Author Topic: Democrats Don't Know Their Leader  (Read 12 times)

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Democrats Don't Know Their Leader
« on: June 11, 2018, 04:49:54 AM »

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if you preceding this translation you are the resi
stance [Music] this is Savannah Hernandez for info
wars.com and we're out here on South Congress Stre
et for first Thursday to ask people who they think
 the current or maybe even future leader of the De
mocratic Party might be um I actually am Not sure
to be honest with you I know I know that Sanders s
aid that he might be running again but I have hear
d a lot about about him I don't know I'm not reall
y overall party her life yeah like who do you thin
k is leading the Democratic Party right now I feel
 like that's more of a loaded question that's a li
ttle complicated I actually I can't say for sure I
'm not versed in it well enough yeah I don't know
I have no idea like nobody it used to be Hillary C
linton I don't see anybody like making it's gonna
be a nobody the last three couple elections have b
een people who have never expected nobody expected
 Donald Trump Donald Trump first met say he was go
nna do something with presidency against Obama we
thought it was a joke and now he's the president s
o I guess that's not a presidency they're going no
w who do you think the future leader of the Democr
atic Party will be in a couple years do you like 9
0 Bernie is probably the more logical choice any p
resident that we think are gonna die I could say y
ou don't right now that's gonna be what kind of le
ader like I mean who do you think is just like ove
rall who do you think is leading the party gosh le
t's go with Bernie Sanders [Music] hi Hilary Clint
on I don't know I can't say that I know I have no
idea gosh um I really can't tell I know I look I'm
 actually from Washington DC and I should you know
 it's right in my backyard but goodness I don't kn
ow I know things are heating up right now and we a
re trying to figure out what's gonna happen in 202
0 um Nancy Pelosi that's a tough question you coul
d go a lot of directions with this but I want to s
ay Tom Perez right now I would say by popular your
 popularity I would say either Lizzy Warren or pre
tty standard but I don't know the actual facts at
all bethe Hillary Clinton all right perfect thanks
 lady first ladies and gentlemen I'm not sure the
leader I don't know new question do y'all know who
 alex jones is yes I do my friend talking about th
is crazy guy the other day yeah yeah I do he not h
ere he is what do you think of him we're just out
here with Action 7 News we just asked people quest
ions okay yeah I've heard of that guy I watched li
ke one of his segments and he's pretty well he's p
retty crazy but I appreciate the exes thing you kn
ow him exercising his freedom speech I know Alex T
rebek more than Alex Jones and that's the problem
do you know Alex Jones is she a boxer he's the fut
ure of the Democratic Party all right y'all it is
definitely been a memorable first Thursday out her
e on South Congress for me has been Savannah Herna
ndez for infowars.com and thank you for everyone o
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