Author Topic: McCain's War Powers Update Torches The Constitution  (Read 17 times)

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McCain's War Powers Update Torches The Constitution
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:53:31 AM »

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in November of 2017 an ailing Senator John McCain
said that he and Democrat Rhode Island senator Jac
k Reed were working on a proposal to update the br
oad War Powers Congress gave the commander-in-chie
f after the 9/11 terrorist attacks fast forward to
 the Senate debate on the 2019 NDAA raising questi
ons on the hill corker Kane authorizes war against
 at least eight groups that are known to operate a
ll together in over 20 countries hardly sounds lik
e we'll have any less war worker Cain look if the
Congress decides to withdraw funds for some milita
ry excursion the president will veto the act of wi
thdrawal and then it will require a two-thirds vot
e of both houses to overcome that so a president w
ith 1/3 plus one in either house can wage war on a
ny target at any time the president chooses to do
so that is so contrary to what Madison intended so
 contrary to the plain meaning of the Constitution
 so violative of the separation of powers has to b
e a rejection of the oath to preserve protect and
defend the Constitution and none of you wants to r
eject that oath we find ourselves at this ignoble
moment not by accident but by decades of concerted
 effort by members of this institution to evade th
e responsibilities given to them by the framers of
 our Constitution so this body has failed historic
ally to require a declaration so they got rid of t
he declarations and then they failed and got rid o
f the need to specify as the nation's we're going
to go at war against and now they're about to get
rid of even the requirement to get any type of pri
or authorization it'll make this body a pedestrian
 to war and it will put war-making on autopilot an
d this law does not even have a sunset provision i
t just goes on you adopt this we'll have a hundred
 and seventy more because this has virtually no st
andards it will effectively revise the Constitutio
n of the United States without an amendment the to
p priority for this Senate must be to ensure that
SJ res 59 the corker King AUMF does not become law
 the damage will be colossal not only we almost ir
retrievably cede to the executive branch the most
fundamental power that Congress has under article
1 of the Constitution the power to declare war but
 it also would give the current president all futu
re presidents authority from Congress to engage in
 worldwide war the court arcane AUMF would authori
ze force without operational limitations against 8
 groups in six countries the president could then
add to both lists as long as the president reports
 the expansion to Congress to be clear the preside
nt would have unilateral authority to add addition
al countries including the United States itself to
 the list of countries or Congress is authorizing
war a key bipartisan issue to watch is Turkey maki
ng its way off the back burner of tyranny where th
e 2019 NDAA relevance is concerned the adversary i
n North Korea released three prisoners we've seen
venezuela release a prisoner but in turkey since O
ctober of 2016 we've seen them hold a man for over
 a year and a half or almost a year and a half wit
hout charges and then I saw a man go before a cour
t and a witness for a whole day being subjected to
 some of the most absurd charges possible if that'
s the behavior of a NATO ally is that really where
 we should be putting in our supply chains and in
our defensive systems one of the most sophisticate
d weapons one of the most important weapons in our
 Arsenal the Washington Examiner reports senators
will now be filing proposed amendments and gearing
 up for debate and voting that could stretch into
next week the House passed its version of the NDAA
 on May 24th once the Senate votes both chambers A
rmed Services committees typically name it's commi
ttee to hammer out a final compromise in the fall
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