Author Topic: Did Bill Clinton Use A Cigar For Sexual Pleasure?  (Read 19 times)

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Did Bill Clinton Use A Cigar For Sexual Pleasure?
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:54:23 AM »

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Code: [Select]
[Music] and it's in these historic times where men
 become heroes and legends what will you say when
your ancestors and your lineage asks you what you
did in these great times you know there's so much
going on right now there's so many different ways
that you can impact the world it doesn't even have
 to be in politics you could start a garden and te
ach other people how to garden you could raise awa
reness about the negative side effects of the wire
less and cell phone technology you don't even have
 to step into the nasty ring of politics to change
 the world so what are you doing right now in thes
e historic times now this is a cigar now me person
ally I like to smoke cigars what do you like to do
 with cigars bill Monica Lewinsky says that you us
ed a cigar as a sexual aid with her the Oval Offic
e period which you yes no or I will revert to my f
ormer statement if Monica Lewinsky says that you h
ad phone sex preferred which TV line well that is
at least in general terms I think is covered by my
 statement I addressed that in my statement and th
at I don't believe this let me read it let me defi
ne phone six for purposes of my question phone sex
 occurs when a party to a phone conversation mastu
rbates while the other party is talking in a sexua
lly explicit manner the question is if Monica Lewi
nsky says that you had phone sex with her would sh
e be why I think that is covered by my statement s
o there you go apparently Bill Clinton well let's
just say if Bill Clinton offers you a cigar it mig
ht want to turn it down there he is though good ol
d bill now I've got my Bill Clinton rape t-shirt o
n can we get a look at this let me just move over
here there you go right there right there now this
 used to be sold at infowar store calm but we're s
old out there's other t-shirts you can get it Info
wars store calm right now that will soon be sold o
ut once in a lifetime type of a purchase a Bill Cl
inton rape t-shirt right here now why am I talking
 about Bill Clinton now Bill Clinton is on a book
tour right now this disgraced bum of a president a
 bum a white-trash hit bum who made a mockery of t
he White House didn't know how to properly use a c
igar and somehow magically maybe it was a magic wa
nd the media never gave bill a hard time the me to
 movement there was no me to movement during Bill
Clinton when he was settling rape cases when he wa
s flying on the lolita lolita Express with Jeffrey
 Epstein no no but now they're saying he's Bill Cl
inton finally having his me to move movement is it
 finally catching up to bill well I don't know but
 when Bill Clinton goes to a book to her now he's
got people that stand up and say bill what were yo
u doing on the Lolita Express 26 times so Bill Cli
nton is in Austin Texas tonight and Infowars is ha
ving a me to protest hashtag me to protest outside
 of the Bass Concert Hall so join me tonight put o
n your favorite Bill Clinton rape t-shirt now we a
re introducing a new t-shirt which I think folks n
eed to get a telling the real truth about Bill Cli
nton who is a serial rapist in a user of women in
another case it's about groping and fondling and t
ouching against the woman's will and rape and rape
 bill rapes them physically and then Hillary rapes
 them psychologically he's a rapist absolutely the
 public figuring go straight to hell get your Bill
 Clinton rape shirt today at enforced or calm or c
all one eight hundred two five three three one thr
ee nine

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