Author Topic: Independent Journalist Repeatedly Detained By Police Who Joked About Him Being A Terrorist  (Read 20 times)

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dan Lyman with info wars.com here in Torino Italy
for day two of the Bilderberg conference I've just
 bumped into a couple of Bilderberg reporting vete
rans we're here with Dan Dix from pressed for trut
h an old friend of Infowars and he's had a bit spi
cier time that I have so far so how you doing say
Dan I'm doing better now I mean just about 45 minu
tes ago I was detained by the Italian police for a
 second time so far where they kind of rifled thro
ugh my bag and we're making jokes about us being c
riminals and being terrorists even they brought up
 this little joke that they seemed that the fine w
as funny and then they wanted to know where we wer
e staying so you know we we showed him the hotel k
ey but then realized our room numbers on the key s
o we hid it and they didn't like that but we have
good reason to not want them to know which room we
re staying in after I just heard from another jour
nalist some police officers busted open his door a
nd had guns held to his head literally so yeah tha
t's the kind of experience that's been so far with
 the police yeah we're gonna get his story as well
 it's pretty interesting one and then you were out
 at the airport yesterday and things are a little
bit interesting there did I hear you had a confron
tation with the Serbian Prime Minister so right ye
ah so we started out at the main airport and for t
hose who have been following my work you'll know w
e often get some of the really solid confrontation
s and interviews and questions at the airport when
 these guys are either showing up or leaving this
time it was a little bit different I think they ki
nd of learnt their lesson and they're not letting
these guys kind of come through the main central a
rea of the airport so we stayed there the better h
alf of 8 hours we were there all day not getting o
ne single Bilderberger and then we decided you kno
w what something's different something doesn't fee
l right let's get out of here and we decided to go
 check out the private airport and sure enough as
soon as we rolled up on on the private airport pro
perty we were again detained but to my surprise af
ter they checked us out they said ok you guys can
you guys can go on your way but they didn't say we
 couldn't go to the airport so we walked right up
stood on the curb of the private airport and sure
enough a bunch of Bilderberg members started comin
g out and you know by the time the second or third
 one came out I recognized that it was the Serbian
 Prime Minister and this is in fact how we know bu
ild the bird was going to be in Turin because the
Serbian press put out an article about a month and
 a half ago now saying that their Prime Minister w
as invited to build a Berg and that she would be a
ttending in Turin and so that's what kind of tippe
d us off that it was going to be here so that's wh
y I recognized her and I knew her name so I said A
na can we get your views on the rise of populism i
n Europe and the reason why I came up with that qu
estion is because that's what they have listed as
one of the agendas on their official official list
 so I asked the question and in typical Bilderberg
 fashion she just kind of smirked and gave a littl
e smile and got into her car and was whisked away
so it didn't get much of a response out of her but
 you know you never know what you're gonna get fro
m these guys unless you come and try you know last
 year we got at least maybe 30 or 40 candid interv
iews this year it's certainly a little bit more di
fficult but at least I got in one solid question t
o the Serbian Prime Minister yeah as you mentioned
 you are a Bilderberg veteran you've done or ten o
r twelve of these now at this point how would you
compare this year's versus the others in terms of
accessibility and just the facility itself and I t
hink it's a little bit kind of off the beaten path
 in a way and it's kind of a strange place to have
 this exclusive meeting so how would you compare a
dverse previous experiences for you sure in my fir
st one was in Ottawa Canada in 2006 and back then
there was only four journalists myself daniel estu
lin alex jones and jim tucker and maybe about five
 protesters every year since then it's basically i
t's basically progressed as far as the the coverag
e that comes here you know just a few years ago in
 Watford England there had to be dozens of journal
ists and maybe a couple thousand protesters on the
 big busy day Chantilly Virginia last year and als
o back in 2012 I had some huge turnouts especially
 again on the Saturday when you know thousands of
protesters showed up and we're seeing dozens and t
housands of journalists and now I'm even seeing ma
instream outlets start to cover this just yesterda
y I was interviewed by Russia's largest gas statio
n they have a viewership of 30 million viewers and
 they came here to interview me about Bilderberg s
o hey you know the progression I've seen is is goo
d there's there is some momentum there as far as t
he exposure that we're able to to do here on Bilde
rberg so in that sense it's good in another sense
there they're starting to try to stay two steps ah
ead like things for instance with switching it up
kind of almost having like a decoy Airport where y
ou know they were actually pulling into the privat
e Airport so it seems like they're starting to cat
ch on to what what we're up to here and trying to
divert the attention away from them but that just
means we got to continue to shine that light you k
now when the when the cockroaches spread because o
f the light and they want to go back to the darkne
ss that's when you know they're up to no good you
know that's when you know that there's nefarious t
hings going on here because let's face it they're
not talking about playing golf in there if they we
re just you know here trying to make the world a b
etter place I don't think it would necessarily be
so secretive and therefore you know we're forced t
o just speculate really about how nefarious it cou
ld possibly be because the minutes of the meetings
 are never published so you know there's been an i
nteresting progression of how it's being exposed a
nd also how they are getting more and more on lock
down because of it absolutely I think they they fi
rst listed it that was gonna be in Venice right or
 though that's how the website was listed another
way to kind of throw people off the scent final qu
estion there has been speculation that that whethe
r or not the the meeting was planned to be in Ital
y or not and obviously populism in Europe is the n
umber one issue populism in Italy has been just li
ke crazy the last few months in your understanding
 was the meeting pre plans to be in Italy or was i
s it coincidental or did they move that schedule i
t to be in here after this crazy change of the pol
itical season Italy it's really tough to say I thi
nk what's going on in Italy right now could be a l
ittle bit of coincidence and just good timing for
them as far as my understanding goes usually the o
rganising committee and not so much a steering com
mittee but the organising committee is usually try
ing to book the next venue you know within the mon
th of the previous one so they may be thinking abo
ut next year's conference already right now so it'
s really it's really tough to say how soon in adva
nce they did pick here but it does seem like you s
aid they're starting to try to throw us for a loop
 there was a 5-star Hotel in Venice that was booke
d the entire hotel was booked for the exact same p
eriod of time I called the hotel they wouldn't giv
e me any information did the same thing with this
place so it was really tough to say where it was g
oing to be you know I ended up coming and staying
in Bologna for a few days because it was in betwee
n Turin and in-between Venice and you know we real
ly didn't have solid confirmation until we came he
re and started investigating it for ourselves so y
eah it's tough to say how how far in advance they
picked this place but in my experience I think the
y do it pretty far in advance like probably about
a month or two after this conference they're alrea
dy gonna know where they're gonna be next year may
be it could be Sweden what the way things might go
 there this year well this is Dan Dix with press f
or truth an old friend of Infowars I'm Dan Lyman s
tay tuned Infowars for the rest of the weekend we
will be here from Bilderberg Torino thanks a few m
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