Author Topic: VIDEO: Bill Maher Says "Crash The US Economy To Stop Trump"  (Read 17 times)

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if you want to have a good future if you want to h
ave a shot of controlling your own destiny you wan
t to listen to me right now very carefully globali
sm is a form of modern serfdom in their own white
papers their own admissions it's even the WikiLeak
s but Bill Maher and others are now being honest t
hey're coming out and saying they want to crash th
e US economy to defeat the operations that Donald
Trump is running right now this has been their pol
icies before this is to implode our economy they w
ant us dependent they don't want us to be upwardly
 mobile because they can't compete with a true cap
italist to open free-market society they want a cr
ony capitalist society where the ultra elites deci
de the winners that's why all the top billionaires
 all the top guys that make like 12 billion a day
like Jeff Bezos our anti free market and time midd
le class anti-family Bloomberg came out and said s
omebody making $35,000 a year should pay more taxe
s when he escapes 99% of his taxes and offshore co
rporations look it up so here is Bill Maher the eu
genicist Bill Maher the globalist the man of the p
eople saying he wants America to implode can ask a
bout the economy because this economy is going pre
tty well we have to what why well is that funny it
 is going well for now for now right that's my cue
 is like I feel like the bottom has to fall out at
 some point and by the way I'm hoping for it becau
se I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crash
ing economy so please bring on the recession sorry
 if that hurts people but it's either roofer a rec
ession or you lose your democracy I've told you th
ousands of times they want to quote crash the econ
omy and now they say it to your face as if that's
a good thing for you but then he elaborated in the
 same program about to show you some clips explain
ing that oh this is the mismanagement of Trump it'
s done this and it's hurting America's power world
wide no that's the stolen power of America parlaye
d into the global corporations that are tax exempt
 and that power is coming to an end come with me w
hat I did not predict was that the United States w
ould sort of abdicate leadership of its position b
ecause I argued the United States would still be i
ncredibly powerful it would set the agenda it repr
esented you know the values it had a way of being
able to be the leader and this shift where the Uni
ted States has decided to literally just walk away
 from its own creation I mean people forget this w
as the world that FDR and Harry Truman built after
 World War two and to see you know the Europeans a
s I say sort of surprised because they don't quite
 understand it they're like wait you built this ho
use and now you want to set it on fire Oh see Fare
ed and the CFR the media told us the American Cent
ury was over it was the Communist Chinese century
they told us it was over but see now it's not over
 so they spin that as if it's a bad thing for Amer
ica here's the truth and they've been in their own
 economic papers building first world economies pu
lls up the third world lowering first world econom
ies does not pull up the third world that's the li
ne of globalism and so having one-sided trade deal
s destroying the US is a long-term trading partner
 to India and China and Mexico and 160 other count
ries actually then degrades the whole global econo
my and that's what the globalist admit they want a
 post-industrial austere world with poor people wo
rldwide with a tiny tax-exempt with diplomatic imm
unity broken away in a breakaway civilization and
the world is learning the real a political system
they're having elections all over the world throwi
ng the globalist out throwing the IMF the World Ba
nk out these are predators that want a poor world
they control where they give Nigeria a 1 million d
ollar loan in 1965 Nigeria's now paid almost a hun
dred billion dollars back for that and still owes
20-something million off the first billion look it
 up is that a good deal for Africa no and with som
ebody like little mark it off he comes along and h
elps Africa and builds it up and works with the We
st for eight years they set him up and killing but
 all these so-called liberals sit there and I thin
k they care about you and they're really political
 monsters they're economic hit men for the globali
st that want to consolidated world economy and don
't want a free market to compete with I am less su
rprised that a trump could rise I mean that has ha
ppened in countries were as how quickly the Republ
ican Party just completely got behind him it remin
ds me of the Neanderthals you know no no really if
 you I love ancient the archaeology and that kind
of stuff so like you have the humans and the Neand
erthals who were sharing a planet from about a hun
dred thousand BC to about forty thousand BC and th
en suddenly no more Neanderthals well I think beca
use humans they figured out the blowgun so they co
uld kill you from 10 feet away I'm getting this fr
om the movie quest for fire so but like it's like
there's Neanderthals and then suddenly the faucet
gone and that's kind of what happened to the Repub
licans I think we're just there and then they sudd
enly just say what you just saw is another incredi
ble example of total spin it's like last week when
 Bill Maher said the FBI wasn't spying on you Trum
p they were watching you because you're a Russian
traitor well this week he says oh just like Neande
rthal got extincted by cro-magnon the Republican P
arty is now extinct it's actually exploding and gr
owing everywhere as the populist nationalist movem
ent takes it over as is happening all over the wor
ld as humanity awakens to you guys and so we're no
w aware of your globalist gameplan so you are in c
heckmate that's what's happening it's globalism it
's the Democratic Party and its coastal elitism th
at people are fleeing in record numbers from New Y
ork New Jersey California you name it to get away
from your draconian out-of-control policies these
your systems of collectivism controlled by crony c
apitalists that is coming to an end the Republican
 Party is having new life breathed into it because
 the bluebloods scum that also want to keep Americ
ans poor is being removed america's return will le
ad the world into a new boom just like we did duri
ng the 1950s america's demise will lead America an
d the world into a new Dark Age ladies and gentlem
en and we're not gonna put up with it we're on the
 March the globalist from Iran Soros is getting ki
cked out of Europe every country's vote to throw o
ut the globalist we're winning and scum like Bill
Maher hope that you're stupid and hope that they c
an prey on you and manipulate you those of you tha
t buy into his propaganda are being conned whether
 you like it or not and it's time to get past the
cognitive dissonance and admit that Trump was able
 to defeat the globalist in all their propaganda p
romised been able to turn the economy around in a
year and a half because he knows what he's doing a
nd he's advised by very very smart people so your
claims that things are getting so much better by a
ccident flies in the face of reality we are econom
ically politically culturally and spiritually kick
ing your ass globalist humanity is now awake the s
leeping giant is now in your face and is no longer
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