Author Topic: Must See: Trump Dominates G7, Global Battle Lines Drawn  (Read 15 times)

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Must See: Trump Dominates G7, Global Battle Lines Drawn
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:52:54 AM »

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we're live ladies and gentlemen we're live we're b
roadcasting worldwide it is a momentous day right
now and the whole world is on the edge of its seat
 you've actually been studying geopolitical system
s that ever power structures the entire globalist
paradigm is being overthrown in a moment I'm going
 to show you globalist leaders George Soros and ot
hers admitting they are suffering Napoleon Bonapar
te level defeats at the Battle of Waterloo this is
 devastating and turning back the clock on their w
orld government tyranny 60 years and accelerating
us towards the new Renaissance I'm gonna let peopl
e in on some analysis that I haven't told anybody
yet but I think now is the time and this is so sop
histicated that I haven't really talked about it b
ecause it's it's it's so complex but it's also so
simple the United States created globalism it crea
ted what is known as the new world order robber ba
rons manipulated our ruling class intelligentsia i
nto doing it after World War one in World War two
with the League of Nations and the UN in the name
of stopping world war but then in the last few dec
ades the intelligencia and the families that went
along with it most of them are evil they realized
that the whole thing was a giant fraud and a huge
lie and the globalism was really a plan to destroy
 nation-states consolidate control and destroy eve
ry level of Independence and so basically the robb
er barons set up the global corporate governance t
o be commanded from England the US and Europe and
to depopulate the third world to be run out of the
 West but they meant to dominate the West at the s
ame time instead Trump and US intelligence agencie
s and other Patriots in the UK are moving forward
ladies and gentlemen in a big way to roll that bac
k up to take control of those systems that were se
t up for the betterment of the planet and for real
 open free trade and real peace and so the promise
 but the global was first sold but we're lying abo
ut they wanted the power for themselves is now bei
ng taken control of and then Trump is being a very
 square dealer with all of these people and he is
just point-blank talking to them and being honest
about the whole plan and saying we just want to de
al with you from a straightforward position and th
at's why you see it all coming out that's why two
years ago you saw the Financial Times of London an
d all the other top globalist publications that if
 Trump got elected it would be the final domino fa
lling to bring down their corporate world governme
nt that's anti-free market that's not liberal that
's not open and free it says it's all those things
 it's it's the it's the opposite it's total centra
lization in their own words so you see WikiLeaks c
ome out from us intelligence not the Russians and
now you've seen Trump now that he's proven Russia
Gate was a fraud the spy gate is real saying we sh
ould have the Russians in the g8 Obama set up the
fall of Ukraine overthrowing and triggered the Rus
sians having to come in to take control the area t
hey've had for 500 years for Russia was founded in
 the area of eastern Ukraine all of this is now ac
celerating as the economy comes back as sovereignt
y comes back as political correctness begins to ge
t its back broken it had to happen because we were
 going into the endgame of globalism breaking up f
amilies bankrupting people making people poor taki
ng full control now from a Machiavellian view you
could say this was all set up and sold the world t
o make China and all these other countries think t
hey'd be part of the world government and dominate
 the US but really it was a globalist corporate pl
an to infiltrate them for their final takedown tha
t's not what was really being planned the globalis
t were double-crossing us moving everything to Chi
na China was breaking all its agreements about mil
itary expansion they were supposed to get the Pana
ma Canal all the deepwater ports all the major tra
de ninety eight percent of the rare earth minerals
 they were to dominate that kind of the globalist
roller ball model of an interconnected interdepend
ent world the US was to be this big global militar
y police power but de-industrialized these are all
 mainline CFR agreements but we were betrayed at e
very point by the authoritarian EU that's the new
Soviet Union by the Communist Chinese who are the
biggest man murders in history Hollywood sold out
to them because the left has a hatred for America
and a hatred for Christians and a hatred for the W
est because they want to dominate it because it's
more powerful and more beautiful than they are wit
h their sick demonic culture of globalism and so t
hey openly want to destroy that so that sickness i
nside globalism kept sabotaging even the better ai
ms of globalism because it was always sabotaging t
he West that was the progenitor and the fount of a
ll their great success so that's been recognized t
he cancer of the left is Saul Alinsky communist gl
obalism founded by the big foundations funded by t
he Rockefellers and others and their beef with Chr
istianity and their beef with the West and their b
eef wanting to dominate it subvert it and control
it as an act of dominance because the West is so m
uch open so beautiful so great so productive they
can't compete with an open free-market society the
y are monopoly men as john d rockefeller the first
 said and competition is a sin so I'm going to sho
w you amazing photos and amazing articles here for
 a few minutes that will totally and absolutely bl
ow you away we're checking out of this hotel right
 now whoa was that the car getting here okay but u
m we'll be there and so I'm gonna finish this up r
eal quick but more is coming tonight I know it's a
lready you know eight nine o'clock at night you kn
ow in the United States I'm out here in the Pacifi
c Ocean my family but I'm working the whole time b
ecause history is happening but let's go ahead and
 go to this right now now a picture tells a trilli
on words the media is trying to spin this to make
it look like Oh Trump made them come to him and Oh
 Merkel tweeted this this is the EU globalist thei
r bureaucracy is unelected allied with the Vatican
 now look ally with radical Islam invading Europe
us their open plan lined up against Japan South Ko
rea leaders from Eastern Europe over here and Trum
p and trumps there with his arms crossed saying I
don't care what you say you invaded Ukraine you ov
erthrew Ukraine and you made the Russians come int
o eastern Ukraine an area that they've controlled
for five hundred years that's what Russia was foun
ded that's your fault things wouldn't have happene
d like this if I would have been president and it
sure how these people were set up by the globalist
 in the United States after World War two with the
 Marshall Plan they were totally under US control
but then we had our power our money our infrastruc
ture transferred to them we've been paying for Eur
ope for 65 years they were set up as the socialist
 globalist utopia supposedly to be our example pai
d for by the robber barons that had full control o
f their nations when we took control of it with a
Marshall Plan course Soros is called for a Marshal
l Plan for Europe again trillions of dollars throu
gh him after he triggered the fall of the elected
president of Ukraine which he bragged about on Far
eed Zakaria's program on CNN so there it is they'r
e all basically on their knees to the king and the
 media is calling him the king Time magazine is co
ming out he's not a king in that he's not elected
he's a king and that he is the final breath and ma
ybe a new breath a new lease on life for the West
if we accept it and take it using the real power t
he real influence the US had before it was fully t
ransferred to the Communist Chinese and destroyed
so Trump is grabbing with the Liberty movement vic
tory from the jaws of defeat and all of you that a
re against America all of you that hate flyover co
untry bill maher last night saying he hopes Americ
a falls apart in those bankrupt yes he said that s
ays he hopes the economy crashes to stop this beca
use these are all sympathizers and globalist hired
 and brought in and put in place to go along with
the collaboration you have to hate America to be p
art of this why should we sell out America why sho
uld we implode it why should we turn it over to th
e Communist Chinese all because they work with the
 Rockefellers in 1949 our government put him in po
wer that's all Declassified so here's some of the
other articles here's Drudge Report Soros everythi
ng has gone wrong he says he's living in his own b
ubble that's right you're living in your own bubbl
e you thought you'd have a global corporate privat
e government he's a razor Rothschild agent and tha
t you delude all these countries through all the A
rts you controlled and that you'd always be tax ex
empt and you'd be above the law and you'd pay and
you have diplomatic immunity and then your son wou
ld be on TV at Aleister Crowley rituals half the G
oogle Images are him at Aleister Crowley rituals a
nd you'd be involved in all this horrible crap and
 funding cop killing and funding racism and you bu
lly me and sue me and shut us all up and you bully
 Hungary and you bully Poland and you bully everyw
here every election from Italy do you name it ther
e overthrowing you there turning against you thoug
ht you'd March in 10 million Islamic agent in the
last six years and then March in 20 million after
that and let them rape and kill and say it's okay
and use political correctness you may have some of
 the Stockholm Syndrome people going along with it
 but you don't have the general public the humanit
y you thought was intimidated we were to sleep now
 we're awake you pissing in our face and punching
us in the nose doesn't intimidate us it makes us a
ngry so that's on drugs report right there now the
y always take our strongest points and try to make
 it look like it's weakness but if you scroll down
 it's they say here that one magnet magnificent ph
oto sums up Donald Trump's g7 visit they try to sp
in it like this shows Trump is weak no in negotiat
ion they have no cards they're bankrupt they're a
joke we're in the best political position investig
ating opposition they were planning on dictating l
ike the unelected head of EU Younker the Nazi Air
said I'll destroy Trump in one year the Communist
Chinese president year and a half ago went to Davo
s and said I will defeat America with you they all
 signed on so this is the alignment of power Commu
nist China with it with all of our industry and jo
bs moved there by globalist design they all brag a
bout the Chinese century it's over for America for
 50 years that's okay China a billion eight hundre
d million radical Islam assist the EU unelected bu
reaucracy Hollywood and a big banks but none of th
at means anything when populations know you're aut
horitarian frauds so there it all is ladies and ge
ntlemen and that's up on real Alex Jones on Twitte
r please retweet that image this image tells every
body what they should know understand what's happe
ning to Soros understand that they understand that
 that it yes we are the rise of anti-establishment
 you know what's scaring them in Italy and Brazil
they have coalition governments forming of liberal
s and conservatives against Soros against globalis
m against foreign banks against these foreign outs
ide groups running our lives it is it is simply ov
er the top that this is happening people get wait
foreign mega banks that don't pay taxes are tellin
g me about women's issues and telling me about gay
 rights and while they bring in radical Muslims th
at throw us off buildings wait wait the economy's
coming back and how did Trump do this because ther
e were artificial systems meant to make us poor to
 control a study feudalism search that term well t
his is neo feudalism this is neo feudalism this is
 a a new system in their own words of the ancient
system so Soros says he recently amended the rise
of President Trump the anti-establishment party's
across the globe saying everything that could go w
rong has gone wrong Soros made the comment intervi
ew The Washington Post this is a guy that overthre
w more than 15 countries looted their Treasuries h
e was known as a total criminal to the 90s and the
n he spent billions in PR about what a great wonde
rful person he is look hey Trump what magic wand d
o you have to get us past a 3% growth rate high un
employment gone record low unemployment bad trade
deals gone Paris climate Accord total fraud one-si
ded for the last gun high taxes regulations massiv
ely cut Obama's legacy boom boom and for the next
act hillary levitated into prison hillary for pris
on who launched that program yours truly so people
 ask how are we doing this it's a want for for fre
edom and a renaissance and it's in corporations it
's in private individuals it's in churches it's in
 families of every race color and Creed it beats i
n the human breast the desire and it is in u.s. in
telligence agencies and British intelligence agenc
ies and foreign intelligence agencies not at the t
op at every other level that know the truth the gl
obalist thought they'd used the Internet to contro
l us and track us and they got great power and mad
e trillions off of it but we woke up in the proces
s and humanity has bigger plans than the Rockefell
ers and all these people that are already dead and
 are in the ashpit of history their whole program
thought we were such country bumpkins that we coul
dn't grasp big multinational systems ruling our li
ves from afar through different layers of bureaucr
acy we had 1776 over a faraway King and fake court
's ruling over us America's instincts are against
this and that's all I am is America's instinct com
ing back and you look at that photo a Trump he lef
t he was there a day and a half he left just hours
 ago and he said trade war with all of you that ha
ve one-sided deals he said you say we're putting i
n tariffs Canada you've got massive tariffs German
y you've got double the tariffs France you've got
tariffs you cut those tariffs by half or we're gon
na have a trade war oh my god you can't do that we
 have no tariffs they have a tariff if it's a thir
ty thousand dollar car we sell it's sixty thousand
 when it translates to euros same as the dollar yo
u're a little bit below the dollar I mean it's dou
ble we don't put the damn tariffs on it Germany pu
ts emission standards the EU does that we can't ev
en follow and then they don't follow them themselv
es it's all called a screw job China's got dozens
of ghost cities that millions of people could live
 in they're just building giant highways and magle
v rails everywhere off our money off the nine hund
red billion and fareed zakaria goes on Bill Maher
goes Trump just hates Chinese people no he hates c
ommunists allied with our globalist controllers sc
rewing us over and that's all these guys have got
parlaying America in nineteen fifty five had half
the world's wealth and was four percent of the wor
ld's population ninety six percent had the other h
alf people go oh my god redistributed we could hav
e distributed our ideas of capitalism to them the
better sections of it and freed everything and eve
n lowered population that's in the world populatio
n report the UN put out in 49 they knew all this b
ut they decided on this path to exploit the third-
world balloon giant populations then turn them as
leftist ideology against the West and in Reverse c
olonization bring down the West but have globalist
 corporations above the law separate from US corpo
rations and separate from those systems above the
law and Trump is destroying it all with precision
with the Patriots backing him and the original glo
bal plan of 1776 worldwide but to lead that plan A
merica has to come back to dominance we have to co
me back as an example of telling the truth where p
eople can trust us suddenly everybody wants to do
deals with us again because we're not treacherous
and then we could export our ideas and our technol
ogy and all the stuff we've suppressed so that's b
een holding back they didn't give China one-tenth
of what we got I mean America is the place it's it
's it's it's it's it's divine right ladies and gen
tlemen it's real it's Providence it is manifest de
stiny and Infowars as part of that manifest destin
y that I would start in force I would come out of
Texas that I would do all this without any people
behind there anything but now it's all synced up l
ike they say on Bill Maher I'm synced up with Trum
p because they are freaked out because I can tell
you what Trump's gonna say before he says it becau
se it's all part of a mission that's next level we
 don't have to write it down we don't think it's a
lready there the Japanese and the Koreans South Ko
reans everybody else need to line up against Trump
 and when all the globalists and the EU and the Co
mmunist Chinese came over in that photo they've al
ready drawn the battle lines they already know the
 truth here it is the battle lines are drawn ladie
s and gentlemen the battle lines are drawn with Ea
stern Europe the Japanese the South Koreans everyb
ody with Trump in the United States with the unele
cted EU and the cha-cha Mis Chinese there's wider
videos of Chinese Communists in other anyways it's
 it's all there and the battle lines are drawn lad
ies and gentlemen and people are going to say what
 side they're on all we want is fairness all we wa
nt is free market all we want is an open society a
nd not to be overthrown by the guy that calls his
group the open society is it's the opposite Soros
is a devil whatever he says it's the opposite ladi
es and gentlemen that's it for this live transmiss
ion Trump is delivering he's representing America
but by doing that it's killing the big global para
site that set up this an equitable system to hurt
nation-states and hurt individuals and transfer al
l power to mega corporations to establish an autho
ritarian world government more coming tonight at i
nfowars.com and news wars.com history is happening
 now do you recognize it Trump is winning Infowars
 is winning you are winning and to all you brainwa
shed by the enemy whether you believe me or not yo
u've been conned you're gonna feel like fools late
r when you understand that Trump was saving this c
ountry and that we are saving this country and tha
t we are launching a bigger plan thank you for wat

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