Author Topic: Transgender Boys Win State Track Meet Against Girls  (Read 15 times)

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Transgender Boys Win State Track Meet Against Girls
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:50:25 AM »

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well it's happened again this time in Connecticut
the state championship was won by to transgender b
oys one got first place the other got second place
 in the hundred yard dash and they won of course m
ost of the other events as well now that'd be like
 saying that a professional basketball player who
was a male could come play on a professional femal
e basketball team this is a designed program to br
eak down society and create depopulation it's even
 worse than me showing up at a hospital and saying
 I identify as a brain surgeon so they've got to l
et me operate on people's brains because I could g
o to school for 10 years or so and become a brain
surgeon if I was smart enough and got the grades a
nd had the skill and the gut to do it but I could
not change from a male to a female I could not gro
w a uterus I could not have a baby if you go back
to the Tavistock Institute where all this came fro
m it is designed to break down society ahead of cl
oning and ahead of all these different humanoids t
hat they're already admittedly designing part huma
n part animal growing the organs in utero inside c
ows I told you about a 23 years ago now it's mains
tream news but the way they juxtaposed this that o
h we're gonna abuse young people in elementary sch
ool and tell girls they're boys and boys they're g
irls we're gonna have these counselors that mental
ly abuse them to convince them by the time their a
ge 6 that they're another sex then we're going to
give them hormone treatment or whatever and then w
e're going to force on the 99.9% of people who did
n't buy into the child abuse that they've now got
to accept in wrestling boys dominating girls who s
ay they're really girls but their bones their thei
r their muscle structure all of it a male and aver
age is about 80% stronger it's a fact and it's the
 same thing over and over and over and over again
it's like when Cuomo of CNN a few years ago said t
hat if a man identifies as a little girl he should
 be able to come into the girls locker room take a
 naked shower in front of your daughter your 11 ye
ar old daughter and when parents complained about
a real case he said your parents are bigots this i
s about total mind control and seeing what you won
't put up with through societal norms this is real
ly about NAMBLA the North American man-boy love As
sociation at the UN for 30 years with the Tavistoc
k Institute saying that we're going to normalize t
his so to do this they've got to attack normal mam
malian systems of male and female and then once th
ey've demonized that just like they've taken the w
ord mankind out of the national anthem in Canada f
orms all across the US and Europe for elementary s
chools say don't say mother or father it's hurtful
 that you have a mother or father this is beyond a
 cult and now lawsuits are getting filed all over
the country just by folks that want to see their g
irls or their boys compete and don't want to see p
eople who are pushing a social agenda of sexualiza
tion of children at one level the scientists at an
other level who openly want to break down the enti
re society and depopulate the one of the top Briti
sh academics just last week came out and said we s
hould celebrate the end of the family it's a bad t
hing now when I first found a textbook that UT had
 twenty years ago saying that families belong to t
he archaic ancient barbarous order and should be g
otten rid of people didn't believe it was a real t
extbook that's what social workers are taught so a
gain this is a planned orchestrated agenda through
 Hollywood through the big universities for depopu
lation has Camille Paglia has pointed out as she's
 a liberal lesbian academic but a historian it's s
mart this is serious child abuse to be doing this
children and and what are schools doing being invo
lved in that whole process that's another question
 I want to ask everybody well since when is the sc
hool period with your five six seven year old sexu
alizing them since when did it all start thirty ye
ars ago in San Francisco the taxpayers have got to
 pay for gender re allocation or what everyone it'
s not even real just like I can't be a dolphin you
 know even if the daughter says you're a dolphin I
'm not a dolphin ala South Park and the taxpayers
have to pay for it this is a societal takeover whe
re every deviance every mental illness every crazi
ness is funded and pushed and supported but then e
very basic system of normal human activity that's
successful is being undermined because the technoc
rats the globalist are bringing in the new silicon
 age and they're sabotaging humanity to bring that
 in this is admitted so while we've been sitting h
ere talking I've been rolling some of the videos i
n the background just from the Connecticut story w
here you see clearly young boys young men beating
young girls in these races just like they have tha
t top Olympic athlete that keeps beating all the w
omen who says he's a woman but he's genetically a
male and these people aren't even taking hormone r
eplacements to try to make themselves more female
like this is just a completely crazy system or to
let other people who want to compete be cheated be
cause there's a special protected group that's bet
ter than everybody that's the new royalty there ev
erybody has to roll out the red carpet for but rea
lly they're just using people that are transgender
ed there's always been men that feel like women an
d women that feel like man it can be nature it can
 be nurture it's always going on but they're takin
g that magnifying it is the case point example to
set the precedent to completely roll out where you
 cannot criticize anything that's trans because th
ey're coming in to trans species they're coming in
 to all this and that's what Julian Huxley the for
mer head of the UN program Aldous Huxley's brother
 set up and that's why brave new world written in
the 30s Huxley said was actually a prediction of w
hat was coming so as we look out on this beautiful
 Pacific Ocean here you know there are male fish t
here are female fish out there as we look at this
big luau going on over here and you know it's it's
 it's all men and women dancing you know all engag
e these ancient rituals this is who we are and and
 we as a species are under fundamental attack and
they use our the scientific technocracy uses our o
penness as a society against us thinking we'll acc
ept anything in the name of hospitality in the nam
e of empowerment of people but the expense of the
total existing normal billion year old biological
order this is a genetic override of people playing
 God like Monsanto said v years ago in major publi
cations like National Geographic they said we want
 to be God we want everything every plant every an
imal would be the engineered by us everything to b
e Terminator seeds where you have to have us we wa
nt to be God and that's who's pushing this whole a
genda is the big mega corporations they're pushing
 anti-free speech agendas they're pushing the whol
e thing and it's incredible they're abusing our yo
ung people and not teaching them reading writing a
nd arithmetic they execute you in China if you're
gay I think that's a bad thing the Middle East wit
h the Hillary fund of the Arab Spring throws gays
off buildings that's wrong but think about the Com
munists say that's to sabotage their country and t
hey outlawed but here oh let's go to the whole tra
ns thing and sexualize children now they want to s
how them porn in schools I saw articles of the Phi
ladelphia newspaper about that it says I look pizz
a and all this stuff and says it's time to you kno
w show the kids the xxx porn in the schools cuz th
ey're gonna see it anyways and this teacher this i
s this guy this this this person it's going to tal
k to him I mean come on folks this whole thing is
in our face it's totally in our face and everybody
 can see what it is and they think they can break
our will they're not going to I'm Alex Jones with
info wars.com and news Wars comm fighting for a fu
ture for Humanity of human future Elon Musk is tal
king about it I'm talking about it find out about
it it's so critical that's it for this live transm
ission is the Sun just set behind the Pacific Ocea
n god bless you all please spread this video pleas
e spread it to all the local folks you know that h
ave children in school because these have become g
iant re-education camps without you speaking up we
 have no hope if you speak up we will have victory
 you know something I'm gonna join the liberal tea
m I think it's totally reasonable I'm gonna identi
fy as an eighth grade girl and I'm gonna make them
 let me on the local eighth-grade girls team in Au
stin I'm gonna wrestle eighth grade you're all gir
ls and if they don't let me I'm gonna sue them I t
hink it's totally completely reasonable this isn't
 designed to shut down our society or anything no
ladies and gentlemen I now identify as a blind per
son I want them like they're now doing the u.s. En
gland's up Drano in my eyes the taxpayers have to
pay for me for the rest of my life as a blind pers
on because identify as a blind person but really p
eople buying into this are just mental patients wh
o think it's cool to be a victim or part of some s
pecial group that the glow this event what you're
doing is destroying yourself and your family and y
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