Author Topic: The Holy Grail Of Liberalism: Queer Animal Liberationists  (Read 17 times)

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The Holy Grail Of Liberalism: Queer Animal Liberationists
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:51:46 AM »

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so we are queer animal liberationists we're here f
or an animal rights conference queer Animal Libera
tion [Music] we're here to speak up for the rights
 of all sentient beings whether they be queer huma
ns trans humans and people of color or all non-hum
an animals as well do you think that this chicken
should have the same rights as you I think that sh
e should have the right to do what she wants with
her body and to live free and safe and not be expl
oited and what about you I'm just here posing oppr
ession do you think that if somebody like we're to
 kill this chicken and and fry it up and eat it th
at they should be charged with murder I don't thin
k that expanding the prison industrial complex is
going to help anyone so I want to see a world that
's free of all violence and I don't want to see mo
re prisons and more jails because that's just goin
g to hurt more humans so I would like that person
to be held accountable and I would like all animal
s to be safe but I don't advocate throwing more pe
ople in prison well would you like to see done to
stop people from eating animals so I think we shou
ld definitely stop breeding animals we should shut
 down all slaughterhouses we should stop selling a
nimals bodies animals aren't commodities they're i
ndividuals just like us so what do you think about
 these horses that the police are riding do you th
ink they're being tortured I think that the horses
 would prefer not to be under human control and th
ey would want to run free and a pasture and do wha
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