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Vegans March To Ban Meat
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:52:06 AM »

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Mille we've reporting for infowars.com we're here
in Cleveland Ohio at the Cleveland pride march sla
sh animal rights March now there are a lot of vega
n animal rights activists out here as well as thei
r allies the LGBTQ community and they're out here
both marching for LGBTQ Pride and the animal right
s groups are marching for you know to stop the kil
ling of what they call nonhuman animals so it's as
sumed that they think that humans are animals if t
hey're saying non-human animals such as cows and c
hickens and pigs and things like that so they're e
ssentially advocating for people to all become veg
an and vegetarian and to not eat meat so let's go
talk to some of these people and see if we can rea
son with them Milly we were reporting for infowars
.com we're here in Cleveland Ohio at the Cleveland
 what brings you guys out here Animal Liberation b
y what means please explain all humans all genders
 equality for animals humans for everybody everyon
e deserves equal rights dairy cow she lives for ye
ars okay at most she's milked every day she's rape
d on a rape rack and she her babies are taken from
 her okay as a Buddhist teacher I think all rights
 are very important so to what extent are you just
 advocating that you know animal animals are treat
ed humanely that you know nobody's abusing animals
 or are you going mark stream and saying that we s
hould ban all eating of animals well it's interest
ing you said that because I don't think is extreme
 to say we shouldn't eat animals there was a time
in history when that was necessary but that time h
as passed with grocery stores with trucks with all
 the access we have to food at this point we can l
ive very healthy lives without eating them so if w
e can get all the nutrients without causing suffer
ing I think that's something why are you doing tha
t okay this guy's putting his horn while I'm tryin
g to talk to you sorry about that sir that's prett
y rude I don't think there's a fundamental differe
nce between human and non-human animals in terms o
f the moral treatment that we should consider them
 by are you saying that animals that essentially h
umans are animals yeah absolutely okay so can you
can you show and tell me that not all animals kill
 other animals to live I mean certainly they do bu
t in modern society we don't have to do that anymo
re because we have access to a wide abundance of y
ou know non animal-based food rice grains beans it
's no longer necessary to do that and it's violenc
e to do that so we think that people should stop d
oing that what's your solution to ending world hun
ger issues by also banning meat I disagree that pe
ople wouldn't be able to afford grain and beans be
cause that's what essentially we're feeding to cat
tle and to other animals that we end up eating we
feed them for an entire lifetime of you know grain
s and then the cows become big we slaughter and ki
ll the cows it's just like an extra layer that's t
otally unnecessary it's it's actually a lot cheape
r to just grow and eat grains directly so are you
advocating for the whole world to become vegan ide
ally yeah you were just saying that if we're just
animals we're an animal kingdom we're omnivores wh
y should we not be allowed to eat meat like the re
st of the animals you using your claws are you hun
ting your prey by stalking them and just killing t
hem with your own claws now we guns we use arrows
we use everything that's artificial so we're not r
eally hunting for animals like a lion is hunting f
or a for a deer we should not be comparing ourselv
es to them anymore because we have other options i
f we shouldn't be compared so why should we advoca
te that they have animal rights the same way we ha
ve human rights are you saying that animals do not
 have a right to live have a happy life free of su
ffering and harm I said I'm for humane treatment o
f animals so who gave us the right to kill them in
 the first place god okay sure I'm guessing that y
ou then are against abortion to me that's that's a
 separate issue it depends on the situation I hone
stly believe that like I think that maybe it depen
ds on the situation as to whether someone needs to
 eat meat or not I it depends honestly but if we w
ant to talk about where we're at right now in Amer
ica in first world countries even in third world c
ountries if you want to talk about the majority of
 people who's going to be watching this show right
 now those people are not in those situations wher
e they need to be killing animals to live there ju
st not if you're able to watch this you're not in
the situation where you need to be eating meat you
're not look at they've got scoops out here they'v
e got police out here there you're taking this pre
tty serious this protest they're gonna keep everyo
ne moving that's for sure so look up ahead you can
 see all the protesters did you guys see the anima
l rights activist out here absolutely are you for
that for shutting down slaughterhouses I am but un
fortunately I still eat me yes you don't agree wit
h them saying that nobody should eat meat not enti
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