Author Topic: Trump Bodyslams The G7!  (Read 19 times)

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Trump Bodyslams The G7!
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:54:39 AM »

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we're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing
 and that ends president Trump pulled no punches a
nd dropped in economic suplex on the world leaders
 at the 44th annual g7 summit in Quebec Canada the
 US Canada the UK France Italy Japan and Germany r
epresent more than 60 percent of global net worth
between them President Trump brought a long overdu
e wake-up call to the proceedings we tackled a var
iety of issues and opportunities facing our nation
s at the top of the list was the issue of trade ve
ry important subject because the United States has
 been taken advantage of for decades and decades a
nd we can't do that anymore we had extremely produ
ctive discussions on the need to have fair and rec
iprocal meaning the same people can't charge us 27
0 percent and we charge them nothing that doesn't
work anymore I made a lot of statements having to
do with clarity we want and expect other nations t
o provide fair market access to American exports a
nd that we will take whatever steps are necessary
to protect American industry and workers from unfa
ir foreign trading practices of which really there
 are many but we're getting them straightened down
 slowly but surely I think they are starting to be
 committed to a much more fair trade situation for
 the United States because it has been treated ver
y very unfairly and I don't blame other leaders fo
r that I blame our past leaders there was no reaso
n that this should have happened no tariffs in oth
er words let's say Canada where we have tremendous
 tariffs the United States pays tremendous tariffs
 on dairy as an example two hundred and seventy pe
rcent nobody knows that we pay nothing we don't wa
nt to pay anything why should we pay we have to ul
timately that's what you want you want a tariff fr
ee you no barriers and you want no subsidies becau
se you have some cases where countries are subsidi
zing industries and that's not fair I mean we have
 India where some of the tariffs are a hundred per
cent 100 percent and we charge nothing you can't d
o that and so we are talking to many countries we'
ll talk at all countries and it's going to stop an
d I don't blame these people but I will blame them
 if they don't act smart and do what they have to
do because they have no choice I'll be honest me t
hey have no choice they're either gonna make the t
rades fair because our farmers have been hurt you
look at our farmers for 15 years if the graph is g
oing just like this down our farmers have been hur
t our workers have been hurt our companies have mo
ved out and moved to Mexico and other countries in
cluding Canada now we are going to fix that situat
ion and if it's not fixed we're not going to deal
with these countries but the relationship that I'v
e had is great so you can tell that to your fake f
riends at CNN the relationship that I've had with
the people the leaders of these countries has been
 I would really rate it on a scale of 0 to 10 I wo
uld rate it at 10 as an example the European Union
 is brutal to the United States they don't take an
d they understand that they know if they when I'm
telling them they're smiling at me you know it's l
ike the the gig is up it's like the gig is up they
're not trying to there's nothing they can say the
y can't believe they got away with it I asked a to
p person in China how did it get so bad he looked
at me said nobody ever talked to US President Trum
p even called for the re-admittance of Russia to t
he g7 thus making it the g8 Russia had been suspen
ded from the group in 2014 due to the annexation o
f Crimea from the Ukraine members were against tha
t idea I would rather see Russia in the g8 as oppo
sed to the g7 I would say that the g8 is a more me
aningful group than the g7 President Trump then le
ft the g7 for Singapore on a mission to negotiate
peace we Kim jong-un of North Korea meanwhile Russ
ian President Vladimir Putin has tasked Austria wi
th the possibility of being the meeting place betw
een President Trump and the Russian leader as Chan
cellor Merkel's plea for a new world order sounds
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