Author Topic: LGBTQ Rights vs Religious Freedom  (Read 14 times)

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LGBTQ Rights vs Religious Freedom
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:51:23 AM »

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are there any rights that you still feel you don't
 have well I'm not liking what I'm seeing as far a
s people using religion in an effort to discrimina
te against gay people that the LGBTQ community we'
re seeing these cases come up where you know baker
s etc they're suing so that they don't have to ser
ve people based on their own religious affiliation
 I think that's a dead wrong you think that somebo
dy whose religious belief is to not do that should
 be forced to do that to essentially make a cake f
or a gay couple if you don't want to have a if you
r religious beliefs will not allow you to have a c
ake baked by a gay person go somewhere else I agre
e go somewhere else why would you want to force so
mebody who doesn't want to make your wedding cake
to make your cake right so why would the gay coupl
e not just say hey I'll take my money elsewhere it
's do somebody who wants to make a cake I agree so
 you agree that we shouldn't force them to bake a
cake I'm sorry I didn't hear that so do you agree
that we should not force the religious person to g
o against their religious beliefs and bake the gay
 cake if they want to discriminate I think they sh
ould be sued nobody should be allowed to discrimin
ate in this country based on religion I'm a Christ
ian I'm a member of a church and I believe strongl
y and I know a lot a lot of my Christian friends d
on't support same-sex marriage and the government
cannot constitutionally impose itself on those chu
rches in other words I have no right and that cann
ot under the Constitution get the right to tell th
e Roman Catholic Church or Roman Catholic priests
you have to allow the same-sex but what you could
say is well if they're discriminating then it's di
scrimination in employment public services restaur
ants all right though we already have a precedent
in this country the cake baker actually said his b
usiness was a private business and that he was all
owed to discriminate and say I don't want to be fo
rced to make a cake that's against my religious be
lief in business I live in an apartment house I ha
ve a land Lord that's a private business under exi
sting law my landlord cannot say I won't rent to y
ou because you're gay or I won't rent to you becau
se you're african-american or whatever he or she m
ay not like okay there's no such thing as a privat
e business every business is a public service for
every public private business not to discriminate
on the basis of race right or religion I can't nop
e no landlord can say to me I'm not gonna rent to
you because you're a Christian churches are differ
ent but government does not have the constitutiona
l power to pass an anti-discrimination law that pr
events churches from following their own beliefs c
oncerning marriage what about religious people if
you own a private business you've got to obey the
law it's that simple okay let's talk about private
 businesses let's talk about YouTube has been and
Twitter who's been kicking off conservatives from
their platforms they claim that they can do that b
ecause they're a private business do you think tha
t that's okay to discriminate in that way no I don
't but they're a private business they have a righ
t to take it to court ultimately a lot of these de
cisions are going to be decided in court and we'll
 see where the Supreme Court goes if it goes that
high so do you support it though do you support th
em kicking conservatives off their platform and di
scriminating whose platform YouTube and Twitter I
just found out about this I thought will you kicke
d off for you of YouTube it for worse where you ki
cked off of YouTube we've had several strikes on o
ur account and it's been fighting tooth and nail t
o keep our channal salon have our Sussman demoneti
zed I know people personally who've been kicked of
f the Twitter I know if people have been kicked of
f of Facebook diamond and sale for example they we
re kicked off me it took a congressional hearing h
er vase with to finally put them back on so yes pe
ople have been being kicked off well I well I supp
ort you I think it's it's wrong and it's also unco
nstitutional it's a violation of your freedom of s
peech and freedom of expression to be kicked off o
f social media

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