Author Topic: Trump Stands Up To Globalists At G7 Summit - Full Show  (Read 20 times)

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Trump Stands Up To Globalists At G7 Summit - Full Show
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:54:54 AM »

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[Music] and it's in these historic times where men
 become heroes and legends what will you say when
your ancestors and your lineage asks you what you
did in these great times you know there's so much
going on right now there's so many different ways
that you can impact the world it doesn't even have
 to be in politics you could start a garden and te
ach other people how to garden you could raise awa
reness about the negative side effects of the wire
less and cell phone technology you don't even have
 to step into the nasty ring of politics to change
 the world so what are you doing right now in thes
e historic times now this is a cigar now me person
ally I like to smoke cigars what do you like to do
 with cigars bill Monica Lewinsky says that you us
e the cigar as a sexual aid with her The Oval Offi
ce area the shooting yes no or I will revert to my
 former statement if Monica Lewinsky says that you
 had phone sex deferred which TV line well that is
 at least in general terms I think is covered by m
y statement I addressed that in my statement and t
hat I don't believe this let me to read it let me
define phone six for purposes of my question phone
 sex occurs from the party to a phone conversation
 masturbates while the other party is talking in a
 sexually explicit math the question is if monica
lewinsky says that you had phone sex with her woul
d she be like I think that is covered by my statem
ent so there you go apparently Bill Clinton well l
et's just say if Bill Clinton offers you a cigar i
t might want to turn it down there he is though go
od old bill now I've got my Bill Clinton rape t-sh
irt on can we get a look at this let me just move
over here there you go right there right there now
 this used to be sold at infowar store calm but we
're sold out there's other t-shirts you can get it
 Infowars store calm right now that will soon be s
old out once in a lifetime type of a purchase a Bi
ll Clinton rape t-shirt right here now why am I ta
lking about Bill Clinton now Bill Clinton is on a
book tour right now this disgraced bum of a presid
ent a bum a white-trash hit bum who made a mockery
 of the White House didn't know how to properly us
e a cigar and somehow magically maybe it was a mag
ic wand the media never gave bill a hard time the
me to movement there was no me to movement during
Bill Clinton when he was settling rape cases when
he was flying on the Lilly lolita Express with Jef
frey Epstein no no but now they're saying he's Bil
l Clinton finally having his me to move movement i
s it finally catching up to bill well I don't know
 but when Bill Clinton goes to a book to her now h
e's got people that stand up and say bill what wer
e you doing on the Lolita Express 26 times so Bill
 Clinton is in Austin Texas tonight and Infowars i
s having a me to protest hashtag me to protest out
side of the Bass Concert Hall so join me tonight p
ut on your favorite Bill Clinton rape t-shirt bein
g pro-america was a bad thing being nationalists w
as a bad thing and you're causing the climate to c
hange and kill the earth you're causing all the ba
d things to happen because you're an American patr
iot well no we're not buying that anymore Trump's
not buying that anymore Trump goes to the G summit
 stands up for American nationalism and American p
ride here's Alex Jones with the latest report woma
n we're live we're broadcasting worldwide it is a
momentous day right now and the whole world is on
the edge of its seat if you've actually been study
ing geopolitical systems that different power stru
ctures the entire globalist paradigm is being over
thrown in a moment I'm going to show you globalist
 leaders George Soros and others admitting they ar
e suffering Napoleon Bonaparte level defeats at th
e Battle of Waterloo this is devastating and turni
ng back the clock on their world government tyrann
y 60 years accelerating us towards the new Renaiss
ance I'm gonna let people in on some analysis that
 I haven't told anybody yet but I think now is the
 time and this is so sophisticated debt I haven't
really talked about it because it's it's it's so c
omplex but it's also so simple the United States c
reated globalism it created what is known as the n
ew world order robber barons manipulated our rulin
g class intelligentsia into doing it after World W
ar one in World War two with the League of Nations
 than the UN in the name of stopping world war but
 then in the last few decades the intelligencia an
d the families that went along with it most of the
m are evil they realized that the whole thing was
a giant fraud and a huge lie and the globalism was
 really a plan to destroy nation-states consolidat
e control and destroy every level of Independence
and so basically the robber barons set up the glob
al corporate governance to be commanded from Engla
nd the US and Europe and to depopulate the third w
orld to be run out of the West but they meant to d
ominate the last of the same instead Trump and US
intelligence agencies and other Patriots in the UK
 are moving forward ladies and gentlemen in a big
way to roll that back up to take control of those
systems that were set up for the betterment of the
 planet and for real open free trade and real peac
e and so the promise that the global was first sol
d but we're not lying about they wanted the power
for themselves is now being taken control of and t
hen Trump is being a very square dealer with all o
f these people and he is just point blank talking
to them and being honest about the whole plan and
saying we just want to deal with you from a straig
htforward position and that's why you see it all c
oming out that's why two years ago you saw the Fin
ancial Times of London and all the other top globa
list publications that if Trump got elected it wou
ld be the final domino falling to bring down their
 corporate world government that's anti-free marke
t that's not liberal that's not open and free it s
ays it's all those things it's it's the it's the o
pposite it's total centralization in their own wor
ds so you see WikiLeaks come out from us intellige
nce not the Russians and now you've seen Trump now
 that he's proven Russia Gate was a fraud the spy
gate is real saying we should have the Russians in
 the g8 Obama set up the fall of Ukraine overthrow
ing and triggered the Russians having to come in t
o take control the area they've had for 500 years
where Russia was founded in the area of eastern Uk
raine all of this is now accelerating as the econo
my comes back as sovereignty comes back as politic
al correctness begins to get its back broken it ha
d to happen because we were going into the endgame
 of globalism breaking up families bankrupting peo
ple making people poor taking full control now fro
m a Machiavellian view you could say this was all
set up and sold the world to make China all these
other countries think they'd be part of the world
government and dominate the US but really it was a
 globalist corporate plan to infiltrate them for t
heir final takedown that's not what was really bei
ng planned the globalists were double-crossing us
moving everything to China China was breaking all
this agreements about military expansion they were
 supposed to get the Panama Canal all the deepwate
r ports all the major trade ninety eight percent o
f their rare earth minerals they were to dominate
that come to the globalists rollerball model of an
 interconnected interdependent world the US was to
 be this big global military police power but de-i
ndustrialized these are all main lines CFR agreeme
nts but we were betrayed at every point by the aut
horitarian EU that's the new Soviet Union by the C
ommunist Chinese who are the biggest mass murderer
s in history Hollywood sold out to them because th
e left has a hatred for America and a hatred for C
hristians and a hatred for the West because they w
ant to dominate it because it's more powerful and
more beautiful than they are with their sick demon
ic culture of globalism and so they openly want to
 destroy that so that sickness inside globalism ke
pt sabotaging even the better aims of globalism be
cause it was always sabotaging the West that was t
he progenitor and the fount of all their great suc
cess so that's been recognized the cancer of the l
eftist Saul Alinsky communist globalism founded by
 the big foundations funded by the Rockefellers an
d others and their beef with Christianity and thei
r beef with the West and their beef wanting to dom
inate it subvert it and control it as an act of do
minance because the West is so much open so beauti
ful so great so productive they can't compete with
 an open free-market society they are Banali men a
s john d rockefeller the first set and competition
 is a sin so I'm going to show you amazing photos
and amazing articles here for a few minutes that w
ill totally and absolutely blow you away we're che
cking out of this hotel right now whoa was that th
e car getting here okay but um we'll be there and
so I'm gonna finish this up real quick but Moore's
 coming tonight I know it's already you know 8 9 o
'clock at night you know in the United States I'm
out here in the Pacific Ocean with my family but I
'm working the whole time because history is happe
ning but let's go ahead and go to this right now n
ow a picture tells a trillion words the media is t
rying to spin this to make it look like Oh Trump m
ade them come to him and old Merkel tweeted this t
his is the EU globalist their bureaucracy is unele
cted allied with the Vatican now look ally with ra
dical Islam invading Europe us their open plan lin
ed up against Japan South Korea leaders from Easte
rn Europe over here and Trump and trumps there wit
h his arms crossed saying I don't care what you sa
y you invaded Ukraine you overthrew Ukraine you ma
de the Russians come in to eat your Ukraine an are
a that they've controlled for five hundred years t
hat's what Russia was founded that's your fault th
ings wouldn't have happened like this if I would h
ave been president and it shows how these people w
ere set up by the globalist to the United States a
fter World War two with the Marshall Plan they wer
e totally under US control but then we had our pow
er our money our infrastructure transferred to the
m we've been paying for Europe for 65 years they w
ere set up as the socialist globalist utopia suppo
sed to be our example paid for by the robber baron
s that had full control of their nations when we t
ook control of it with a Marshall Plan course Soro
s has called for Marshall Plan for Europe again tr
illions of dollars through him after he triggered
the fall of the elected president of Ukraine which
 he bragged about on Fareed Zakaria's program on C
NN so there it is they're all basically on their k
nees to the king and the media is calling him the
king Time magazine is coming out he's not a king a
nd that he's not elected he's a king and then he i
s the final breath and maybe a new breath a new le
ase on life for the West if we accept it and take
it using the real power the real influence the US
had before it was fully transferred to the Communi
st Chinese and destroyed so Trump is grabbing with
 the Liberty movement victory from the jaws of def
eat and all of you that are against America all of
 you that hate flyover country bill maher last nig
ht's thing he hopes America falls apart goes bankr
upt yes he said that says he hopes the economy cra
shes to stop this because these are all sympathize
rs and globalist hired and brought in and put in p
lace to go along with the collaboration you have t
o hate America to be part of this should we sell o
ut America why should we implode it why should we
turn it over the Communist Chinese all cuz they wo
rk with the Rockefellers in 1949 our government pu
t him in power that's all Declassified so here's s
ome of the other articles here's Drudge Report Sor
os everything has gone wrong he says he's living i
n his own bubble that's right you're living in you
r own bubble you thought you'd have a global corpo
rate private government he's or major Rothschild a
gent and that you loot all these countries through
 all the guards you controlled and that you'd alwa
ys be tax exempt and you'd be above the law and yo
u'd pay and you'd have diplomatic immunity and the
n your son would be on TV at Aleister Crowley ritu
als half the Google Images are gonna meet Aleister
 Crowley rituals and you'd be involved in all this
 horrible crap and funding cop killing and funding
 racism and you bully me and sue me and shut us al
l up and you bully Hungary and you bully Poland an
d you bully everywhere every election from Italy d
o you name it they're overthrowing you they're tur
ning against you thought you'd March him 10 millio
n Islamic age men the last six years and then Marc
h had 20 million after that and let them rape and
kill and say it's okay to use political correctnes
s you may have some of the Stockholm Syndrome peop
le going along with alright that's Alex Jones brea
king it all down again truck standing up for Ameri
ca to the globalist alright and we're going back t
o Alex Jones who's breaking down the latest from t
he g7 summit the humanity you thought was intimida
ted we were to sleep now we're awake you pissing i
n our face and punching us in the nose does intimi
date us it makes us angry so that's on drugs repor
t right there now they always take our strongest p
oints and try to make it look like it's weakness b
ut if you scroll down it's they say here that one
man magnificent photo sums up Donald Trump's g7 vi
sit I try to spin it like this shows Trump is weak
 know in negotiation they have no cards they're ba
nkrupt they're a joke we're in the best political
position of best decomposition they were planning
on dictating like the unelected head of EU Younker
 the Nazi Air said I'll destroy Trump in one year
the Communist Chinese president year and a half ag
o went to Davos and said I will defeat America wit
h you they all signed on so this is the alignment
of power Communist China with all of our industry
and jobs move there by globalist design they all b
rag about the Chinese century it's over for Americ
a for 50 years unless you go to a China a billion
eight hundred million radical Islam assist the EU
unelected bureaucracy Hollywood and the big banks
but none of that means anything when populations k
now your authoritarian frauds so there it all is l
adies and gentlemen and that's up on real alex jon
es on twitter please retweet that image this image
 tells everybody what they should know understand
what's happening to Soros understand that they und
erstand that that it yes we are the rise of anti-e
stablishment you know what's scaring them in Italy
 and Brazil they have coalition governments formin
g of liberals and conservatives against Soros agai
nst globalism against foreign banks against these
foreign outside groups running our lives it is it
is simply over the top that this is happening peop
le get wait foreign mega banks that don't pay taxe
s are telling me about women's issues and telling
me about gay rights and while they bring in radica
l Muslims to throw us off buildings wait wait the
economy is coming back and how did Trump do this b
ecause there were artificial systems meant to make
 us poor to control a study feudalism search that
term well this is neo feudalism this is neo feudal
ism this is a a new system in their own words of t
he ancient system so Soros says he recently admitt
ed the rise of President Trump the nd establish fo
ur parties across the globe saying everything that
 could go wrong has gone wrong Soros made the comm
ent interview The Washington Post this is a guy th
at overthrew more than 15 countries looted their T
reasuries he was known as a total criminal to the
90s and then he spent billions in PR about what a
great wonderful person he is look hey Trump what m
agic wand do you have to get us past a three perce
nt growth rate high unemployment gone record low u
nemployment bad trade deals gone Paris climbing th
e court total fraud one sided for the last gone hi
gh taxes regulations massively Obama's legacy boom
 boom and for the next act hillary levitated into
prison hillary for prison who launched that progra
m yours truly so people asked how are we doing thi
s if they want for freedom and a renaissance and i
t's in corporations it's in private individuals it
's in churches it's in families of every race colo
r and created beats in the human breast the desire
 and it is in u.s. intelligence agencies and briti
sh intelligence agencies and foreign intelligence
agencies not at the top at every other level that
know the truth they levels thought they'd use the
internet to control us in track us and they got gr
eat power and made trillions off of it but we woke
 up in the process and humanity has bigger plans t
han the Rockefellers all these people that are alr
eady dead and are in the ashpit of history their w
hole program thought we were such country bumpkins
 that we couldn't grasp big multinational systems
ruling our lives from afar through different layer
s of bureaucracy we had 1776 over a faraway King a
nd fake court's ruling over us America's instincts
 are against this and that's all I am is America's
 instinct coming back and you look at that photo o
f Trump he left he was there a day and a half he l
eft just hours ago and he said trade war with all
of you that have one-sided deals he said you say w
e're putting in tariffs Canada you've got massive
tariffs Germany you've got double the tariffs Fran
ce you've got tariffs you cut those tariffs by hal
f or we're gonna have a trade war oh my god you ca
n't do that we have no tariffs they have a tariff
if it's a thirty thousand dollar car we sell it's
sixty thousand when it translates to euros same as
 the dollar yours a little bit below the dollar I
mean it's double we don't put any damn tariffs on
it Germany puts emission standards the EU does tha
t we can't even follow and then they don't follow
themselves it's all called a screw job China's got
 dozens of ghost cities that millions of people co
uld live in they're just building giant highways a
nd maglev rails everywhere off our money off the n
ine hundred billion and fareed zakaria goes on Bil
l Maher goes Trump just hates Chinese people no he
 hates communists allied with our globalist contro
llers screwing us over and then that's all these g
uys have got parlaying America in 1955 had half th
e world's wealth and was 4% of the world's populat
ion ninety-six percent had the other half people g
o oh my god redistributed we could have distribute
d our ideas of capitalism to them the better secti
ons of it and freed everything and even lowered po
pulation that's in the world population report the
 UN put out in 49 they knew all this but they deci
ded on this path to exploit the third world balloo
n giant populations then turn them as leftist ideo
logy against the West and in Reverse colonization
bring down the West but have global as corporation
s above the law separate from US corporations and
separate from those systems above the law and Trum
p is destroying it all with precision with the Pat
riots backing him and the original global plan of
1776 worldwide but to lead that plan America has t
o come back to dominance we have to come back as a
n example of telling the truth where people can tr
ust us suddenly everybody wants to do deals with u
s again because we're not treacherous and then we
could export our ideas and our technology and all
the stuff we've suppressed the globe has been hold
ing back they didn't give China 1/10 of what we go
t I mean America is the place it's it's it's it's
it's it's divine right ladies and gentlemen it's r
eal it's Providence it is manifest destiny and Inf
owars as part of that manifest destiny that I woul
d start in force and I would come out of Texas tha
t I would do all this without any people behind he
re anything but now it's all synced up like they s
ay on Bill Maher I'm synced up with Trump because
they are freaked out because I can tell you what T
rump's gonna say before he says it because it's al
l part of a mission that's next level we don't hav
e to write it down we don't think it's already the
re the Japanese are and the Koreans South Koreans
everybody else dude a lot against Trump and when a
ll the globalists in the EU the Communist Chinese
came over in that photo they've already drawn the
battle lines they already know the truth here it i
s the battle lines are drawn ladies and gentlemen
the battle lines are drawn with Eastern Europe the
 Japanese the South Koreans everybody with Trump i
n the United States with the unelected EU and the
cha-cha meas Chinese there's wider videos of Chine
se Communists even anyways it's all there and the
battle lines are drawn ladies and gentlemen and pe
ople are going to say what side they're on all we
want is fairness all we want is free market all we
 want is an open society and not to be overthrown
by the guy that calls his group the open society i
s it's the opposite Soros is a devil whatever he s
ays it's the opposite place and gentlemen that's i
t for this live transmission Trump is delivering t
hese representing America but by doing that it's k
illing the big global parasite it's set up this an
 MK of course that's not it for the live Sunday sh
ow here that was Alex recording live earlier break
ing the g7 down the word is already is that they'r
e gonna grab these episodes cuz this big awakening
 already happening it hit a catalyst in Morocco a
few months ago and then now a chain reaction into
this it's all happening everywhere across the worl
d but as these prominent people begin to wake up a
nd go with humanity and go with life you know with
 pro-human there's an absolute panic by the global
 is going on in there understand a message about g
oing after Bourdain you can clearly see that the t
hreat and everybody else will be right back on the
 other side of this break this is an emergency glo
bal transmission news Wars calm I'm Alex Jones we'
ll continue to go in through and beyond no matter
what the cost maybe we'll go on to the end to quot
e Winston Churchill ladies and gentlemen thank you
 so much for joining us on this live global Friday
 transmission Anthony Bourdain was one of the numb
er one host in the world the only success CNN had
he was branching out he was planning to do program
s on child trafficking human sex drive you can bec
ome best friends with Elon Musk it's been close to
 a week in Morocco two months ago at a private hom
e with a scientific research facility and we have
the 11 minute in the second clip that they want cu
t out we're able to bring that to you it's been of
fered to us but we're not gonna air that here at t
his point the CNN or anybody says we're lying abou
t this we'll drop the hammer on you I won't drop t
hat camera runya somebody's gonna drop the hammer
on you they didn't want this clip to come out they
 didn't want this information to come out he was c
alling for a global awakening he was understanding
 the Democrats are actually pro-war they've been f
unding Isis and al-qaeda he understood that the Re
publican establishment was just as bad as well and
 that all these people claiming they were liberals
 weren't really liberals and that Trump had a bigg
er plan a new Renaissance plan and Elon Musk had c
onvinced him of this and so Bourdain was preparing
 just like Kanye West and just like Kim Kardashian
 to begin to reach out to Trump it's like she came
 to the White House last week on getting black peo
ple out of prison who were given racist sentences
because of what color they were it's the perfect w
ay for her to reach out to show the Trump's good t
hen have him move towards getting those lost chang
e which he's now announced the Clinton's got it pa
ssed at 94 saying blacks were animals and it needs
 to be made to heal like dogs remember that well w
ell Trump thinks that's wrong and so all this was
about to happen and Bourdain was aware of what was
 happening and the Clintons were failing they were
 falling he was trying to come out and criticizing
 Hillary you start to come out and criticize other
s like Weinstein and he was about to become not a
conservative not even a nationalist he's a true in
ternational guy but the good sense he really wants
 he wanted peace and love he's spoken out against
Kissinger he spoken out against Yale he said I'll
serve and walk to trump I was buying the bull but
he was getting ready via via what was happening wi
th Elon Musk to be a real leader and to go meet wi
th Trump and to go public that's really the big ne
ws here and now he's died mysteriously fella I'm a
 crappy hotel room right when he just got remarrie
d rot when he has a nine-year-old daughter that's
so happy right when he told he'll on musk and othe
rs that he's the happy she's ever been this magica
lly happens ladies and gentlemen the only guy only
 I successful in their entire system and everybody
 liked him because he had you know a little bit of
 humanity to him/her to somebody like Wolf Blitzer
 smile like brian Stelter so I like Hillary Clinto
n now he's dead al he's dead they just say bump su
icide boom move on boom that's it just don't look
at it don't have a discussion nothing to see here
that is ridiculous and I have I'm SpaceX sources a
s I'm sitting there you ready to go have breakfast
 with my children because I'm six hours ahead from
 the East Coast five hours ahead central three hou
rs ahead from Pacific or hours ahead from mountain
 its 903 here where I'm at I know four and I when
I come back I'm just gonna read these notes to you
 I rub I've got one two three four five six she's
seven pages of those when I was a coaster and it s
ays culture will speak from the dead I dare them s
ay it's open and shut also they said was critical
to play the clip and I never told you guys to do t
his Bourdain and Obama in Vietnam but they first s
it down and talk how much Bourdain didn't like Oba
ma and some of the things he told he'll on must th
ey knew that or day knew things that he wasn't sup
posed to know and they didn't even tell me everyth
ing this is super dangerous I'm risking my life ev
en telling you this stuff and that we have the clu
e go ahead and try me CNN will drop the hammer on
you so fast we'll be back stay with us the strange
 days are gonna try to destroy us the question is
will we let that happen cutter Nick Begich scienti
st researcher major native lands leader his brothe
r former US Senator his father famous food is so m
uch the civil rights movement more but not very my
steriously he's about to take over I wanted to jus
t let you know that I'm on vacation with family I
got a very desperate call for the producers at one
 of our top Pentagon SpaceX sources had called us
and then he told me that he'd take a special repor
t in Morocco with Elon Musk that it was with Antho
ny Bourdain but at six o'clock in the morning than
 when this happened it's nine o'clock now when I f
irst got this news and then it all started to clic
k so I called our source back and he went over the
 whole thing he was there it was obviously they kn
ow who it is on the inside it was at his home with
 his family and there in Morocco with their big fa
cility and of course when it comes out there he go
es everybody knows who actually runs Morocco and s
o you've got you've got Elon Musk and you've got A
nthony Bourdain but this big facility overlooking
the Vista in the ocean and they spent days out the
re and musk is already really good friends with or
 was good friends with mr. Bourdain and of course
must just telling you everything I tell you world
government AI take over we got to stop it they pla
n to get rid of humans the decisions been made we
got a struggle against it the media is lying to yo
u they're your enemies they want to stop human pro
gress and so let me just lead to you the notes tha
t I was given and again I was already told this mo
nths ago also Ashton Kutcher he was about to go pu
blic in all of this I was told a month before she
went to the White House that about the same source
 that they they call it oh well they have several
terms for it but um full spectrum reality they hav
e a lot of terms a full spectrum drama where we're
 Trump and others in the patriot leadership recrui
ted Kanye five years ago when they decided to make
 dis both military was gonna carry out a coup agai
nst Obama because he was signing us over the Chine
se the Office of Personnel Management Act 21 milli
on names of all our spies all our people all their
 families the keys of the kingdom apples now move
they're giving them all the keys to all Apple user
s your cloud code s Reuters and we're already pret
ty much been taken over by the Chinese got Hollywo
od they they're taking over the universities I mea
n it is mega level the last-ditch effort was made
with Trump he reached out to Kanye he reached out
to Kim Kardashian if she was on the fence he Kanye
 went with it so they locked him up at the mental
institution about a year and a half ago he was gon
na already launch this but he that let him go they
 don't even at that hole actually say something's
wrong Lee and then grab him for a few days and so
reporter there's a lot of stuff that Connie was in
 there but he powered through it he's great here o
h yes man he's got everything below each stood up
cuz he's everything a game and so all of that unfo
lded and so you've got SpaceX you've got Elon Musk
 the Ripper's it's kind of a good faction of NASA'
s almost have a pro human future doesn't want to s
uppress a lot of assistive technologies I told you
 it's the inauguration before Trump spoke that he
would talk about a lot him asserts the universe an
d then he would call for the secret medical techno
logies they've been suppressing to be released he'
s moving forward with that I'm on record because I
 have the sources but I'm gonna be honest with you
 it's metaphysical I have sources but we all know
already so we're already finishing each other's se
ntences that's why they hate us we are plugged in
to the Internet of the human mind the human destin
y of the human will but humanity wants and so yes
we scientifically look at stuff yes we talk to eac
h other yes we're already synced up just like Bill
 Maher said last Friday Alex Jones and Donald Trum
p are soul mates and it's true we're all soul mate
s there's billions of people that are soul mates w
ith black skin with white skin with red skin with
yellow skin with paste in assembler skin we are al
l together in this big quest and this love of huma
nity the love of our ancestors a love of the great
 quest and there's people that want to satanic lee
 block that and still the future it's not happenin
g so I'm gonna go to dr. Nick Begich after the bre
ak or just a minute let me just give you these not
es the culture will speak from the dead they've op
en and shut said that he died it's preposterous Mo
rgaine was not having any heaven he was right stan
d against him he was finally convinced by Elon Mus
k of what was really going on and shown the proof
the proof of the child trafficking and things that
 he'd seen himself it didn't put 200 together is w
hat made him have nightmares are basically break d
own he came out of the depression and wouldn't tal
k about what he's going to do except saying he lik
ed with Kanye a dime I was planning to go public a
nd wanted to grabs even meet with Trump publicly t
o say we should have unity and world peace you lik
e the fact that he the Trump wants to work with Ru
ssia and the fact that he understood the portator
said that was all made up or Dane didn't like the
pressure he was put under by CNN the piggy bank th
at everybody's robbing and that ends president Tru
mp pulled no punches and dropped in economic suple
x on the world leaders at the 44th annual g7 summi
t in Quebec Canada the US Canada the UK France Ita
ly Japan and Germany represent more than 60% of gl
obal net worth between them President Trump brough
t a long overdue wake-up call to the proceedings w
e tackled a variety of issues than opportunities f
acing our nations at the top of the list was the i
ssue of trade very important subject because the U
nited States has been taken advantage of for decad
es and decades and we can't do that anymore we had
 extremely productive discussions on the need to h
ave fair and reciprocal meaning the same people ca
n't charge us two hundred and seventy percent and
we charge them nothing that doesn't work anymore I
 made a lot of statements having to do with clarit
y we want and expect other nations to provide fair
 market access to American exports and that we wil
l take whatever steps are necessary to protect Ame
rican industry and workers from unfair foreign tra
ding practices of which really there are many but
we're getting them straightened down slowly but su
rely I think they are starting to be committed to
a much more fair trade situation for the United St
ates because it has been treated very very unfairl
y and I don't blame other leaders for that I blame
 our past leaders there was no reason that this sh
ould have happened had no tariffs in other words l
et's say Canada where we have tremendous tariffs t
he United States pays tremendous tariffs on dairy
as an example two hundred and seventy percent nobo
dy knows that we pay nothing we don't want to pay
anything why should we pay we have to ultimately t
hat's what you want you want a tariff free you wan
t no barriers and you want no subsidies because yo
u have some cases where countries are subsidizing
industries and that's not fair I mean we have Indi
a where some of the tariffs are a hundred percent
100 percent and we charge nothing you can't do tha
t and so we are talking to many countries we talk
at all countries and it's gonna stop and I don't b
lame these people but I will blame them if they do
n't act smart and do what they have to do because
they have no choice I'll be honest but they have n
o choice they're either gonna make the trades fair
 because our farmers have been hurt you look at ou
r farmers for 15 years the graph is going just lik
e this down our farmers have been hurt our workers
 have been hurt our companies have moved out and m
oved to Mexico and other countries including Canad
a now we are gonna fix that situation and if it's
not fixed we're not going to deal with these count
ries but the relationship that I've had is great s
o you can tell that to your fake friends at CNN th
e relationship that I've had with the people the l
eaders of these countries has been I would really
rate it on a scale of 0 to 10 I would rate it at 1
0 as an example the European Union is to the Unite
d States they don't take and they understand that
they know it they when I'm telling them they're sm
iling at me you know it's like the the gig is up i
t's like the gig is up they're not trying to there
's nothing they can say they can't believe they go
t away with it I asked a top person in China how d
id it get so bad he looks at me said nobody ever t
alked to US President Trump even called for the re
admit insertion to the g7 thus making it the g8 Ru
ssia had been suspended from the group in 2014 due
 to the annexation of Crimea from the Ukraine memb
ers were against that idea I would rather see Russ
ia in the g8 as opposed to the g7 I would say that
 the g8 is a more meaningful group than the g7 Pre
sident Trump then left the g7 for Singapore on a m
ission to negotiate peace with Kim jong-un of Nort
h Korea meanwhile Russian President Vladimir Putin
 has tasked Austria with the possibility of being
the meeting place between President Trump and the
Russian leader as Chancellor Merkel's plea for a n
ew world order sounds off the globalists panic and
 despair John Bowne reporting for enforce calm Kim
 jong-eun meeting in Singapore that's going to be
huge you've got Soros freaking out right now that
Trump is actually winning you have John Brennan sa
ying that Trump is a temporary aberration so yes t
he people in control of the country is a temporary
 aberration according to John Brennan oh you and t
he scum like you are the temporary aberration John
 Brennan so you've got all of that going on you kn
ow this is actually an interesting recipe here the
 Democrats are saying in order to run for presiden
t in 2020 you have to be registered to the Democra
t Party so that strikes Bernie Sanders out so Bern
ie Sanders runs as an independent Trump has the ea
siest path to victory in the history of presidenti
al elections but I'm already expecting that to hap
pen folks we are about to protest Bill Clinton and
 it's all possible your support at infowar store d
ot-com we've got specials running right now store
wide free shipping 50% off top-selling items like
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l at info war store calm and we are about to prote
st Bill Clinton outside Bass Concert Hall at 6:00
p.m. Central but first here's a report from Alex J
ones on response to Bill Maher you want to have a
good future if you want to have a shot at controll
ing your own destiny you want to listen to me righ
t now very carefully globalism is a form of modern
 serfdom in their own white papers their own admis
sions it's even the WikiLeaks but Bill Maher and o
thers are now being honest they're coming out and
saying they want to crash the US economy to defeat
 the operations that Donald Trump is running right
 now this has been their policies before this is t
o implode our economy they want us dependent they
don't want us to be upwardly mobile because they c
an't compete with a true capitalist to open free-m
arket society they want a crony capitalist society
 where the ultra elites decide the winners that's
why all the top billionaires all the top guys that
 make like 12 billion a day like Jeff Bezos are an
ti-free market an tiny little class anti-family bl
oomberg came out and said somebody making thirty f
ive thousand dollars a year should pay more taxes
when he escapes 99% of his taxes and offshore corp
orations look it up so here is Bill Maher the euge
nicist Bill Maher the globalist the man of the peo
ple saying he wants America to implode can I ask a
bout the economy because this economy is going pre
tty well we have to what you want well is that fun
ny it is going well for now for now right that's m
y is like I feel like the bottom has to fall out a
t some point and by the way I'm hoping for it beca
use I think one way you get rid of Trump is a cras
hing economy so please bring on the recession sorr
y if that hurts people but it's either roofer rece
ssion or you lose your democracy I've told you tho
usands of times they want to quote crash the econo
my and now they say it to your face as if that's a
 good thing for you but then he elaborated in the
same program about to show you some clips explaini
ng that oh this is the mismanagement of Trump it's
 done this and it's hurting America's power worldw
ide no that's the stolen power of America parlayed
 into the global corporations that are tax-exempt
and that power is coming to an end come with me wh
at I did not predict was that the United States wo
uld sort of abdicate leadership of its position be
cause I argued the United States would still be in
credibly powerful it would set the agenda it repre
sented you know the values it had a way of being a
ble to be the leader and this shift where the Unit
ed States has decided to literally just walk away
from its own creation I mean people forget this wa
s the world that FDR and Harry Truman built after
World War two and to see you know the Europeans as
 I said sort of surprised because they don't quite
 understand it they're like wait you built this ho
use and now you want to set it on fire Oh c-4 Reid
 and the CFR and the media told us the American Ce
ntury was over it was the Communist Chinese histor
y they told us it was over but see now it's not ov
er so they spin that as if it's a bad thing for Am
erica here's the truth and they've been in their o
wn economic papers building first world economies
pulls up the third world lowering first world econ
omies does not pull up the third world that's the
lie of globalism and so having one-sided trade dea
ls destroying the u.s. is a long-term trading part
ner to India and China and Mexico and the other co
untries actually then degrades the whole global ec
onomy and that's what the globalist admit they wan
t a post-industrial austere world with poor people
 worldwide with a tiny Lee tax-exempt with diploma
tic immunity the broken away in a breakaway civili
zation and the world is learning the real politica
l system they're having elections all over the wor
ld throwing the globalist out throwing the IMF the
 World Bank out these are predators that want a po
or world they control where they give Nigeria a 1
billion dollar loan in 1965 Nigeria is now paying
almost 200 billion dollars back for that and still
 owes 20-something billion all the first billion l
ook it up is that a good deal for Africa know how
much Saudi might little market often comes along a
nd helps Africa and builds it up and works for the
 West for eight years they set him up and killing
but all these so-called liberals sit there not tha
t they care about you and they're really political
 monsters their economic hit men for the globalist
s that want to consolidate a world economy and don
't want a free market to compete with I'm less sur
prised that a Trump could rise I mean that has hap
pened in countries were as how quickly the Republi
can Party just completely got behind him it remind
s me of the Neanderthals you know no no really I l
ove agent the archeology and that kind of stuff so
 like you have the humans and the Neanderthals but
 we're sharing a planet from about a hundred thous
and BC to about 40,000 BC and then suddenly no mor
e Neanderthals well I think because humans they fi
gured out the blowgun so they could kill you from
10 feet away I'm getting this from the movie quest
 for fire so but like it's like there's Neandertha
ls and then suddenly the fossa gone and that's kin
d of what happened to the Republicans I think we'r
e just there and then they suddenly decide what yo
u just saw is another incredible example of total
spin it's like last week when Bill Maher said the
FBI wasn't spying on you Trump they were watching
you because you're a Russian traitor well this wee
k he says oh just like Neanderthal got extincted b
y cro-magnon the Republican Party is now extinct i
t's actually exploding and growing everywhere as t
he populist nationalist movement takes it over as
is happening all over the world as humanity awaken
s to you guys and so we're now aware of your globa
list gameplan so you are in checkmate that's what'
s happening it's globalism it's the Democratic Par
ty in its coastal elitism that people are fleeing
in record numbers from New York New Jersey Califor
nia you name it to get away from your draconian ou
t-of-control policies it is your systems of collec
tivism controlled by crony capitalists that is com
ing to an end the Republican Party's having new li
fe breathed into it because the bluebloods scum th
at also want to keep Americans poor is being remov
ed america's return will lead the world into a new
 boom just like we did during the 1950s america's
demise will lead America and the world into a new
Dark Age ladies and gentlemen and we're not gonna
put up with it we're on the March the globalist fr
om a run Soros is getting kicked out of Europe eve
ry country's voting to throw out the globalist we'
re winning and scum like Bill Maher hope that you'
re stupid and hope that they can pray on you and m
anipulate you those of you that buy into his propa
ganda are being caught whether you like it or not
and it's time to get past the cognitive dissonance
 and admit that Trump was able to defeat the globa
list and all their propaganda promised been able t
o turn the economy around in a year and a half bec
ause he knows what he's doing and he's advised by
very very smart people so your claims that things
are getting so much better by accident flies in th
e face of reality we are economically politically
culturally and spiritually kicking your ass global
ist humanity is now awake the sleeping giant is no
w in your face and is no longer sleeping I'm Alex
shows with news wars.com you know how it seems bad
 and it's chaotic and the enemy's going crazy well
 when you step with your heel on the head of a sna
ke what happens the rest of that snake's body ride
s around wraps around your leg goes crazy causing
chaos but its death throes that's really the key i
ts death throes because your heel is still on that
 snake's head doesn't matter what the rest of his
body's doing his head is pinned and it's over for
that snake that's what we're seeing the illumina a
re you doing that's amazing they are writhing arou
nd in pain and they're going crazy and you see in
all this chaos because they're in their death thro
es we're literally witnessing the Illuminati's dea
th throes it's grab your popcorn time sit back rel
ax pray to God and enjoy the show we're here with
John abyss Kuran he's a Coptic Christian and he wa
s breaking down the prophecies of Mark Taylor who
in 2011 was documented in 2012 in major Christian
magazines predicting that Donald J Trump would bec
ome the 44th President of the United States and th
at it would signal a major global revival and I've
 talked to so many great pastors that I really res
pect like rodney howard-browne and others and they
've talked about this fact and now that you see Tr
ump delivering on the mass arrests of pedophiles w
orldwide delivering on the return of our Republic
standing up for Christian rights it is unprecedent
 you have the Pope who's not a real Catholic with
judgment globalist openly calling for the end of C
hristianity open borders to Islam not defending Ch
ristians being slaughtered all over Africa in the
Middle East this is biblical times but John he was
 here with his children I was with my children I w
ere here in the middle of Pacific Ocean and in the
 in the in the newest land on the earth the last t
ouch by God hear the real Garden of Eden know ye a
nd I ran into this guy he's a very humble guy he's
 very well-spoken very curious matic very passiona
te so I wanted him from another angle just to get
into the current state we are how how we we're wit
nessing prophecy right now and in what an amazing
time this is and I hope he'll repeat the things he
 said in the last few hours to me but he's got the
 floor right now to lay this out to you please tak
e over my friend god bless you thank you Alex than
k you very much I'm great to be here so basically
what i was talking with alex about before is reall
y the heart of the matter of what's really going o
n here why the whole establishment is against dona
ld trump it's not because they don't like him and
they don't like his personality they got a beef wi
th him no no because they understand what's really
 going on a people with with donald trump is he do
nald trump according to this prophecy that came ou
t back in 2011 look it up Mark Taylor just look up
 the Trump prophecies it's gonna open up a whole w
orld to what's really going on here so basically i
magine if I came to you Alex and towards you in 20
20 for whatever the next election in a few years E
ddie Murphy's gonna run and win and be President t
hat's how to left-field he'd be like what are you
talking about is he thing is if somebody said Dona
ld Trump's gonna win and the purpose of it is and
if you look up the prophecies you'll see what it w
as you see the New World Order the Illuminati they
've been wanting to make a one-world government th
e problem is that there's a big boy in the way it'
s called America and our Constitution which is pro
tecting us so what you saw for the last several ye
ars inside world the presidencies is that they've
all been on the same page the agenda to bring Amer
ica down to its knees to the level of the rest of
the world in order for them to implement a one-wor
ld government you can't deal with a big boy in the
 neighborhood like America it's in the way the Wes
t to the West has to fall America has to fall for
them to make a one-world government now you know t
hat God's a nationalist and Satan is a globalist a
nd I could prove it to you right now it's the Towe
r of Babel story that was the first one-world gove
rnment in the ancient world and they wanted to bui
ld a tower to reach the throne of God Indy strong
God idiots whatever Nimrods fine but the point is
this world first one world government what did God
 do to stop it he smote them with the different la
nguages instantly creating the different nations o
f the world he wants to separate it into different
 nations he's basically saying look we're gonna ha
ve a one-world government in heaven in my kingdom
but while you're on earth and scenes running aroun
d I want you separated into nations because when y
ou get together with a one-on-one government you b
ecome arrogant do stupid stuff that's what happene
d in the ancient world with the with the Tower of
Babel under Nimrod and that's what's happening wha
t they're trying to do now the New World Order the
 Illuminati whatever you want to call it they are
Luciferians straight up and they want to make a on
e-world government in order for the Antichrist to
take a seat see they know the Bible better than yo
u and me and they're trying to make things happen
in order for the Antichrist to take a seat however
 God has made us move and what that is is he broug
ht in this guy out of left field the last person w
e would have ever expected to be President Donald
Trump and he prepared Donald Trump his entire life
 for this job the job of dismantling the Illuminat
i think about it look at all that's been happening
 no man could go through what this man went throug
h and is going through now with the entire world t
he entire establishment against him like this and
with all the money and power and elitism trying to
 stop him this man should have been dead a long ti
me ago and he certainly shouldn't be president the
 fact that he's president alone we witnessed a mir
acle that does it had to be a miracle for him to w
in I mean they were cheating in the end and in the
 elections everything was against him the entire m
edia and everything is somehow he still wins that
alone is a hint that it was an act of God over his
 own camp and also they couldn't believe it nobody
 could believe you're speaking right I've got it I
've got a button as you're speaking right now a ra
inbow has the Spirit of God that's pretty cool bec
ause God's around he's doing everything and he's i
n the trenches right now in fact when you understa
nd what's really going on it's a lot of fun becaus
e you get to watch God dismantle the Illuminati be
fore your eyes and he's using Donald Trump like a
blunt force object Donald Trump is basically an ag
ent for God it's not that is Donald Trump doing ev
erything it's God doing everything using Donald Tr
ump even Newt Gingrich I don't know if you guys sa
w this interview during the election they asked Ne
wt Gingrich how come both sides are against Donald
 Trump including the Republicans I mean aren't the
 Republicans risking Hillary winning by going agai
nst him like this and in a moment where God seemed
 to have zapped Donald Newt Gingrich to tell the t
ruth he did you know what he said look at his word
s he said well that's because Donald Trump was nev
er initiated he was never part of the club but par
t of the secret societies he was never part of the
 Illuminati but then the Newt Gingrich said howeve
r he knows everything that goes on in the club and
 that's why everybody that's in the club is afraid
 you see the reason why they're against him isn't
because they hate him they don't like his personal
ity the fact that they call him orange or whether
all this stuff that's nothing annoying that's why
that's why this is a spiritual thing even the demo
ns that these people are possessed with they can't
 stand it they understand exactly what's going on
that Donald Trump was sent and anointed by God to
dismantle the Illuminati now you might ask yoursel
f why because a lot of people think that America i
s under judgment and that it deserves judgment thi
s is key this is not the case at all you see we ha
ve an example in the bible of sodom and gomorrah w
hich received judgment was destroyed but there's a
nother city in our nation in the bible that we sho
uld concern ourselves or think about Nineveh remem
ber the story of Jonah and the Whale and Jonah Win
n prophet and told the people of Nineveh and they
actually repented America is Nineveh not Sodom and
 Gomorrah and America is anointed by God think abo
ut it it was created in the last in the recent tim
es of our timeline it just showed up in the neighb
orhood I mean it's only 200 years old it's like Go
d preserved it for the end and it's used and it's
the only country in the history of existence creat
ed in the name of judeo-christian Bible the forefa
thers our forefathers of this great country they m
ention in their memoirs look it up that day when t
hey were writing the Constitution they had an open
 Bible there and they got every idea for the Const
itution straight out of the Bible in Aliev all rig
hts what's that it was a radical idea at the time
and a Laville rights means that your rights are gi
ven to you directly from God and only God could ta
ke away those rights before that your rights was g
iven to you by the government or the king but no n
ot in America in America your rights are given to
you by God whether you believe in God or not that'
s the case however the enemies been attacking you
see there's people in this world that are jealous
of America that hate America that don't want Ameri
ca to be America but they could never come at his
head strong we had the greatest most powerful mili
tary in the world the greatest economy in the worl
d they could never come at us in conventional term
s and attack his head-on in a battle or in a war n
o no no no but they can never come at his head str
ong we had the greatest most powerful military in
the world the greatest economy in the world they c
ould never come at us in conventional terms and at
tack his head on in a battle or in a war no no no
no they had to do the alternative the Trojan horse
 style they have been doing a multi-generational p
lan to bring down America and they've come in thro
ugh our country right rising their way up through
the ranks and getting themselves in position of le
adership and every single facet of our society in
order to bring down America and that's what they'v
e been trying to do and suddenly we're witnessing
a hundred and eighty degree turn with Donald Trump
 in fact they're taking several Bros bricks it was
 a blow to the New World Order the rise of Trump w
as a blow to the New World Order and now other cou
ntries are gonna get out of the break State I get
out of the European euro is falling as we speak it
's falling as we speak now in the process we'll pu
t 80 plus million in to prop it up it's failing th
at's right nothing they do now works anymore becau
se God decided to die guys take action he gave him
 so long but now the tides turned yes the tide is
turning as a matter of fact you're gonna see accor
ding to the prophecies the dollar becomes stronger
 than it's ever been in its entire history it's go
ing to be America is going to be the number one mo
st greatest powerful country the pillar of the wor
ld the light of the world once again and I think i
t's because it's the one country in the history of
 existence created in the name of Christianity yea
h it's a beautiful rainbow this place is beautiful
 Hawaii is beautiful now the thing is when you loo
k at what Trump has been doing let's think about w
hat Trump's been doing since he took office he's b
een laser focused on one agenda and one agenda onl
y make America great again by destroying the Illum
inati and that's what he's been doing think about
it TPP getting us out of TPP that was totally hurt
ing the Illuminati because they're globalist are t
rying to set up a globalist system the whole thing
 with the Paris climate I think all of it he's get
ting us out of that stuff and basically unfurling
undoing everything the Illuminati has been able to
 do to us and all these several decades from the p
ast and day it's driving him crazy it's driving hi
m crazy and you could see it then you see the whol
e Trump being protected this is an anointing this
is a actual holy protection that's put on him beca
use any man would have been dead a long time ago s
aying this now I remember hearing about the gentle
men let's talk about them in a moment years ago an
d I've never really clicked they you got my face a
 nice way your daughter my daughter were together
in the pool you said listen why we talked about it
 yet oh my god known about it I I had that then I
went looked it up and I looked up on the Wayback M
achine 2011 he did say this let's start with we're
 kind of here at the middle but let's start with w
hat we're talking about about the guy that was the
 prophet for this sure Mark Taylor is a fireman go
od old American regular guy he's uh it was a firem
an for several years I think 20 years in Orlando F
lorida and he's close to God God picked this guy s
imple guy regular guy nothing special he picked th
is guy to communicate to the rest of us of what hi
s plans are to dismantle the the Illuminati and so
 mark Taylor's been getting visions and receiving
word from God about what's gonna happen now look w
hen we normally hear this about people's getting v
isions from God and receiving word from God you go
t to always you know think twice well okay is it r
eally or is it not the thing is about Mark Taylor
literally everything he has said which came from G
od in detail has come to fruition it's unbelievabl
e when you go back and look at those prophecies an
d read them and see them or hear them you're gonna
 be shocked and how every step has been coming tru
e and it's gonna continue to come true according t
o the prophecy America is gonna be awesome and it'
s gonna be used as the launching pad as the home b
ase for the final harvest because God goes out as
a winner as like a surge like a member in the war
of the surge this is a final harvest before the en
d times and he's pushed the end times giving us mo
re time giving us a reprieve in order to get toget
her pray that's what we got to do we got to pray e
ven if you don't pray start praying because that's
 the real ammunition that brings down the enemy we
're in a real war here that's what life is people
ask what's life life is a war it's a war it is goo
d versus evil it is a dualistic world eight Christ
ians they abs look at Hollywood the whole media th
ey literally hate Christians they admit the the pe
rsecution of Christians double the last ten years
yep they absolutely admit that if they can extingu
ish that they believe they can then be God you kno
w atheists should have absolutely no regard for Ch
ristianity they shouldn't even care think about it
 are you a Buddhist no you're not I'm not a Buddhi
st do you ever think about Buddhism does it obsess
 you does that upset you do you go after it no you
 don't you don't even think about it cuz you don't
 believe in it a true atheist wouldn't care about
Christianity just look at it it's just another rel
igion I don't believe in whatever why is there a v
itriolic hatred towards Christianity think about t
hat because it's the spiritual war it's a blood lu
st because it's a spiritual thing that we're talki
ng about here people not necessarily the people ma
y not even realize but if there's the demon inside
 them or if they're not with God or walking in the
 world and the world in the world the evil world t
hey're naturally going to reject what's from God t
hat's why you see people rejecting Donald Trump bu
t however the good news is there's millions and mi
llions of the silent majority that understand what
's going on and they're supporting Donald Trump th
at's why he won how did he win think about it how
did Donald Trump wing and I love the spirit of it
they know he's not perfect he's a wrecking ball he
 never was a hypocrite they extinct Lee from the b
eginning understood that it was it was a weapon ag
ainst the enemy like you said the way he's the way
 he just doesn't even care what they do to him he
don't in fact in the prophecy God said they will s
peak against him they will throw all the darts the
 enemy will throw the darts at him they will do ev
erything they can but it will roll off his back li
ke the water rolling off of a duck just like the f
eathers protect the duck he's protecting the Donal
d Trump you know not Alex I wanted to mention some
thing to you really quick the day you see numbers
symbolism it's a big deal to the Luciferians that'
s why you see symbolism everywhere and our movies
and corporate logos and everything do you know why
 this is how the language to break the veil to go
to the other side of the veil they do rituals that
 open up portals demons come in they get their pow
ers from those demons that's how it works that's h
ow that's why God had a real beef in the Old Testa
ment against doing any kind of divination sorcery
not because he doesn't like it because it has a re
al effect in those in this world it's what breaks
the veil between this world and the real world on
the other side it's dangerous it's very dangerous
never touch a Ouija board remember that now number
s is a big deal to now you know that number six si
x six six is an evil number however number seven i
s a holy number a very holy number and the day of
the inauguration for Donald Trump the day he put h
is hand on our Bible and swore in to become our 45
th president on that day Donald Trump was seventy
years seven months and seven days old online that
was even in the New York Times and I even knew wha
t he's gonna say in the speech and I said he's gon
na call for God back in the Covenant he's gonna an
nounce there or at least secret technology and the
 New York Times came to me and said how did you sa
y that five hours ago she talked the president I s
aid no I just knew it that's on record that's righ
t now you understand what's going on with peda gat
e and all of that stuff you see the enemy's been d
oing a lot of bad stuff they've been kidnapping ch
ildren it an average of eight hundred thousand chi
ldren kidnapped in America every year and they mak
e a big deal out of a handful of them spread out t
hroughout the year Amber Alert and all that so tha
t we subconsciously think oh when it kid gets kidn
apped they make a big deal about her when we hear
about it and they don't mention all the others and
 all the rest you know what Donald Trump's been do
ing since the day he got president he's been going
 after the pedophiles they've been doing raids aft
er raids of course the media doesn't mention this
you got a look at it look into it see key the trut
h that's an order from God see key the truth becau
se when you go after the truth you end up to God t
hat's no matter what you go after the truth you en
d up with God and look it up Donald Trump's been s
ending raids attack capturing and finding children
 in cages waiting to be tortured and and and and w
ho a ritual sacrifice he's been saving people he's
 been saving children and he's been arresting pedo
philes like crazy right after raid and that's the
thing it shows up in local news we cover the news
every day it's eve







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