meet with anybody in Kenya and then
later on he's coming out and saying well
I'm feeling a little bit better getting
better I think what he was sick of is
being left out of the loop as I reported
this on Friday they said this is AP
saying several Pentagon officials had
said shortly before the announcement
that they had no knowledge of what the
South Koreans planned to announce the
South Koreans came in and talked to
President Trump
privately then they came out and
announced that President Trump and Kim
jong-un would be meeting to talk about D
nuclearized North Korea and that nothing
was going to change unless they did that
and until they did that after the
meeting but at the same time they
reported the Secretary of State Rex
Tillerson who was traveling in Africa
had just hours before that announcement
said that the u.s. was quote a long ways
unquote from direct talks that was
Tollison in the dark in the Dark
Continent the secretary is not feeling
well he said the next day after a long
couple of days working on major issues
back home such as North Korea and he has
canceled his events for the day so think
about that they managed to put that in
the statement saying he's kind of sick
you know because of that North Korea
stuff that he was left out of loop end
to me I'm hoping this is a hoping this
is what the coded messages I am sick of
this job I hope he is sick of this job I
hope he joins Gary Cohen I think there's
a door at the White House with a label
on it it's a door that leads out of the
White House is an exit and hopefully
there is a door there that somebody in
the White House is put a sign on it says
globalist enter here because I would
like to see him join his fellow
globalist Gary Cohen and just get out
this is a guy who has fought
Trump he's been wrong on every issue and
even when you look at what we knew about
this guy before he came in when I heard
that it was being rumored to be the
Secretary of State I said why why in the
world would we have this guy introducing
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