Author Topic: Unpatriotic Pro Athletes Show Their A$$  (Read 17 times)

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Unpatriotic Pro Athletes Show Their A$$
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:52:34 AM »

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the divide between professional sports and the pre
sident of the United States is growing wider as is
 the gap between the multi-millionaire athletes hu
bris and the fans paying their bills give any comm
ent on Trump uninviting the Eagles to white house
after most of black players decided not to go I me
an I know no matter who wins this series no one no
 one wants to invite anyways so it won't be going
said or Cleveland going I think if they decided in
 want to go then they have the right you won't be
visiting you've said that the president at the Whi
te House why not why is it any different when this
 person has a tie to a president of the United Sta
tes those people would say that you should respect
 the office and go because you respect the office
even if you don't respect a person what are you sa
ying it's not about size or anything it's about si
mply write him wrong in there's written so many th
ings that I agree with that he's doing just simply
 as a good man I think that Trump is kind of a rea
ction to no question a no question to people it's
kind of like an overreaction the situation with Pr
esident Trump is a total overreaction and I just f
eel bad because you see anti-semitism racism peopl
e feel emboldened to do things and say things now
what do you think he encourages that yes of course
 he does encourage it the bar has been lowered so
far that I think it's more important to be thinkin
g about what to do a more organic roots roots base
d you know level thinking about the efforts to res
trict voter registration you know comments that de
mean cultures ethnic groups races women those sort
s of things you know what can be done in an organi
c way to fight that the wherewithal of the legal t
eam of washed up Colin Kapernick the entitled half
-wit parasite that kicked off protesting the natio
nal anthem ladies and gentlemen our national anthe
m is according to the New York Post expected to se
ek federal subpoenas to force President Trump to t
estify in the former quarterbacks collusion case a
gainst the NFL the lawyers for Kaepernick who opte
d out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers
 and 2017 want to examine the Trump administration
's involvement with the NFL during Kaepernick's fr
ee agency and how the league handled the players p
rotests last season why is Colin Kaepernick making
 a national case out of him not being able to get
a job in the NFL when he quit he quit he had a yea
r on his contract he made 80 million dollars he qu
it he walked away Philadelphia Eagles safety Malco
lm Jenkins held a silent protest displaying signs
aimed at president Trump's cancellation of the Sup
er Bowl champions visit to the White House the Was
hington Post's headline read Eagles Malcolm Jenkin
s holds up signs calls fellow players true patriot
s in silent news conference football players are t
he true patriots really how about the 1.8 million
in growing that have laid down their lives for the
 freedom these athletes are authoritative ly using
 to divide us as Patriots are these athletes promo
ting the patriotic duty to respect individual libe
rty and unity by pushing a narrative rooted and di
vision and hubris essentially undermining our gene
ral welfare by presuming interference by the execu
tive office the same executive office fighting to
expand veteran's health coverage the same executiv
e office that isn't ignoring the horror in Southsi
de Chicago like President Obama I did look at what
's going on Chicago President Trump speaking at th
e FBI Academy's graduation ceremony did not hold b
ack when it comes to his anger over Chicago's viol
ent crime what the hell is going on in Chicago wha
t the hell is happening there Trump has repeatedly
 called out Emanuel about the city's crime even wa
rning he'd send in the feds this year the city has
 received more ATF agents but this week Emanuel ag
ain thumbed his nose at the president I think what
 he's doing is wrong for the direction of this cit
y is not how I wanted the election to turn out and
 so we've declared Chicago is gonna Trump via Trum
p free zone in the latest data that we have we've
got growth year over year that's just a smidgen le
ss than 3% and the Atlanta Fed GDP now number righ
t now is the second quarter GDP will be high enoug
h to make the year-over-year growth about 3.1 or 3
.2 and you can see that the gap between the unempl
oyment rate for black workers and white workers ha
s gone to an all-time low and it's maybe about a t
hird what it was on average during the Obama admin
istration Bob Cal sue and Pat Tillman should be th
e first patriotic athletes that come to any red-bl
ooded American mind John Bowne reporting for infow
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