Author Topic: Reporters Chase Secretive Bilderberg Members Through The Streets of Italy  (Read 16 times)

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[Music] [Music] no we're talking to you your publi
c figure you're attending this meeting just to com
municate with you communicating is that harassment
 it's just asking you hey what's going on inside w
e're just asking you what happened inside there's
only this is the only girl we got I don't know you
r are your guests here at the Bilderberg meeting s
ir are you a guest what's your name why so secreti
ve could you just give us you speak English could
you just give us one small statement for the press
 and just we have a lot of questions like why you
never talk about it if there's nothing to hide thi
s big heads of media because of corporations they
cancel government the media is actually supposed t
o talk critically about them sir please give a sta
tement then we leave you alone now let us please e
nough is enough just one sir please can you just g
ive us one statement we all will can you leave us
alone okay tell us what you did [Music] okay I'm a
re you a guest huh sir cameras it so our guests th
ere are your worker I'm not being interviewed so c
ould you give a short statement to the press about
 going running can you introduce yourself who you
are can you just know I want why don't you get los
t please speculate I can now you're stuck with the
 peasants park it seems the border wolves are work
ing out there do we get border walls too they're l
ike my dog or a little more transparent [Music] a
meeting we have to do with a lot of adversities an
d actually just engage in a conversation doesn't h
ave to be anything bad and you'd love to get bette
r understanding [Music] you could influence your t
houghts and your opinions on popular events anythi
ng there are so many members of the mainstream pre
ss inside why aren't they outside why isn't their
mainstream press coverage fregley friendly words a
nd then here later they invaded Iraq all these tec
hnological with cameras but we we have our agenda
which is to have some more transparency here so wh
at is the Bilderberg agenda as it relates to techn
ology how can we learn from the technology is it n
ot possible they could be affecting your opinions
no is there anything interesting you learn much th
at I would need to reflect over that a few months
ago we ran an announcement here warning you that t
he supply of our x2 deep earth crystal source of t
he purest iodine you can find anywhere on the plan
et was running low that's because the oil companie
s that are drilling for natural gas and oil past 7
,000 feet where they find in between 7 to 12 thous
and feet have trouble extracting it so it's very v
ery hard out there in the market action find compa
nies and systems that can provide it to us now we'
re getting close to finding another source the las
t source dried up so I told you that we were runni
ng our next to last batch this is our last batch t
he good news is four years ago we had folks trying
 to sabotage us as you see them doing the media fi
nding out we were getting our other high-quality s
ea based iodine from kelp and blocking us getting
it that made us innovate and find this grade of io
dine the shoes of the production of pharmaceutical
s but also unfortunately its use the production of
 things like methamphetamine crystal meth and so i
t's DEA controlled in its raw crystal forms you ha
ve to have it in a DEA controlled laboratory DEA c
ontrolled facility it's all they'll be certified i
t's all locked up it's all specially done that's a
nother reason it's really hard to get and again we
're looking at doing it there's some other big lab
s other factories but right now this could be the
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t have oxygen you know what happens if you don't h
ave water combine those powers do you know what ha
ppens if you don't have iodine folks should really
 find out why they're putting fluoride the bad hal
ogen in the water and then took the good halogen o
ut of the salt that the Fed started adding from th
e 20s to the 80s and then IQs went up on average 1
5 points in areas that hadn't had iodine of the sa
lt that's just the beginning of this information a
nd it's all public knowledge it's not debated so w
hatever you do research the iodine conspiracy oh i
t's yourself go to your children women particularl
y please look at the iodine and realize we are bri
nging you the strongest purest and best iodine tha
t we know of on the market again we're looking alw
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