Author Topic: Italian Police Mistake Journalist For Terrorist: Bilderberg 2018  (Read 17 times)

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[Music] dan Lyman with info wars.com coming to you
 from day 3 of Bilderberg in Turin Italy again we
are out in front of the NH lingo - hotel where the
 event is taking place and I'm here with independe
nt journalist Josh Friedman who has done a few bil
derberg's in his time and he's had an interesting
journey here this week so we're gonna hear a littl
e bit about that how you doing today Josh I'm doin
g pretty well no I had a bit of a run-in with some
 Italian police early in the morning on Thursday b
efore the conference got started so it was about 4
:00 a.m. a little before 4:00 a.m. and I was lying
 in bed in my one-room studio apartment about five
 minutes away from the venue right here and I hear
d all this noise coming up the stairwell and at fi
rst I thought maybe it's someone who's a late chec
k-in maybe there's some drunks and then the noise
got really loud and then there's boom the door goe
s flying open and about five give or take Italian
police officers burst right through the door as I'
m lying in bed they flick on the light switch they
 surround me at least one was pointing a gun at me
 and they immediately start screaming things out I
 didn't understand what was going on there was som
e commotion for a few seconds and they demand that
 I tell them my name and I'm asking them what's go
ing on what is happening here eventually I tell th
em my name they demand my passport or some sort of
 document and as they're demanding and one guy loo
ks down at the table and sees my US passport is si
tting there he grabs it he opens it up another guy
 shows me as I'm still in the bed it shows me a li
ttle photo of some man who they say was a suspect
and they say that they had information that this s
uspect that they was they were looking for was in
my apartment and after about five or ten minutes t
hey decide that they're going to leave and they ap
ologize briefly and they take off about 30 minutes
 later actually right after I uploaded a YouTube v
ideo saying what was happening I got a couple knoc
ks on the door this time they didn't no one bursts
 right through there was two of the officers were
back and they actually brought my landlord and thi
s time again they apologized although this time th
ey actually asked me some questions Who am I what
am I doing here I said that I am journalist I'm he
re to cover the Bilderberg conference that in the
past I know there's been some harassment of journa
lists attempting to cover the conference I asked t
hem is there any relation here they said no I beli
eve one of them had a smirk on his face at some po
int it might have been when he was saying no to th
at question about there being any relation it migh
t have been something else it was a pretty quick i
nteraction and then they left after telling me tha
t they found the suspect and they pointed off some
where nearby they they weren't saying exactly wher
e later in the day I got a text message from my la
ndlord saying that the police were looking for a t
errorist and they caught the terrorists at some ne
arby location and that's about all the information
 that I have been given about the incident that so
unds like a terrifying way to wake up in the morni
ng and you had mentioned that there may have been
another journalist who went through something simi
lar were you able to corroborate that here anymore
 so I actually spoke at length with him yesterday
not face to face but over the phone and this is a
an independent journalist and I believe radio host
 from Poland and we had about a 30 minute phone co
nversation lately yesterday and what he said is th
at the police arrived at his apartment just about
the same time about 4:00 a.m. on Thursday and it w
asn't it wasn't quite the same setting with them b
ursting through the door and showing a gun or two
at him but he ended up having a long drawn-out pro
cess what he told me is that several officers arri
ved at his place and then there were more officers
 waiting the street below and they brought him to
the police station and it turned into an eight-hou
r ordeal and he was questioned and then Tara gated
 and searched and it went on for hours and he was
saying that it scared him and intimidated him so m
uch that yesterday he left her maybe it was even o
n Thursday anyway he's out of here he left Turin h
e headed for I'm not gonna say exactly where but h
e he headed for another city and then flew out Ita
ly so he was extremely intimidated and he was tell
ing me about possible harassment of his family on
top of what he was dealing with here it was it was
 very descriptive I haven't corroborated this full
y but it was very descriptive and it seems to be i
n line with other things that are happening here t
here are just so many journalists who are getting
detained frequently or they're getting harassed wh
en they try to film I mean different circumstances
 with me it was short and fast and pretty extravag
ant and quite intimidating but there seems to be a
 pattern here which is not too different from vari
ous bilderberg's in the past of journalists facing
 all kinds of harassment yeah you've done a few of
 these uh have you experienced anything like that
in the past yourself would this be the first year
and then it seems like that if the journalists who
 do this year in and year out they end up on some
sort of list that you know the authorities do keep
 an eye on them do you think that that's what's ha
ppened to you I can't tell you for sure I I haven'
t gotten the harassment in the past definitely not
hing like putting a gun in my face I've I've spoke
n at length with various journalists who have I've
 heard their stories repeatedly and I've witnessed
 some of it particularly in Dresden a couple years
 ago where I think there are a lot of comparisons
being drawn right now between the Bilderberg here
in the Bilderberg and Dresden because in both case
s there was been a pretty heavy-handed police pres
ence but this is definitely the first experience I
've had of this nature now I could speculate and I
 don't really know for sure that I mean there is a
 chance that this was merely an accident and they
were actually searching for some suspect and had s
ome wrong information but based on all the events
that have followed it's it seems highly questionab
le whether that would actually be the case but wou
ld they be interested in me I don't know this year
 or what I mean what's been different about my cov
erage this year as in the past is that I really go
t on this early particularly reporting on worlds b
ack then the suspected date and location of the co
nference because I'm I'm based in Bulgaria and the
 Balkans is basically my my hub my region and the
Serbian government put out a press release back in
 the end of January that was probably an accident
and leaked the location and date of the meeting an
d I was covering that back then and I briefly had
an encounter with the Serbian Prime Minister last
month at an EU event and I recorded her saying tha
t the conference was indeed gonna be here in Turin
 in June so and I arrived early I was filming the
complex before they shut it down I have no idea wh
ether this is any reason that I might be targeted
it could be maybe not I don't know but it's defini
tely very prevalent here in terms of journalists f
acing a whole variety of types of harassment very
interesting there have been kind of a dichotomy be
tween what journalists have experienced here this
year some of us have not had too many issues / per
haps it's because it's my first year definitely no
t Josh's first year but in closing how would you c
ompare this year's Bilderberg just the agenda the
setting and you know nothing to do with it with th
e treatment so far but just the other aspects of B
ilderberg how would you compare it with previous y
ears for yourself would say that this year actuall
y the setting really is a big deal I mean it reall
y stands out we're in as you've already reported o
n we're in the venue is the former Fiat Factory th
ere's a Fiat headquarters right here Fiat through
John Elton is very close knit with the Bilderberg
Group being on the steering committee and so on th
e Italian police Pro it's very heavy but what's go
ing on the inside I don't know exactly and it real
ly is it's similar it seems to be building on the
past few years I looking back to Dresden in 2016 t
hat Bilderberg took place right before the brexit
vote and it was also in the middle of the Trump ca
mpaign so looking back to 2016 until now there the
re's been this huge clash between nationalism and
globalism or between populism and they're calling
it in globalism and then there have been a whole s
tring of key elections and arguably the Bilderberg
ers lost the first to the big ones Brexton and Tru
mp but then they had a bounce-back year in in 2017
 with the the Dutch French and German elections al
l basically going in the direction of globalism an
d now there's the the Italian election and the sub
sequent formation of the government which has knoc
ked on their way and it seems like there's just th
is ongoing trend now of issues having to do with t
rade migration the the future of the EU and the in
ternational order the transatlantic Union so this
seems to be the core backdrop ideologically and ge
opolitically to the conference but ultimately I'm
not on the inside I don't know what's going on and
 most people here to seem to be most interested or
 intrigued by the fact that the Vatican is represe
nted here it's definitely definitely interesting w
ith the Vatican is here this year I believe it's f
or the first year ever I guess we're gonna find ou
t in the coming year what the agenda was laid out
here by the way that they roll it out through the
different media outlets and the government policie
s and military action that is going to be coming f
or the for the year between now and the next Bilde
rberg so we'll see what happens but I'll be here f
or the rest of the weekend and we thank you Josh f
or your time Dan Lyman from Turin Italy and Bilder
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