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LIVE: Bill Clinton #MeToo Protest Austin Texas
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:55:33 AM »

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you are receiving of this transmission and we have
 a visitor visitor coming to see us today William
Jefferson Clinton president throughout most of the
 90s he's going to be here with his Ghost Rider Da
ve Patterson I guess they co-wrote a book and it's
 called the president is missing by Bill Clinton a
nd worlds and the world's best-selling author Jame
s Patterson I heard it I think he was on Colbert B
ill Clinton after he did the NBC interview where h
e totally botched he went on Colbert and was it wa
s talking in Patterson jumps in and goes Bill Clin
ton's a wonderful wonderful wonderful person liter
ally caused him wonderful three times I mean the l
aundry list that this man has done and we're just
going to get into the the sexual assault rape sexu
al harassment allegations that are across the boar
d for many different women over the decades in fac
t I think a good compendium of all this is if you
read Roger stones book the Clintons war on women t
hat is where you get the full birth from being a y
oung man in Oxford to up till now including the 26
 flights that Jeffrey Epstein that he made on Jeff
rey Epstein's plane and Jeffrey Epstein is a convi
cted pedophile and they used to call that the Loli
ta Express so we're gonna be going live to our cre
w over at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin Texas if
 you are listening to the sound of my voice and yo
u were near the bass concert hall and you want to
join what everybody's doing out there they're gonn
a have a little me to protest because it's a shame
 that Bill Clinton was not the first recipient of
the me2 movement just a couple notes here normally
 at this time we're running counter think which is
 Mike Adams news show and we're pre-empting that j
ust for this one-time event and next week at this
time you will see counter think with Mike Adams so
 definitely look forward to that that's a great sh
ow just a a good focused one hour with Mike Adams
every week so we weren't able to make the stuff wo
rk and we wanted this to go out to the stations ou
t there because we're on live at TV stations radio
 stations are picking us up some 24 hours some jus
t bits and pieces but there are definitely in Hous
ton Texas I know they're picking us up at a photo
scope they're picking us up 24 hours a day so they
're taking this stream right now so I want to make
 sure people in Houston could enjoy what we were d
oing out here in Austin Texas so insurer's gonna b
e leading a me to protest there at the Bass Concer
t Hall and as soon as those live strings streams p
op up we will be going to them but I want to go to
 this video first and Roley uh for the network's o
ut there too we're only gonna be doing two breaks
an hour at the bottom of the hour and at the top o
f the hour just so you guys know and in case you'r
e keeping score there I want to go to this video t
his is something oh and frier going over the Marti
n Kaplan interruption of Bill Clinton's and Patter
son speech in Philadelphia a few days ago he jumpe
d up and asked him about the lalita Express and of
 course they didn't want to talk about it they esc
orted a mountain and you know I think the only my
only comment about that it was it was vertical vid
eo let's turn that thing sideways if you're gonna
shoot some shoot some excellent confrontation vide
o and it's like what Alex said earlier this week a
bout how when you have you know he saw Bernie Sand
ers in the airport well he wouldn't confront him a
bout he hates capitalism so much why is he living
here in a capitalist country why did he say white
people don't know what it's like to be poor cuz we
 have to confront these people cuz they don't want
 to listen to us you can't have civil discourse yo
u can't call up Bernie Sanders on the phone and as
k him these questions he's not gonna answer you so
 when they're out in public of course we're respec
tful you know go up Alex was very respectful to Be
rnie you know Bernie just happened to walk past hi
m twice so that's Bernie's problem but I want to g
o to this video first and we'll get into some othe
r news you know of course we got the summit in a c
ouple days kim jeong-hoon north korea meeting with
 President Trump Dennis Rodman I heard flew there
to support both his friends he's friends with Pres
ident Trump and Kim jong-un this is a crazy time w
e're living in and I'm just glad I could be here t
oo to take this ride with you so my name is Rob do
 anybody doesn't know that out there you can follo
w me on Twitter at Do's news to e WS NE w Z SD e W
S NE wz now let's go to this video it's about 8 mi
nutes long and it's Owen Stroh are going over the
Howard Kaplan video but then we put together a lit
tle compendium of other spontaneous me to protests
 that we're breaking out at Hillary Clinton rallie
s all over during the last election a lot of peopl
e were saying Bill Clinton's a rapist what do you
think so here's that video we'll be right back aft
er this why did you fly on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolit
a Express 26 times 26 times bill why what were you
 do it with Jeffrey Epstein's plane let me tell yo
u something that has the criminals in this country
 that have been posing as politicians and media me
mbers running scared you are willing to stand up a
nd confront them now this next video clip I'm abou
t to go to is incredible on so many different leve
ls this is a man who showed up at Bill Clinton's b
ook signing tour which we are having a Bill Clinto
n protest here Amy to Bill Clinton protests Sunday
 evening 6:00 p.m. Central outside Bass Concert Ha
ll this Sunday in Austin Texas outside of Bill Cli
nton's book speaking to her hashtag me to protest
outside Bass Concert Hall this Sunday 6:00 p.m. ce
ntral hope I can see you there I'll be there and t
his is why they're panicking right now this is why
 they're scared because the average human the aver
age American is willing to stand up willing to con
front the corruption face to face now you remember
 the Bill Clinton is a rapists contest that went v
iral and was all over mainstream television news n
ow we're doing the same thing to his book tour and
 look at this most recent clip where a man confron
ts Bill Clinton inside a crowded theater over his
trips on the lolita' Express why didn't you fly on
 Jeffrey Epstein slowly to Express 26 times 26 tim
es bill why were you doing it Jeffrey Epstein play
ing James Patterson knows who Jeffrey Epstein is n
ow pause it right here I want to explain something
 about this video that's potentially the most incr
edible thing to me this is a crowded theater an en
tire hall full of people hundreds of people here i
t looks like to see Bill Clinton and hear him spea
k and here's one individual the only individual in
 that entire crowd that's truly alive the only ind
ividual amongst the brainwashed people that can st
ill think and the reason I say that you'll underst
and later in this video watch as he continues to c
onfront Bill Clinton over his 26th trip trips on t
he lolita' Express which by the way dozens of whic
h more than a dozen times he ditched Secret Servic
e to go on that plane why would he do that let's g
o back to the clip I own sex trafficker you clue o
n 26 times tell me what is it's not it's not no co
ncession you wrote a book on Jeff 26 times Bell an
d can't disrupt that you didn't investigate it let
's go investigate Jeffrey Epstein have a good time
 folks free edge steam so Clinton's are friends wi
th Spacey Epstein Weinstein okay so they're okay s
o at the end they're the guys like you're acting i
nsane you're acting insane he's the only one in th
e crowd has the ability to critically and freely e
veryone else in that crowd is a brainwashed minion
 he's the only one that's still alive and what do
they do they point the finger at him and say you'r
e insane you're insane no dude he's the last of yo
u left that's still alive incredible again this is
 what you have to do when these people come to you
r town folks so that's why we're protesting Bill C
linton is Sunday nobody Hillary Clinton fired back
 at a heckler who was waving a Bill Clinton is a r
apist sign I am sick and tired of the negative dar
k divisive dangerous vision and behavior give this
 guy hand they have had a terrible week and he say
s got to do this don't drink maybe he didn't perfo
rm very well in some of his business endeavors and
 I think one of the kind of the things that we rea
lly need to be looking at in this debate is that B
ill Clinton is a rapist infowars.com infowars.com
Bill Clinton rapist Bill Clinton is a rapist all r
ight great so Obama laughed after two protesters w
earing t-shirts emblazoned with the words Bill Cli
nton rapists had interrupted his speech the outdoo
r Greensboro rally crowd erupted in Hillary Hillar
y Hillary chance as the protesters shouted somethi
ng inaudible while being escorted out by Secret Se
rvice agents adorable adoptable dogs every year th
e Best Friends Animal Society helps cats dope and
dogs who are stuck what do you think I just want t
o let you know that your husband Bill Clinton is a
 rapist Infowars not how can we have economy that
works for everybody how can we make sure everybody
 gets a chance to participate how can we help fami
lies succeed in the most important job of any soci
ety raising children and succeed at work how can w
e there it is the spontaneous me to protests that
broke out at Bill Clinton rallies Hillary Clinton
rallies Tim Kaine rallies Barack Obama leading ral
lies for Hillary Clinton over and over again peopl
e were sick and tired a Bill Clinton getting up th
ere and pretending like he hasn't done anything wr
ong and if we're gonna have a me-too movement let'
s include everybody I mean they're going back year
s on some of these other people let's go back to B
ill Clinton - now before we go to our live streams
 think they're still setting up over there I got a
 couple articles that I want to bring your attenti
on to this one here's from the intelecom and it's
right here on the on the desk if you want to shoot
 here 30 phone calls that to 911 that Sheriff Jose
ph Lombardo doesn't want you to hear from the nigh
t of October 1st and Shepard and Bella sent this t
o me a few I don't know maybe an hour ago two hour
s ago and it's got a list I haven't even gone thro
ugh these as I've been getting ready for this but
it has these different phone calls at 10:00 here's
 one at 1016 when asked if she saw if she saw the
shooter a woman inside the venue told the 911 oper
ator I think we saw the guy flying in a helicopter
 you guys need to get offers up up in the sky beca
use he's flying in a helicopter keep in mind Las V
egas police department did not show up anywhere ne
ar the vicinity until 10:00 23 so this is at 1016
then you have at 1033 9-1-1 call operator taking a
 call and the background can be heard saying we ha
ve three shooters on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Ba
y 1038 there's a shooter at route 91 all that we k
now that there's suspects are still out there and
there are three of them 10:38 and and they give th
e numbers of these calls so you can listen to the
numbers of them they're saying there's a shooter i
n the lobby of the casino that's from Hooters and
we were getting corroborating eyewitness accounts
of people talking about this to man called from on
e of his employees claiming to be trapped in a han
gar which the airport was right near they're relat
ed to the info of the 911 operator okay she's in a
 hangar at the airport she says she's seen people
get shot there where she is she said that she's at
 an airport and they broke in ducked into the hang
ar she thinks it's hangar number six I don't know
how this guy jumped around like this at 10:45 two
middle-eastern general gentlemen with backpacks an
d bulletproof vests walking calmly into a hotel ev
erybody is running out the other way and they got
people who were shot in the restaurant in front of
 it it's behind Hooters America's best value it's
a little motel first floor parking MGM suspicious
people they're on their phones middle-eastern firs
t floor MGM parking lot they were surrounding a ve
hicle just a weird look and then 911 operator here
's another one as far as we know there's three sus
pects so you should go through these and check the
m out see what you think I know 911 calls are hard
 to hear so that's why I'm not playing him here cu
z he can't really you have to really listen to him
 a couple times now over the weekend they had the
g7 summit of course President Trump went out there
 and said it needs to be the g8 we need to let Rus
sia back in we need to bring Russia into this why
because Russia is also a superpower and they shoul
d be at the table of negotiations and he came in a
nd at some point he left and then he came back and
 then he left because and he didn't sign the agree
ment at the end he said no this is not what we tal
ked about I'm not gonna sign this I'm not gonna en
dorse this well let's just look at some of the art
icles from New York Magazine world leaders react t
o Trump's bizarre attack on Canada g7 summit war o
f words are us between us and key allies GOP strat
egist Trump be clowned himself at g7 summit German
y's Merkel calls Trump g7 slams sobering into pres
s sing viral g7 video released by Germany which I
think we all kind of made fun of because it shows
Trump being the boss essentially Trump's topic and
 EMA gate to Trudeau it was a betrayal Trump goes
to war on words against democracy's war words betw
een the u.s. and Western allies after g7 fiasco we
ll we're hearing what all these reporters are sayi
ng about it let's go to right after the g7 Trump w
as haven't given a press conference and this is wh
at he said this is before he said he wasn't gonna
sign the statement because they were waiting for t
he statement to get written up it is drafted and t
hen he and then he said no I don't like this I'm n
ot I'm not endorsing this but here's what he said
right after that's the CNN reporter asking this an
d there's a an interesting exchange between him an
d the reporter so let's go to that yes sir go ahea
d as you were heading into these 2000 talks there
was a sense that the America's closest allies were
 frustrated with you and angry with you and that y
ou were angry with them and that you were leaving
here early to go meet for more friendlier talks wi
th Kim jong-un and Singapore and I'm wondering it
well if you if you view it the same way and you vi
ew the u.s. alliance system shifting of your presi
dency CNN I figured fake nursey in it the worst bu
t I could tell by the quite I have no idea with CN
N after the question I was just curious as to who
you're with you with CNN I would say that the leve
l of relationship is attend we have a great relati
onship real quick level of the relationship is at
in that's what he says and we're gonna go back to
more of this but level of the relationship is at i
n okay and what was the CNN reporter trying to say
 oh it seems to be trouble well he's gonna explain
 what's going on and what's been happening and he
doesn't even blame Obama for all this necessarily
he says look it's happened way before bumbles so l
et's just let Trump tell you you don't need me tel
ling you let's just let Trump tell you oh and Just
in I would say the relationship is a 10 and I don'
t blame them I blame as I said I blame our past le
aders for allowing this to happen there was no rea
son that should happen there's no reason that we s
hould have big trade deficits with virtually every
 country in the world I'm going along beyond the g
7 there's no reason for this it's the fault of the
 people that preceded me and I'm not just saying P
resident Obama I'm going back a long way you can g
o back 50 years frankly it just got worse and wors
e and worse you know we used to be a nation that w
as unbelievably cash flow oriented had no debt thi
s is Katie consequence and they'd build the highwa
y system we built the intern you know the intersta
te system out of virtually out of cash flow and it
 was it was a lot different no we have a very good
 relationship and I don't blame these people but I
 will blame them if they don't act smart and do wh
at they have to do because they have no choice I'l
l be honest mate they have no choice they're eithe
r gonna make the trades fair because our farmers h
ave been hurt you look at our farmers for 15 years
 if the graph is going just like this down our far
mers have been hurt our workers have been hurt our
 companies have moved out and moved to Mexico and
other countries including Canada now we are gonna
fix that situation and if it's not fixed we're not
 going to deal with these countries but the relati
onship that I've had is great so you can tell that
 to your fake friends at CNN the relationship that
 I've had with the people the leaders of these cou
ntries has been let's go to three so it really rat
e it on a scale of zero to ten I would rate it at
ten that doesn't mean I agree with what they're do
ing and they know very well that I don't so we're
negotiating very hard tariffs and barriers as an e
xample the European Union is brutal to the United
States they don't take and they understand that th
ey know it they when I'm telling them they're smil
ing at me you know it's like the the gig is up it'
s like the gig is up they're not a scientist there
's nothing they can say they can't believe they go
t away with it Canada can't believe it got away wi
th it my laws right here just listen to that he's
sitting there go what go back to three so we can k
eep Trump behind me he's sitting there saying look
 I'm sitting there talking him saying you're not w
e're not having Freight fair trade deals you under
stand that right and they're like we understand si
r yeah we understand we got it we got it we held i
t over on you for a long time and yeah you caught
us and you're gonna hold us to it and you know we
don't really like it but you know the United State
s basically rebuilt Europe so we're gonna work wit
h you and that's what he's saying and this is what
 pisses off the globalist they don't want this the
y want to keep America down because they don't wan
t our influence they only want our money they don'
t want our influence but that's all changing it's
all changing all right let's finish up hundred bil
lion dollar trade deficit with Mexico and that doe
sn't include all the drugs that are pouring in bec
ause we have no wall but we are we started buildin
g the wall as you know one point six billion dolla
rs and we're gonna keep that going but a lot of th
ese countries actually smile at me when I'm talkin
g and the smile is we couldn't believe we got away
 with it that's the smile so it's gonna change its
 gonna change they have no choice if it's not gonn
a change we're not going to trade okay all right s
o it's not gonna change we're not gonna trade with
 them there it is he just says it right there so w
e're gonna go back and level the playing field thi
s is basically cutting out crony capitalism becaus
e what happened was these big multinational corpor
ations went and lobbied Congress to make these rul
es alright when I hear our guys are live so we're
gonna go to them here we're gonna go to break in a
 little bit though about five minutes I'll finish
this and then we'll go right to those to get that
three box ready they're making all these rules so
they could take their companies elsewhere to get c
heap labor and increase their profits which is no
I don't I don't have a problem companies making pr
ofits but when you're undercutting the place where
 you made it and then you're coming back and selli
ng us those goods and giving us a raw deal well it
's got to change at some point it just can't conti
nue forever it's like Margaret Thatcher said somet
imes you run out of other people's money and socia
lism alright let's go to our guys down on the grou
nd in front of the bass concert hall where Bill Cl
inton is having a little propaganda ceremony alrig
ht let's roll it guys do we have audio from Owen T
royer okay alright so that's Owen Troy right now h
e's going live it looks like we have a that looks
like a periscope and a Facebook stream oh it's a Y
ouTube okay YouTube and YouTube and Facebook YouTu
be and periscope YouTube Facebook okay and I think
 we're also live on periscope as well so we'll hav
e all three streams going in addition to the strea
ms we're putting out of here there's a lot of stre
ams going out live do it we don't have audio all r
ight well then y'all don't have to cut me off righ
t there I could've kept talking about Trump we've
got a short-handed crew in there because it's norm
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ut two minutes before we do go to our heart break
at the bottom of the hour but let's go ahead and r
oll what's going on and it looks like Owens interv
iewing some people since the dawn of time that was
 my introductory comes from as I married a girl th
at's connected to relationships to this man and to
 the pedophile and devil worshipers that are all o
ver running this nation and running this world and
 we need to come out and and speak out against it
and every person that's watching this needs to thi
nk about how close they are to this how close are
you to people that were abused by Vatican priests
how close are you to people that have been corrupt
ed in this way this is what the Bible calls the vi
ne of Sodom in Deuteronomy 32 and 32 and when we t
alk about homosexuality everyone wants to talk abo
ut how a man has a right to make his own decisions
 with his own life but what if what if that person
's an abuse victim and what if it five years four
years of age what if when they were in diapers the
y were violated and their ability to choose for th
eir whole life was damaged that's what we all need
 to look at is Christian America and this is the v
ine of Sodom right here their rock is not as our R
ock that's what's going on in this building we nee
d to expose it and sadly recently developments wit
h law enforcement have found babies that were in d
iapers infants victims of rape victims of abuse vi
ctims of child sex trafficking you've had Bill de
Blasio's assistant the governor of New York's assi
stant gets caught with hours and hours of child po
rn you've had you've had other people get caught w
ith all this child porn you've had multiple infant
s caught in in the sex trafficking trade so this s
tuff that's really going on and it really is all c
onnected folks now they want to make a joke and th
ey try to pass it off that we said this about Hill
ary no no look at the WikiLeaks emails look at the
 relationship to Jeffrey Epstein what are they tal
king about what's going on at a spirit cooking wha
t is a pizza and hotdog party for 66 now we don't
know what our world leaders are doing and that's w
hy we're out there Bill Clinton's here in Austin T
exas and we're having our own little me to protest
 I wonder if any me to protests are gonna break ou
t on the inside of that event why wouldn't that be
 interesting that surely would be interesting stay
 tuned we got a whole lot more you're watching it
for Zaycon /au spread that link to everybody you k
now thanks for watching despite all the globalist
attacks all their lives Trump is winning nationali
sm is winning capitalism is winning and Infowars i
s winning I'm about to say something with just two
 or three years ago would have been impossible in
almost anyone's mind but it's here it's reality gl
obalism the worldwide plan for a corporate planeta
ry government to carry out brutal austerity measur
es against the people of the planet is now in the
crosshairs and is facing referendums and elections
 all over the world where this authoritarian syste
m is being overturned George Soros and other globa
list kingpins admit their system isn't just in ret
reat it is collapsing but my friends they're fight
ing back the fact that President Trump could win d
espite all their propaganda all their lies all of
this information is a testament to the awakening t
hat's happened and you see the economy coming back
 you see technology that has been suppressed being
 Unleashed you see so many good things happening a
nd I'd love to give Trump credit for that but real
ly all he's doing is taking the globalist food off
 of our neck but it took a lot of courage to do wh
at Trump's done to go against the grain to believe
 in the people see the globalist don't believe in
the people they believe in eugenics they believe w
e're crap they believe they've got to basically D
populate the earth because it belongs to them and
all of us that have stood with Trump and had coura
ge and other nationalists now their populous acros
s the world are now beginning to see the fruits of
 our resistance since the tide began to turn just
two years ago and now Trump has basically a gun to
 break the globalists will but they are in their d
eadly death throes and right now do you realize th
at when you spread the links from infowars.com whe
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 it's you that has defeated Hillary and the global
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 peer pressure but stood against the threats that
have now changed the world that's why you've been
on the team supporting us praying for us and sprea
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 videos articles breaking news Intel you name it t
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g to keep libertarians gun owners Christians conse
rvatives national is populist from communicating w
ith each other and sharing information and they're
 trying to use Infowars as an example of demonizat
ion to keep people from sharing this critical info
rmation it's a model they admit they plan to use o
n everybody else once they're done with us so when
 you promote the black sheep trailblazing informat
ion from news wars.com from prison planet calm fro
m info wars.com you are following in the footsteps
 of the forefathers of this country we have the li
ght in the dark of the night we all have this shar
ed together no matter what color our skin is or wh
at sex we are where we came from and so now I ask
you more than ever to share the info wars.com arti
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local stations you're listening to but the bare mi
nimum you can do is sign up for the free newslette
r at info wars.com forward slash newsletter I am t
he resistance to globalism you are the resistance
to globalism Trump is the resistor globalism and m
any others are across the world we are the future
we are the Renaissance and we are winning leading
a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Ord
er it's Alex Jones all right some last-minute inst
ruction from the crew to me because we're here fly
ing live continuing our note normally two hours of
 coverage live coverage plus countersink with Mike
 Adams we're gonna go till eight o'clock tonight s
o about another hour and a half and we're gonna go
 back to our crew oh and Troyer and others down at
 the bass concert hall where we're having a bill c
linton me to protest and those are some good-looki
ng signs I saw there's one with uh so just a few o
f Bill's victims that we know about I'm sure there
's others that maybe we never heard from again or
they're not around anymore who knows let's go back
 to the live coverage say what brought you out her
e today sir it's time these people go to do and if
 we're not out here if the people aren't out here
showing their disgust for people like Bill Clinton
 then there's no public pressure on any Justice De
partment or law enforcement well you see that's th
e big problem is people don't speak out people are
 aware they know what's going on but like literall
y I mean people that are watching right now that w
on't share anything because they don't want to rui
n their reputation they don't want to their neighb
or not to like them they they care about maybe the
y'll lose their job I mean seriously people are dy
ing every day and you guys are cowards they're not
 doing your job because being silent is just as ba
d as the opposition pretty much from my opinion th
at's what I kind of felt and over the weekend you
know I was noticing a bunch of people that are kin
d of falling into a role on social media where it'
s like oh look at me I'm getting a bunch of follow
ers on social media look at me I just did a selfie
 look at me I met this guy and it's like well that
's nice I mean you're growing a base you're trying
 to you know create a media career but let's not f
orget about the battle here the battle isn't to be
come popular the battle is to the battle is to wak
e people's minds up the battle is to light a soul
on fire for truth and liberty and just you know pr
opagating your own social media doesn't really do
that that's the other problem is that a lot of peo
ple and I was victim of this reason even recently
but the people that have given up and think that r
evelations is happening I mean yes revelations wil
l happen in God's timing but that timing is not ri
ght now like this this whole left-right black-whit
e there's nonsense I mean it's all the peace is go
nna come out it's just people have to step out peo
ple have to wake up period alright man well hey th
anks for being out here all right let's move up he
re so you can hear let's just get a quick just do
a quick shot of all these people here do a quick p
an show the crowd here today we got a good crowd o
ut here I'd say 30 40 people out here now let's ta
lk to this guy who's got a trump shirt on how I an
d nice to meet you nice to meet you what brought y
ou out here today you know I came out here I wante
d to see the people how many people are going in I
 think people should be aware you know Bill Clinto
n he wrote on Epstein's pling wanting to Broderick
 you know I watched that today I'd seen her press
conference with the Trump and that's really when I
 became aware of her story and then saw her interv
iew with the Breitbart and I was pretty alarming y
ou know I like that you guys put the hash tag mibu
 around here you know it kind of Bill Clinton it k
ind of proves that there's there sort of is a rape
 culture in America but it's in Hollywood it's in
DC you know it's these people that can really get
away with it it's not just regular guys you know l
ike me right they say oh the college campus is a r
ape culture when it's actually a very small amount
 of people on college campus to deal with that I'm
 not saying it is or isn't an issue under saying i
f you want to talk about a rape culture why don't
they look at Hollywood why don't they look at DC y
eah there's been numerous men directors producers
that were arrested for you know Roman Polanski for
 example was not arrested but he fled the country
he fled the country he fled the country stopped Me
ryl Streep from praising him yeah yeah but there b
een producers arrested for you know rape there was
 another guy you should look up his name I forget
I forget it unfortunately right now he was like Pi
xar executive he was arrested it was the Nickelode
on guy - yeah yeah yeah yeah it's disgusting and I
 think people should be aware of it I know where t
he Trump shirt because I voted for Trump not for C
linton I voted against the Clinton Foundation agai
nst Clinton selling out the country to the Russian
s and to foreign countries I'm against all that yo
u know I like Trump's I'm pearl America message pr
etty much now you said something was interesting t
o me you said that you've never heard of Juanita B
roderick and til Trump interviewed her or spoke to
 her and actually maybe I'd heard her name before
but I glossed over it because it didn't matter I d
idn't know what she was connected to but when I sa
w her with some of the other women whose names elu
de me right now that really piqued my interest you
 know kind of what was going on here you know what
 I mean so are you saying if it wasn't for Trump s
aying that you would have never even heard of Bill
 Clinton's rapes and victims um I probably would h
ave later but I'm glad I found I found out about i
t sooner you know what I mean so but but don't you
 think that there's probably a lot of people out t
here like you that didn't know about this until Tr
ump made it a national you know image yes yeah I d
o think so I do think so I think you know getting
out there showing what's going on like Trump did s
ort of like we're doing here just helps inform peo
ple you know and at the very at the bare minimum i
f people are informed they can make better voting
choices mm-hmm that's one thing and that's our ult
imate goal hey thank you for being out here man go
od stuff all right let's talk to my man right here
 hey excuse me sir we're play at first of all that
's a nice shirt right here infowars.com same with
this except we're sold out what brought you out he
re today I wanted to support the me to movement I
saw your blank on the page and you know I'm really
 sick and tired that Bill Clinton is still roaming
 free after all these years I find it reprehensibl
e every time you see these women on TV these four
women right here they are crying they're upset the
y are yet you know there's been no justice yeah ye
ah right here there's been no justice for these fo
ur women right here Roderick Kathleen Willey you k
now the rest of I mean it's so sick why do you thi
nk Harvey Weinstein faces all this backlash and in
dictment to the filming doesn't well I think they
need a Fall Out Boy I think they need to get all t
he people out of there you know though you know yo
u know Hillary will sacrifice anybody maybe even l
iterally to get rid of these people and yeah what
happened to set the rich what about the Clinton bo
dy count I'm sure it's just a coincidence that's m
y point Seth rich I believe was murdered and to th
is day there's an investigation going on to this d
ay they're gonna try to track down these emails I
think they do have those emails and I think eventu
ally justice going to be served for all these peop
le and only matter time so do you think that the m
edia has been ignoring you know the Clinton stuff
because there's been no public pressure more than
anything yeah I think the media as we know is cont
rolled mainly by liberals or so-called liberals -
not liberals in the truest sense they're they've t
aken over that another language but ya know that's
 actually a good point they've they've taken the t
rue nature of liberalism which is just kind of you
 know freedom and progression but within you know
your own self but now they turn it into like this
mental thing where it's just oh open free everythi
ng my communism basically liberalism is not commun
ism the original founding fathers were true libera
ls that just believed in freedom now they've stole
n the term liberalism and turned it into communism
 really you're exactly right yeah and I'm a classi
cal liberal and I'm sure Alex and you say you're a
 classical liberal too I mean they they've gone fu
ll communist full socialist they've done so far le
ft I don't even recognize the party anymore let's
talk to this guy let me talk to this guy yeah we l
ike Trump sir who did Trump rape who did Trump rap
e well how many has he got 32 that is saying so na
me one no no Trump is trump here tonight no he's i
s in saying okay so Bill Clinton's here tonight so
 that's why we're protesting bill though are you g
oing to see bill do you do you ignore bills rabies
 in North Korea no I don't believe I'm not convinc
ed it's a rape but he settled cases he paid off th
e women he settled the case that doesn't mean it's
 a rape you got proof it's a rape you got show me
the proof well would you trust the women did set i
t money because it no because they paid money that
 doesn't say all it says is that he he did by all
I said do you have if you say if you're all I didn
't say to drop it I said if you saying that that C
linton did then you'd have to say that Trump did w
ell here's the thing I've met I that's fair enough
 but I've met the women that settled rape cases wi
th Bill Clinton and I believe them are you saying
they're liars I haven't met him I know I know I'm
saying I'm not gonna I don't know that it was rape
 I am NOT happy with what he did there's absolutel
y no question okay I think it was wrong I think it
 was morally wrong everything else but I can't I c
an't say that jeez yeah he did rape and Michael on
ly question was gee it would be interesting I thin
k I'm gonna be good to say hey you're supporting t
his but we also need to be doing something about T
rump if you believe this then what would we need t
o do about Trump I just don't think Trump has the
same history there's no names so I name names and
dates I had talked to Bill Clinton's victims as so
on they're Trump - Clinton are I'm so I said oh yo
u know rape case with Trump's wit they don't have
any it's all hearsay who are they gonna say stormy
 Daniels no it was all consensual she admitted in
fact leaked text show that she's doing this whole
thing for publicity just look at this she's got a
stripper to her now she's got a cologne line storm
y Daniels is smarter than everybody out there that
 hates Donald Trump she stormy Daniels realized th
at the hatred for Trump was so intense that she co
uld get rich off of it so you got it you got to ki
nd of give it to stormy Daniels she's smarter than
 the Trump haters and she learned how to fleece th
em for millions and millions of dollars watching t
he live streams that we're doing here at the Bill
Clinton me to protests at the Bass Concert Hall in
 Austin Texas and you can if you're available that
's going on live right now you can go down to the
bass concert hall and join the large group of peop
le that are there now and we just had an interacti
on with a with a local who was saying oh what abou
t Trump what about Trump well one Trump isn't ther
e he's he's out in he's in Singapore right now or
he's about to go to Singapore try get some peace i
n North Korea just had the g7 Trump's doing things
 Trump's turning America around and you know we di
dn't elect a saint we knew the guy was a playboy h
e's a billionaire in New York playboy he's probabl
y had sex with some women but there's no one claim
ing rape there is some weird stuff that did that s
uddenly gets the cases get dropped because they tr
ied to bring up some stuff during during the elect
ion but then those cases got dropped so it's very
interesting anyway we're gonna go back to those we
've got about 50 more minutes once again go to inf
o wars.com forward slash show if you want to send
this stream out to people in floors icon /o that's
 the link you can send out and if you want to supp
ort us Infowars store coms you're watching our liv
e streams right now we're all here in the studio w
e're still going we're we go until 8 o'clock with
our Bill Clinton me to protests at the Bass Concer
t Hall in Austin Texas so thank you for watching a
nd we're gonna go back to the live streams he's a
part of a lot of bad dates and you just wanted to
let people know that they're going in here that th
ey're supporting this guy and to see if there's an
ybody that's gonna like actually stop in their tra
cks come over and say anything there that one guy
but he came over here just thinking he had the gre
at outsmart us the glasses but I mean those are ca
lled spectacles sir sorry about that bifocals but
no I mean Bill Clinton if this is for Donald Trump
 I'd be here too but for a different reason but I
guarantee you I'd be talking to all the people tha
t were protesting him instead of just being like y
ou guys are crazy out there on the corner well isn
't that the difference to I mean I don't know if y
ou've seen my videos but if I go to an event like
this they'll say these are conservatives right oka
y so here I am at a conservative event and I'm tal
king to everyone I'm going from person to person a
nd having a positive conversation if I went to the
 same event but for Trump hatred I would get spat
on I would get cursed at I would get shoved I mean
 doesn't that just right there you'd think people
could see that and realize you know despite the po
litics just which side of the people you would rat
her be associated with I think that the refusal of
 the facts is the name of the game and it's par fo
r the course anyone who tries to get their point a
cross out here will tell you that has the same out
look as we do which is a broad outlook it's not a
very specific group of people I mean there's all c
olors pretty much probably all ideologies I'm gues
sing all religions all levels of cool within their
 own social structure you know I mean like but at
the end of the day yeah I kind of I kind of got of
f on a tangent there but we put all that beside us
 yes it's par for the course to come out here and
and see one group acting one way and the other gro
up acting the other way every time like it's a lik
e it's a plan or a code that they follow yeah like
 if it was a if it was a different group of people
 saying Tifa they'd probably out here you know bre
aking things breaking windows you know wanting to
fight the police looking around then being those k
ind of covering their faces back wearing all black
 I mean it's obvious it's obvious I was walking up
 the hill and I saw a guy with the really long pon
ytail in like a black military-style Kapil's like
bet he's an tithi who knows he scurried off you sa
w we had too many people out here he didn't want t
o come out right right I think this is amazing I b
et I bet there's more out here right now and there
's gonna be more people out here the next time and
 more people out here the next time so that's the
importance of coming out is is building the moment
um yeah I agree and and for me it's it's letting t
he reason why people like Bill and Hillary are so
arrogant is because they can go on these book tour
s they can make millions of dollars and there's no
 public outcry of course the media is to some cent
 controlled so maybe they expect media maybe they
don't but it's the public if they can if Bill Clin
ton go to a speaking event and make money and make
 money and Clinton can go to a speaker make money
and nobody stands up then they're never going to s
top to me that's the important it's to let them kn
ow we the people are not gonna take it anymore we'
re not gonna let criminals like you run around fre
ewheeling in this country anymore we're here we're
 standing up we're awake now we should take it lik
e being smacked in the face really hard which is u
sually like the pretext to getting punched in the
face really hard then least getting baseball batte
d but at the lowest level smacked in the face hurt
s no one wants to be smacked in the face at all an
d it's disrespectful so this is the lowest level o
f tyranny we should be smacking back at you know a
t first Mac which is Bill Clinton getting on which
 is him raping someone but which is him getting on
 stage and acting like we're supposed to come buy
tickets for that we're weird for staying out here
telling them don't get up there and talk about any
thing until you dress grapes and let's be perfectl
y clear here this isn't Joan Lee protesting Bill C
linton Bill Clinton happens to be in town and happ
ens to be one of the faces of the globalists here
and one of the corrupt politicians but you know we
 understand that Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton and
George Bush George Bush that Hillary Clinton was l
ike his sister so you know George Bush is just as
bad because a lot of people will see this and they
'll say yeah but what about George Bush like I was
 never a fan of Bush I think Bush and Clinton runn
ing the same running the same group of people righ
t I feel the same exact way I mean a perfect examp
le of that is of the of the duplicity or the the f
orgetful nature of liberals is like Kanye West's l
ike runs on stage like George Bush hates black peo
ple justified in saying so but then he comes aroun
d and starts thinking freely and they say he's a w
hite supremacist oh just like you guys are jokes y
ou know I mean they don't think people have a memo
ry they do they really don't think people have a m
emory that's what it's all about they think that w
e don't have a memory day-to-day even and as from
all the drugs that's from the chemicals in the foo
d water so it's a chemically induced state of mind
 where you basically have the short-term memory of
 a goldfish didn't they have hydrofluoric acid in
the water supply in Nazi internment camps yes they
 did that to dumb the people down that's weird tha
t was exposed during the I G Farben trials yep tha
t's weird I also think it's weird that Dan got tak
en out of stuff in like the 30s and you don't find
 it in anything anymore and it used to be the main
 basis and everybody knew it was needed and people
 don't talk about it and now they're you got this
mass epidemic of thyroid problems and nobody knows
 why it's because of the iodine in there now they'
re walking in there now and there's a lot to do yo
u know a lot of people talk about the obesity prob
lem this country a lot of that has to do with the
thyroid here people all the time that are fat sayi
ng I have a thyroid problem you don't get enough i
odine iodine do you want some no does Alex Jones s
ell it especially if not if that's the case there
must be snake oil be fat then that's Yeah right it
 must be snake oil hey well thanks for coming out
here man good stuff good stuff all right I am I'm
getting a little hot so I'm gonna ditch the jacket
 here momentarily I wonder whose bag this is if th
ey don't mind me sitting my sitting my jacket out
here hey do you know whose bag this is I'm gonna s
et my jack on that is that cool here sedan I do so
me reporting real quick and that's our newest repo
rter savannah hernandez book signing as we can all
 see it is a pretty good turnout here let's go int
erview some people there she goes it's good to see
 the young people get involved in what's going on
we are protesting Bill Clinton and basically the c
lub list in general like they're all interconnecte
d you know the bushes the Clintons it goes back th
is country's been hijacked for a very long time an
d right now is the Great Awakening we're all wakin
g up this is everybody coming together all these g
reat people out here these Patriots we're all stan
ding up against these corrupt people corrupt polit
icians and we're just basically here to show them
that we're definitely not going to take it anymore
 that's pretty much all I got right now of course
why do you think it's important to educate people
on Bill Clinton's crimes and you know everyone esp
ecially you know women in America who support Hill
ary Clinton who say she's for women why do you thi
nk it's important to educate them on you know it's
 getting bigger it's important because if we don't
 then they'll never know and obviously people aren
't reading books anymore they're just watching lik
e clickbait news and stuff and they're not checkin
g out Infowars they're not looking at real news so
urces and they don't read books like there's lots
of books that are written about this I just mentio
ned them earlier in the stream and I think it's im
portant to educate people so that we wake up we st
op promoting the very people that try to tear us d
own once everybody's awake we can make America and
 the spirit of America the way it wasn't originall
y intended without any corruption we can all live
with prosperity that's why it's important to wake
people up and that's what Infowars is doing that's
 what we're doing it's not just in forwards it's i
n the it's in the air there's a lot of other peopl
e out there that are doing the same thing so if yo
u think the Infowars is full of it there's another
 person another news source out there pretty much
saying the same thing it just so happens that Info
wars happens to be the very tip of the spear it ha
ppens to be the ones that gets information first t
hey happen if the ones have the real Intel so it's
 important to wake people up so that once people a
re awake they can both properly and we can save ou
r countries save this nation save all the people a
nd save the world really and say I guess max - yea
h I'm just coming out here should I wake people up
 as a former combat veteran I'm really happy with
Trump did with the VA bill that he passed why do y
ou think it's important to wake people up in our c
ountry today especially to all the crimes that the
 concept a minute people need to be waking up nowa
days because people are just really in their comfo
rt zone you know that is the lack of me to protest
 against Bill Clinton send that link out right now
 they're trying to all right on her Nana's for inf
owars.com did a couple quick interview it's been p
retty cool to see everyone come out here and suppo
rt what we're doing here today back to Owen all ri
ght I lost the jacket I can enjoy the breeze now w
hat's out here here come over here let's get a qui
ck look at everything that's going on here let's g
et a view from here so as you can see here this is
 where the group of people right outside back conc
ert hall cops are talking to somebody let's go see
 what the police are doing all right are you all g
ood yeah here here here let's uh here hold this -
and record this so let's start what no no come on
come on just what brought you out here today um I'
m here to protest Bill Clinton X I think he's a ra
pist I think he's committed treason I wanted to sp
end my Sunday instead of with my family to come ou
t here with you guys and support this protest and
why do you think it's important for people to come
 out here and show themselves to protest Bill Clin
ton because people even people that are coming in
support Bill Clinton need to see that we don't sup
port him you want to come and pay $100 to watch a
rapist you're supporting a rapist and you know it'
s it's you're you're praising porn stars like stor
my Daniels and we're forgetting about real rape vi
ctims like Juanita Broderick Yeah right there guys
 right there we're gonna go to break here in about
 a minute 30 just a quick break two minutes and we
'll be back to the live streams now don't forget l
ive in Austin hashtag me to protest against Bill C
linton is the link you need to send out to everybo
dy has all of our live stream links in it so live
in Austin hashtag me to protest against Bill Clint
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t's how you support everything we're doing here ok
ay it's how we keep another crew going over into t
he the early evening of Sunday night it's how we g
et a crew out in Bass Concert Hall to livestream f
rom three different sources all right we do it all
 with your support that's it that's how we do it i
t doesn't happen any other way there's no magic wa
nd we get to wave to fix the economy except now we
've seemed Trump do it there's actually a really c
ool graphic maybe we could find this during the br
eak of that gur graphics did ben garrison of trump
 waving his magic wand and fixing the economy and
Bill our Obama couldn't figure out how he was gonn
a do it well he just did it and he's doing it by s
tanding up to these countries that have been takin
g advantage of us so now we're sticking it to the
parasite Bill Clinton is performing at Bass Concer
t Hall tonight a little propaganda exercise we'll
be right back after this thanks for watching do yo
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r I am the resistance to globalism you are the res
istance to globalism Trump is the resistance of gl
obalism and many others are and across the world w
e are the future we are the renaissance and we are
 winning leading a frontal assault on the lies of
the New World Order it's Alex Jones there you can
see Trump waving his magic wand which is nothing b
ut common sense and Americanism and hard work and
ingenuity and unleashing the chains that have been
 on our economy for so many years that's the magic
 wand right there it's just Americanism not global
ism and we saw that at the g7 this year guys see i
f y'all can pull up them the picture that that Ger
many put out trying to make Trump look bad and her
e's a guy all these world leaders are standing aro
und and he's like nope not gonna do it it's like w
e're done free rides over people you got to start
paying your own way because what they're gonna fin
d is all their high taxation and everything was al
ways being subsidized by these trade deficit deals
 that we were running these bad trade deals that w
eren't in our favor and they're able to run this e
conomy where people aren't really working that har
d and they get a you know three or four months off
 which hey I'm all for taking a vacation but you g
ot to get work done I mean humans were made our bo
dies are made to work our bodies are made to get u
p and do things they're made to have a purpose oka
y we're not on some wall-e spaceship sitting aroun
d drinking our big gulps on hover chairs that's no
t how it works okay now the globalist want you to
think that can work they're gonna look all we have
 to do is get this new look just a jack into the n
ew systems oh don't worry we're just gonna run the
 entire system off your body heat don't worry it's
 coming right here let's go back to our guys on th
e ground we got Owen or Savannah Hernandez drew Th
ompson and others on the ground live in Austin Tex
as part of our me to protest okay I'm gonna come i
n I'm gonna show you what picture I'm talking abou
t all right let's go to it they should be walking
in there with questions to ask him so I'm trying t
o tell them what they should ask him because proba
bly most these people are their control they think
 it's all a joke they see us out here maybe it'll
get through to a couple people bate where Trump br
ought the victims into the actual debate and they
sat in the audience and there's bills face right t
here that's bills face yes yes and he was he was e
mbarrassed and you I think he felt believable shou
ld he be humiliated or they should work as what no
rmally happens with these live streams so many cel
l phones get in the area and they start sucking up
 the stream and of course that's the problem with
going live sometimes is those things happen probab
ly the stream at that point that's gonna be good a
s the periscope stream because periscope is the th
ough the worst bitrate live stream around look see
 that's still good but you can see that it's becau
se the crowds increasing I'd say the crowd is prob
ably almost doubled at this point and I look at th
ose signs these are great the rape sign me to the
Bill Clinton looking funny sometimes I feel like B
ill Clinton's looking over my shoulder I don't I g
et these weird feelings sometimes he's just like o
ver top like looking want to know what's going on
it's just like they don't understand what we're do
ing out here they think that it's all me this is a
ll on record stuff no you got to go on you're goin
g on in half an hour anyway with it it's because p
eople keep hope nobody calls you a rapist at this
brainwash I ask you about Jeffrey Epstein is gonna
 happen I think I think Trump working on prison re
form all right let's go back to the live stream pe
ople like Kanye and Candace Owens and people that
you know are african-american and people that are
in you know Hollywood and things like that have to
 come out and support him and that's what's gonna
you know take the chips away from from their empir
e and you know him him coming out and making comme
nts about supporting federal ban on marijuana mayb
e ultimately a car that may make a lot of the Libe
rals heads implode I mean if he plays that card it
's that's that would be a huge thing yeah if he be
came the spokesperson of states rights for marijua
na I think that would change a lot of people's min
ds combined with celebrities like Kanye West or ev
en Kim Kardashian saying hey Trump's not that bad
that kind of changes the whole paradigm and are do
ing pardoning these people and he actually is reac
hing out to these athletes do any of these people
think he is gonna do that probably not there and o
f course they don't meet with him though yeah I me
an they're they're dumb for not meeting with they
have an invitation to meet them and actually have
the opportunity to make a change and name-dropped
somebody they felt was locked up you know in just
in a name of injustice then they should use their
their platform that clearly the whole country so n
ot everyone agree with it but it got him to this p
oint so he's willing to listen you say something a
nd it's kind of the perfect example is what happen
ed with Kim Kardashian it proves that he'll give y
ou an opportunity and he'll hear you and he might
you know he might make a deal to give you what you
 want yeah I mean that this like when Steve Harvey
 went and everyone asked Steve Harvey why would he
 do that and he's like I want to at least be able
to talk to the guy you don't even know if I agree
we're agree with him or not but people need to tal
k to him instead of you know constantly attacking
and berating him because that's not gonna end well
 if you have to you have to give the guy a chance
and this is actually Sookie see it's the same dyna
mic that we have here where if I go out to an even
t and I'm speaking to one of the protesters you'll
 notice how there's always a cult leader that come
s over and says don't talk to him you find out the
re's always someone that comes over and says don't
 talk to enforce those are the cult leaders that's
 what Obama did Obama called Jay Z the cult leader
 and told Jay Z don't let anyone speak to Trump th
at is the cult leadership right there that's how i
t works they stopped the lines of communication be
cause they're so afraid if you actually communicat
e with Trump he'll give you what you want your com
ments they I'm sure that they know the artists Mee
k Mill I'm originally from Philadelphia and he is
a rapper from Philadelphia and he was arrested it
gets out of jail and he had the opportunity to spe
ak to the president about prison reform now he cou
ld have actually had a platform to say something a
bout his own case and who knows where that could h
ave went I mean you got to use that opportunity if
 you really feel like you had that injustice if yo
u have an opportunity you're gonna let somebody li
ke jay-z or any type of artist threaten your stree
t credibility or album sales I mean like look at K
anye West do you think the heat was affected by hi
s album sales for that probably not if anything th
ey probably went up a little bit actually they did
 he had his best album sales ever number one in 83
 countries so you know don't listen to your peers
that claim to be you know in the game longer it's
it really comes down to be an individual that fans
 want to support and that's that's something to lo
ok out for in the future for people to step up and
 and not be you know forced by the mob mentality t
o at least just stay quiet a lot of people stay qu
iet I probably bought artists out there that do su
pport or are open to at least talking to the guy o
r even the ideas but they don't want to lose their
 spot in the spotlight so they just back down righ
t like a Meek Mill I guess yeah I mean it's art ja
y-z it's time to step up whether or not you agree
with a guy you got an invitation specifically to o
n Prison Reform take that opportunity regardless i
f people tell you use a racist or they're gonna ma
ke you look like a Uncle Tom or whatever it's that
's that's stupid that's an opportunity I mean if I
 if I have an opportunity to speak to a president
that like Obama or Bush or somebody that I didn't
support but I felt like I can go in there hell yea
h I'm gonna go in there and talk to them like just
 cuz I don't like the guy or didn't agree with thi
ngs he's done doesn't mean I I'm not gonna shut do
wn one of the key things to is I think I think one
 of the lost arts in our society is actual human t
o human contact yo







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