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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight well just
announced breaking right now Rex
Tillerson is out goodbye don't let the
door hit you in the back I mean it's a I
glad to see that happen been talking
about this and everybody talked about it
talked about it at length on Sunday when
I stood in for Alex Jones on his show
his Sunday show I said when Rex
Tillerson said he was sick and couldn't
attend meetings in Africa the day after
he had been blindsided by President
Trump's announcement that they were
gonna have talks with North Korea he had
said just a couple of hours before
oh no no no those are a long long way
off ain't gonna happen he said and then
the announcement and he came back the
two days later he came back on Sunday
and said yeah well you know I'm we've
been talking about this for a while
trying to save face but when he first
came out and of course she saw it at the
top of the Drudge Report Tillerson sick
I said I think he's sick of not being
consulted I think he's sick of not
having his advice ticket and I'm glad
his advice was not taken he was always
giving bad advice to the president bad
advice about the Paris climate treaty
bad advice about everything the guy is a
globalist and I said this as his name
when his name was first floated that
December 2016 I said this guy is a
globalist on climate and of course we
saw him fight President Trump for six
months on climate change and I also said
that he has a history of pushing a child
abuse agenda of the LGBTQ and you can
see that in the boy scouts and what was
he doing in Africa I mean his State
Department as I've pointed out multiple
times giving over half a million dollars
to Kenya to stop toxic masculinity see
the Terrorism that they have in Africa
according to the State Department and
Rex Tillerson terrorism is based upon a
toxic masculinity not on Islamic Jihad
and so if you get them to basically play
this gender confusion game with their
kids and not pay attention to the real
problem you can also sell them half a
billion dollars in weapons which is the
other thing they were there doing so
bringing that globalist agenda of the
brave new world sexuality and gender
confusion to the rest of the world you
know because we can't just keep that to
ourselves I mean this is a globalist
agenda so it's got to include kids in
Kenya not just kids in America we've got
to tell them they don't know what sex
they are and there is no difference
between male and female and so forth and
so on so we can open this up to the UN
pedophiles and I'm not making a blanket
accusation here I'm telling you what we
have seen over and over and over again
with you in peacekeeping troops with
Oxfam charities with the Clinton
Foundation transporting kids out of the
earthquake relief areas and so forth it
this is an epidemic with a globalist
with globalist organizations and of
course the State Department is a
globalist organization I mean it is the
essence the heart of the swamp Foggy
Bottom is what they've called it even
before we started talking about draining
the swamp they call the State Department
foggy bottom it is the foggy bottom of
the swamp so glad to see Rex Tillerson
leaving maybe we can get somebody in
there who wasn't pushing a pedophile
agenda and a globalist agenda he's gonna
be replaced by Pompey oh I don't know
I'm what we'll see what happens
happy perjury anniversary James clapper
Jonathan Turley wishes James clapper a
happy perjury anniversary it's now been
five years and he has now escaped any
prosecution for openly committing
perjury one of the most famous lies in
history there is looking down gee I
don't think so I don't think senator
we're really spying on an American
citizen no no no really not yeah we'll
talk a little bit more about that five
years he passed a statute of limitation
yeah this one rule for the big guys
another one for the Christian sasuke's
of this world stay with us we'll be
right back well pump Pompeo is in and
Tillerson is out at the State Department
and I find that to be very good news as
I was saying yesterday just leave you
know that President Trump doesn't want
your advice he hasn't asked for your
just get out well I don't know if he got
out or not President Trump has announced
that that he's gone so it looks like
President Trump fired him clearly
President Trump didn't care enough to
ask his advice about the North Korean
talks just two hours before it was
somebody asked Tillerson about that he
said no no no that'd be a long long way
off and then it was announced he's
clearly out of the loop when he said he
was sick and wasn't going to be
attending any of the meetings and Africa
he says I'm very sick I've been working
very hard on this North Korean thing
it's like you weren't even hope as I
said on Friday he was in the dark and in
the Dark Continent
and now he is out of the White House
glad to see that but we have Mike Pompeo
is going to be the new Secretary of
State leaving from the CIA I don't know
who's gonna be going to the CIA I don't
personally know that much about Pompeo I
mean I know his bio and I haven't had to
wait and see what his policies are he
was a congressman he was first in his
class at West Point and so forth so
we'll see what happens at state but I
was always opposed to Tillerson as a
matter of fact I tweeted it out as the
information came that he was being
seriously considered and I tweeted now
he can't seriously be considering this
guy this guy at Exxon had pushed climate
change global climate change man-made
climate change and so forth I had a lot
of people push back at me and say you
know you got it wrong he's an oil
company executive and I said you don't
understand the oil companies want to see
this happen as badly as Al Gore does the
oil companies would love to be the
DeBeers of energy of oil you know the De
Beers people have the monopoly on
diamonds they would love to have it be
rarely used and have it be a very
commodity and so they've been pushing
that extensively since Rex Tillerson got
there first they used to oppose it
then with Tillerson they started
accepting it but the things I found even
more obnoxious about Rex Tillerson was
how he'd pushed the homosexual agenda at
the Boy Scouts bringing in homosexual
scouts homosexual Scout leaders like
come on this is a very different thing
don't let the main reason you have Boy
Scouts and Girl Scouts is because you're
going camping in the woods and so you
have these the same sex segregation
because you understand that you're
trying to minimize any molestation of
children and so you're going with the
policies that are going to try to
minimize it nothing is ever perfect you
don't know strangers you don't know what
they're going to do but you can try to
minimize that and that's why they have a
Boy Scouts and a Girl Scouts one of the
main reasons they had it but Tillerson
is one of the people who they don't they
don't really care about the safety of
your children they have an agenda to
push they have a gender confusion agenda
to push and he was pushing that with the
State Department as I said the top of
the hour and I've talked about it all
weekend talked about it on Sunday talked
about it again yesterday I'll mention it
one more time get a State Department
spending six hundred thousand dollars
over half a million dollars to push
their gender confusion policies in Kenya
telling the people of Africa that the
rise of these al Qaeda organizations
isn't due to Islamic Jihad it's due to
toxic masculinity and so we need to
feminize the little boys they're just
like we're feminizing little boys here
in America and turning the Boy Scouts
into the other Scouts having now a a
transgender agenda at the Boy Scouts in
the wake of Rex Tillerson tenure they're
so glad to see him go let's hope that I
guess he can go back and start pushing
his transgender agenda across America
now in his retirement yesterday we had
Joel Skousen on and while we're on the
topic of Rex Tillerson in the North
Korean talks Joel Joel Skousen was very
pessimistic about this I've been very
optimistic about the talks in North
Korea I mean they're scheduled with
and you know six to eight weeks we're
supposed to happen there's a freeze on
the current status quo as a matter of
fact there was also a prohibition for
Kim to do any additional nuclear testing
or to fire any missiles which is really
a very dangerous thing when he does that
that gets out of control that is going
to provoke a response one way or the
other and so I looked at it and I said
well you know if we can do D new
polarization that'd be a great thing was
it's worth risking it
joël Skousen was very pessimistic about
that he said I think the Kim jong-un is
playing us that he is buying time I've
had people say that he is very close to
completing his program and of course now
we've got Mike Pompeo who has been with
the CIA Pompeo was going to be going to
the State Department he'll be involved
in these negotiations maybe he has some
Intel as to how far along they are
always though you know the
military-industrial complex is going to
tell us that things are closer than they
are I would think because they're going
to be constantly pushing a solution that
is escalated with the military but we'll
see what happens nevertheless Newsmax
points out that we just had satellite
images show that North Korea has
restarted production of plutonium
presumably for its nuclear weapons
program the troubling images they say of
a revved up Yong Yong reactor emerged
last week but went mostly unnoticed
amid Trump's announcement that he'll be
willing to sit down with Kim now if this
happened last week perhaps it happened
before the before the change hopefully
that's the case but it gives all new
credibility to the skepticism of drol
say maybe this guy is playing us maybe
he's not looking at denuclearization at
all maybe they did a radical 180 after
the South Koreans talked to them who
knows we can we can be optimistic we can
hope that that's going to happen but
that's looking a little bit more
doubtful as I pointed out the top of the
hour today is the perjury anniversary of
James clapper and Jonathan Turley wishes
happy perjury anniversary now he has
escaped any prosecution for being one of
the most in your face liars committing
perjury that we've ever had in United
States the famous back and forth between
him and Ron Wyden when Ron Wyden asked
him are you spying on the American
people and he looks down there's a clip
right there oh no no no no senator no no
sir not what not willingly not wittingly
and then the yeah let's play the old
clapper jingle here that you guys have
got that's right he's he's on he's off
but now he is off the hook
clapper off the hook now he knew it was
a lie
when he said it that's what Jonathan
Turley says and you know Michael Hayden
who is one of the big three there John
Brennan Michael Hayden James clapper the
big three liars of the politicized
intelligence agencies
Michael Hayden formed director the CIA
the NSA
that clip that I play a lot of times
were Haydn went to the Washington and
Lee law school and he said we're not
interested in bad people we're
interested in interesting people and in
that speech presentation that he was
giving to the law students there what he
said was in addition to that he said I'm
very angry at Ron Wyden very very angry
he said he knew that James clapper and
the NSA were spying on everybody
all the senators there knew all the
staffers there knew and he put him on
the spot and he committed perjury
because Ron Wyden asked him that
it's like think about the mindset when
you have somebody like that like Hayden
director of the NSA director of the CIA
the reason we have the Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act is because
in the 1960s the NSA and the CIA
and Michael Hayden is the contemporary
expression of those two institutions
those two institutions back in the 1960s
were spying on Americans using
telephones you know the old wiretap
stuff and Frank Church and others
there's a picture of him at that that
meeting Washington Lee Frank Church and
others with a church committee hearing
the pike committee hearing they said
we're not gonna let you do that to
Americans so that's why they created
FISA but of course now FISA is the tool
that they use to do that isn't that
interesting it's not interesting all
right we'll be right back stay with us
yeah it's South by South left that's
what I call South by Southwest here and
Austin all the lefties all the
billionaires come out to pontificate
we've got Elon Musk
we've got Arnold Schwarzenegger we got
the London Mayor Khan coming here
telling us crazy stuff folks you will
not believe saw this of course there's a
few days ago that we had Elon Musk talk
about space and made the announcement
that real soon now he's gonna start
sending spaceships to Mars you know kind
of like that firecracker with the cherry
Tesla on top that was gonna go into a
Mars orbit but he kind of missed the
planet it's now headed out to the
asteroid belt so if you want to get on
that plane flight with Elon Musk I don't
know I don't know I kind of like he said
it'll be difficult dangerous good chance
you'll die you know look at this
dangerous good chance she'll die that's
kind of like his Tesla autopilot he
finds it difficult to get that to work
and it is pretty dangerous and a good
chance she'll die as a matter of fact
even the people who like his cars Steve
Wozniak said oh I love the Tesla but
come first
stay away from the autopilot that
thing's trying to kill you and maybe
Elon Musk is trying to kill you if he
wants to send you to Mars I don't know
he hasn't figured out exactly where the
planet is right now even though it's red
you can't find it up there in the erisa
I wouldn't go with him on that trip and
you look at the difficult part what he's
really having difficulty with is
manufacturing his popular model 3 he
sold the prototype which is gonna be
like 30 some odd thousand dollar
but if you really want it's gonna cost
you like sixty thousand dollars because
they've only been able to make a handful
of these because he can't get his his a
manufacturing line to work remember all
the PR stuff where he was showing the
manufacturing line that he had for model
three had about four hundred five
hundred thousand pre books for that and
he said it's gonna be like some kind of
an alien dreadnought look at this it's
got robots all over the place this thing
is well you know that was then and he
hasn't been able to manufacture very
many of these things and so a lot of
people are really concerned about that
so he keeps coming up with these very
sensational moves to keep people
distracted from his inability to
manufacture in quantity which you have
to do if you're gonna be an automaker
he's got a lot of different lot of
different schemes as I said before he's
kind of like a con man of the 21st
PT Barnum of the 21st century really is
what he is but he's there with somebody
from a science fiction film Westworld
co-creator Jonathan Nolan in a QA
because you know Elon is really kind of
a sci-fi writer he does he's sci-fi
stunts he's kind of like I said a sci-fi
version of PT Barnum and he said well my
deadline may be a little optimistic he
added elbow sometimes my timelines are a
little you know yeah we noticed that we
noticed that we noticed that you shot
that rocket off on the day that your
financial reports hit and they weren't
looking too good but you know it's not
so much Elon Musk that I'm worried about
the guy is the king of crony capitalism
that's one thing he does well as as part
of his con man thing he can get he's
just a few years ago and it's I don't
know what the total is now but the LA
Times is pointing out that he'd gotten
four billion dollars and government
subsidies for his various projects he is
the king of crony capitalism and that's
why I don't like it you know if you want
to go buy his cars if you want to play
around with autopilot I don't think you
should be able to do that on the roads
with other people have us participate in
human experimentations and trials on
public roads I think the Department
imitation shut that down but of course
if you're a crony capitalist that can
get four billion dollars you can get
them to do whatever they want to in
terms of standing down any kind of
safety regulations for automobiles and
that's what's really behind this but I
object to that and I object to the the
funds that he gets from me so the people
who can afford I can't afford a hundred
and fifty thousand dollar car or more
but the people who can afford that get
it subsidized by the government I have a
problem with that if you want to drive
an Eevee if you want to wait four hours
to recharge your car for the amount of
time that takes me 45 seconds to fill up
my car you can set there for 12 hours
and a 60 hours actually 60 hours if you
want to do it on a 110 if you want to
charge your car on a 110 for the range
of miles that I get with my gasoline car
I can fill that up in 50 seconds what
it'll take you 60 hours to do but you
know if you want to do that that's your
business I'm not gonna tell you I'm just
gonna tell you I don't want you taking
my money to do those kinds of things you
know when I look at that I think about
all of these people who are out there
worshipping Tesla typically techie
Greeks who just love this stuff they eat
this stuff up and I wonder if you were
to tell them that if you were to take
their internet and that they've got
maybe a gigabit internet and if you were
to tell them we're gonna send you back
to dial-up speed watch those guys threw
a temper tantrum but if you do the same
thing on the actual highway not the
information highway and you have them
take 60 hours to fill their car up
instead of 50 seconds oh they're fine
with that that's really cool really cool
but we look at space it also had an
announcement from Jeff Bezos talking
about how he had won the Amazon lottery
you know because he can't really take
credit for what he did because he's
talking to a lot of liberals so if you
succeed you won the lottery that's the
terminology but I think Jeff Bezos is
far more likely to succeed in the
billionaire space race and I talked
about this couple years ago about the
fact that even though you
Elon Musk selling everybody on these
fantastical schemes of his I'm gonna go
to Mars I'm gonna go to Mars Jeff Bezos
is really serious about what he's going
to do he wants to get into the
Lagrangian ly bration points which are
some neutral areas you can put stuff in
those areas and they will stay there
forever they're not going to fall out of
orbit like a Chinese satellite that
everybody's worried gonna hit Michigan
in the next week or so you put stuff in
the Lagrange Librans so gravitationally
neutral areas between the US and between
us between the world and between Earth
and Mars and there was a lot of talk
about this back in the 1970s a book
called high frontier how people could
mine things on Mars minerals use them as
raw materials they could use maglev
accelerators to shoot the stuff up to
these orbiting space stations and in
those areas all they would have to do to
have something get extremely hot
extremely cold in space is you just
paint it white or black and that's a
great way to get a big power
differential within a change of a heat
so you could do a lot of essentially
free manufacturing the solar power and
no atmosphere in the way in those
Lagrange vibration points and then
basically you could just drop ship it to
earth which I'm sure Amazon would love
to do so they could do a lot of
manufacturing and drop at Earth but it
also it has implications in terms of
Hugo de garis talking about the artilect
wars were these elitist billionaires
with all of their technology and weapons
and wealth would go into kind of an
Elysium orbit set up their societies
away from Earth and do whatever they
wanted if we tried to stop them they
could unleash gigadeath with us that's
really what is behind all this now when
we come back I'm gonna talk about the
Mayor of London attacking free speech we
have Arnold Schwarzenegger attacking
energy says he wants to put big oil on
first-degree murder yeah sounds like one
of his movies untrue lies okay we'll be
right back I'm David Knight we agree on
most he now has come around to believing
in tariffs as also a negotiating point
you know I'm renegotiating great deals
this is President Trump live wouldn't do
nearly as well but Larry has been a
friend of mine for a long time he backed
me very early in the campaign I think
the earliest I think he was one of my
original backers he's a very very
talented man a good man and I think
Larry Kudlow has a good chance I'm also
so speaking to many others but I think
Larry has a very good chance
thank you all I'll see you I'll see you
at the wall I'll see you at the wall
he's on his way to California to review
prototypes for the wall and as you heard
President Trump talking we had the
announcement today that Rex Tillerson is
leaving the State Department and will be
replaced by Mike Pompeo of the CIA and
as he was saying Larry he's talking
about Lawrence Kudlow who is a
well-known commentator and economist
he's actually I think he's on CNBC I
believe this were yes so he's somebody
that can talk to liberals he could at
least communicate the ideas of
free-market economics to the Liberals
whether or not they will understand it
or they have a a bias of command control
that don't know if they're gonna do that
or not but he is seems to be in the lead
to replace Gary Cohen who the other
globalist who left in the last week or
Cohen leaving because President Trump
was going to defend American industry
and that's one of our other stories
today the election that will be taking
place in Pennsylvania when you look at
that election that special election as
they talk about it they say well you
know this is Republicans versus
Democrats is this this is an area that
went heavily for President Trump in the
election has he lost his prestige are
the Republicans going to have a
difficult time in the midterm elections
that's what everybody is trying to make
this a bellwether as they point out it's
just one seat and it isn't going to make
that much of a change at the current
moment but it is a clear choice it's not
just Republican versus Democrat these
guys are pretty much down the line
Republican versus Democrat when we look
at issues like Obama care the Democrat
is all four it means against any
restrictions or pull back on that
massive tax on Americans oh and he was
also against the tax reform that
President Trump put through and he is
also against any pro-life amendments
talking about well on abortion he said
the Supreme Court has made their
decision and once you declare something
is right it remains the right well what
about the right to life is that a right
see these are the things that divide the
two parties now when it comes to the
tariffs neither one of these
candidates even the Democrat is not
going to come out and oppose protecting
the steel industry in Pennsylvania but
people should ask themselves if they put
this guy in who is wrong on taxes who's
wrong on Obamacare who is wrong on
abortion they should ask themselves if
the Democrats really do support the
steel industry and our manufacturing
base center here in America where have
they been all this time well they've
been the same place that the
establishment Republicans have watching
China bomb our industries watching the
European Union and NAFTA take away our
jobs they've been doing nothing they've
been AWOL
so I'll be interesting to see what that
return is today we won't have that
certainly during this program today is
election day in Pennsylvania for that
special election I want to go back to
South by Southwest stores I call it
South by South left and as we're talking
about the posturing of Elon Musk and how
Jeff Bezos isn't content just to be the
king of Earth he wants to be the king of
the universe he wants to his cities and
his businesses to the Lagrange librarian
points so forth he could stay there set
up cities in space that's really his
dream based on the popular concept of
the high frontier that circulated when
he was young when I was young I mean
most of people who were studying
engineering that really captured our
imagination great idea as long as it's
not under the control of one guy I have
a problem with that type of thing but we
look at the way these technology
announcements are being made remember
flippy the burger-flipping robot well
that was last week everybody's forgotten
about that now right except that after
the news cycle has moved on we see a
report that the robot has had a minor
setback at the Pasadena burger joint and
they're now taking it off line as a
report from Zero Hedge a few days ago
the robotic arms of flippies kitchen are
still on static display at Kelly burger
the stage where patrons would normally
line up for a peek
was dark when USA Today visited last
Thursday and there was little sign that
flippy would be coming back but just
when was to be announced they said he
would be back TBA the restaurant was
operating without the robots using as
regular human run kitchen I said the
helpers are also getting some extra
training to help the robot keep up with
demand so he is not taking the job but
they have to help him as well in other
words the kids looking forward to that
$15 an hour minimum wage and 2022 are
learning how to dig their own graves
more efficiently and as that is
happening and believe me they're going
to get this one way or the other we've
got DARPA the Defense Advanced Research
Projects DARPA is pushing an autonomous
cleaning robot and they're gonna be
using that in Walmart to take away a
cleaning job this is truly the future
where they're headed they're gonna make
it work one way or the other they're
gonna get rid of the people but they
hire in there at minimum wage you're not
gonna get your $15 an hour that's just
going to accelerate their push to
replace you with machines
even though flippy is not working but I
just found this story to be interesting
not because they're not going to succeed
I found the story to be interesting
because just as we see with Elon Musk
after everybody moves along even if you
got problems with your technology just
make another new announcement hey look
we got this other thing over here and
also find it interesting that DARPA is
financing a robot to take away your jobs
I mean they wouldn't be declaring war on
American citizens
DARPA wouldn't be declaring war on our
jobs would they I mean they're creating
disruptive technology that will bring us
to a war when they take away all of our
jobs when they and it's not just going
to be the jobs at the bottom they're
going to be taking away the self-driving
with the self-driving technology they're
gonna be taking away a lot of jobs in
transportation that's a massive part of
our economy and are we going to go
quietly onto a allowance from the
government universal basic income
to keep us quiet and unallowable they
kill us
their nose they're talking about disease
X putting that out there something that
they haven't identified yet you know
it's one of these Rumsfeld things well
there's things that we know and there's
things that we know we don't know and
then there's things that we don't know
we don't know so this is the we don't
know that we don't know disease disease
X but they also dropped in a few little
clues they're talking about its
proximity to animals proximity to man
and we could have something that would
make the leap from animals to men
especially when they are working with
CRISPR and these other gene editors to
make chimera you know you think that the
chimera are just things that you see in
terms of large animals that they're
mixing together then they can't get to
breed together but they can edit them
together to create these weird freakish
things now they can do it at the microbe
level as well and they can create some
really hellacious pandemics so maybe
they're just doing a little revelation
of method maybe they're giving us a
little preview here moving the Overton
Window so that we're ready to accept the
12 monkeys scenario so we look at this
and look at DARPA understand that as
DARPA spending this cleaning robot at
Walmart DARPA first competition was for
self-driving cars about 28 25 years ago
and that is going to be a massive
disruption in our society but let's get
back to South by Southwest oh we're out
of time we'll do it in the next one the
Mayor of London talks about racist
tweets that had been made about him on
Facebook and Twitter and he uses that to
push for more censorship what a surprise
what a surprise that he'd push for
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
Mayor Khan of London came here to Austin
South by Southwest and read racist
tweets about himself and then pled
Facebook and Twitter to do something
about it save him from this criticism
these racist tweets how pathetic is that
you can't take the
get out of the kitchen any public figure
we get that kind of stuff all the time
just look at the every time that alex
jones tweets something out look at all
the hate and the vitriol that gets
poured on him and me I mean this is
something that anybody that's in the
public figure that talks about politics
you're going to experience that but
we're not calling for people to be shut
down for people to be censored you just
live with it you don't have to respond
to it you can ignore it this is the the
guy who has chosen to get in the arena
and he doesn't like it when he gets
punched in the face well nobody likes to
get punched in the face but then then
get out of public life especially get
out of politics if you don't like the
way things are there but it is not
acceptable to call for censorship in the
public space you know when people put
out really hateful stuff to me I
typically will retweet it with a comment
just because I want people to see the
mindless hate of other people it speaks
for itself I don't have to censor them
their hatred and their closed mind
speaks for itself that's the way you
shut it down you shine a light on it you
say look at this guy
this is typical of the way the left
responds they don't want to have a
discussion they just hate people that's
what I do when people send me hateful
stuff on social media I shine a light on
them and then they take the tweet down
and then they block me because they
attacked they come on and attack me and
these are people that you know just just
like to live their life as trolls and
they don't like that kind of heat so
it's like I didn't do anything to
retweet back them I just retweeted and
said look at the hatred here this is the
way the left always wants to censor
people you say yeah we got to you know
shut down David Knight and take away his
keyboard I said typical on the left
isn't it typical of the left so you know
somebody puts up something that is
hateful but is racist you put it out
there and say look this is typical of my
opponents on the other side I mean
that's much more effective than just
shutting it down if you really want to
to win but they like to win in terms of
just silencing the other side and that's
what we've been seeing with CNN
and if you want to keep that from
happening here and Infowars
with lawsuits with censorship I'm asked
my next story from South by Southwest
Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to sue
fossil fuels out of existence so he's
going he's accusing the oil companies
who have provided us with cheap energy
he says oh you're creating man-made
global warming and you're killing
everybody on the planet so I'm gonna
charge you with murder
they've already got a lot of lawyers in
California and in New York who were
doing it on a contingency basis because
they know if it can become multi
billionaires they might beat Al Gore to
become the first carbon billionaires if
they can win any of these lawsuits with
some crazy judges but Schwarzenegger
says yeah we're gonna go with that model
where we came after Big Tobacco with
lawsuits that's what they will do they
will do anything except argue with you
to win the 11th they will censor what
you have to say they will sue you in
and so those are the tactics that CNN
and others are taking to silence and for
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all right let's we talked about the
mayor con and what he is doing there
understand is something that is going to
be applied universally and not just to
social media take a look at China for
example as we have Mayor Kahn of London
saying people will set me racist tweets
so I need to have this censored for me
please protect me
and shut down free speech because we
know that they're just not going to shut
down the people that are racist trolls
they're going to use that to shut down
entire media channels as we've seen
YouTube do bullying and harassing people
while accusing them of bullying and
harassment this is something that is
really coming from China China was
really on the vanguard of Internet
censorship first they set up the Great
Firewall of China where they could block
information coming in to the Chinese
people from outside of China so they
could feed them just what state media
wanted them to know but now they're not
happy just doing that they are
exercising control over tech companies
who are all too happy to do whatever
they want if they can make another buck
out of it and so they're bringing in
these companies telling them they have
to put content and and things locate
servers inside of China so they can
control them better now China is going
to put media control at the cabinet
level it's not that they haven't been
controlling free speech there but
understand that power is rapidly
consolidating in China you know who was
on first she is on second and probably
on forever because I don't know who's on
third but he is is tightening the reins
of power as he says he's never going to
leave power so now they're setting up a
new media body that is going to only be
answerable to the cabinet in other words
to she and she's close advisors
tightening the communist government's
control of media and entertainment
reports variety the regulatory body
which currently oversees the media and
entertainment sector would be replaced
by a new state radio and television
administration attached to the State
Council or otherwise known as the
cabinet so they're putting it under
their direct control and this is what's
going to be happening in Western
countries as well because we got people
like Mayor Khan who absolutely hate free
speech they hate independent media of
any sort let's talk about Schwarzenegger
now the other tactic that they do
as frivolous torturous lawsuits and this
is something has already been happening
in California but Schwarzenegger came to
South by Southwest and he says he's
going to be a part of suing Big Oil for
first-degree murder but knowingly
killing people all over the world he
says right
and if Schwartzel ager says it you know
it's just the rest of us need to just
line up and say see guy law then little
not see because this is his tactic you
know prove it first just as I said
yesterday Scott Pruett who's head of the
EPA wanted to have some public debates
on manmade climate change and that got
shut down by Michael Kelly because he
shuts down all communications coming
into the White House and going out of
the White House this guy has become the
guardian of information for President
Trump that would have been a great thing
for people to see an open debate they
don't want you to see an open debate so
you're gonna have people like
Schwarzenegger stop them in court try to
shut down our energy sources in court he
says he's talking with several private
law firms and preparing a public push
around the effort and this is as I
tweeted out yesterday I said I'm not
making this up but he wants to sue all
companies for murder he's the one who's
making it up you know it's kind of like
a predator the lawsuit thing and I said
it's too bad he's not governor we could
do a Total Recall I wish we could get
this guy out but he is talking about how
right-wing the Republican Party has
become under President Trump no
Schwarzenegger is just a California
liberal that's all he ever was it
doesn't matter if you get an R behind
your name you're still just to
California liberal and he's not the one
who came up with this idea this is
already started we've reported on this
quite some time ago there was a story
within the last couple of days focusing
on the law firm there's one law firm
that is filing these class-action
lawsuits two of them in California and
San Francisco and Oakland another one in
New York City and they're doing exactly
what SH warts a nigger wants to take
credit for doing they're coming after
the oil companies California federal
court will soon hear oral arguments from
San Francisco and Oakland that assert
that five major oil company should pay
huge sums of money
for contributing to manmade global
warming Schwarzenegger is just
sensationalizing at calling it murder
but as Shakespeare said let's first kill
all the lawyers because these guys are
doing it on a contingency fee basis this
law firm Hagens Berman stands to earn
millions reports Daily Caller possibly
billions I saw I said they're gonna be
first carbon billionaires gonna beat Al
Gore to it billions of dollars in
contingency fees depending on their
winnings this is we have such a corrupt
legal system here all told these three
cities are asking all companies to hand
over many billions of dollars and at the
same time Breitbart reports more climate
scientists have to be rescued from polar
ice this is a annual trend these guys
going up there to show how the ice is
disappearing getting trapped by the ice
that is much thicker than they ever
imagined the hypocrisy in the irony just
never stops we'll be right back I'm
David Knight you know I was just talking
about Arnold Schwarzenegger and a law
firm that is standing to make billions
of dollars in contingency fees suing all
companies claiming that they are killing
people that they caused global warming
and so forth we've got the Canadian
climate Minister a climate minute Canada
has a climate Minister but she says that
we're not paying enough attention to the
gendered impacts of climate change see
the insanity never ends peace people on
the Left absolutely amazing 47 year-old
Trudeau appointee from Canada's Liberal
Party called on followers to quote
consider the gendered impacts of climate
change on women girls and children say
global warming women and minorities hurt
hardest this is typical of the the
narrative of the left always messing
with people's gender and creating this
fantasy of climate change that really
isn't real but let me tell you the real
crisis and where it's coming from we've
got an opioid crisis that's really real
it is driving up emergency room visits
for example in Illinois by 66% but in
other areas it's far more than that
opioid-related emergency room visits
rose an average of 35 percent across 16
states between July 2016 and September
2017 this is from a CDC report that came
out in Chicago dealers have taken to
cutting heroin with fentanyl remember I
showed you that graphic that showed a
fatal dose of heroin and a fatal dose of
fentanyl and it was pretty small the
amount of heroin that you needed to take
to have a fatal dose but when you put
these two things I showed the the amount
of powder and a couple of vials and on
the fentanyl vial you only needed a
couple of grains of that powder a couple
of grains of that powder to have a fatal
dose so now they've got the drug dealers
again this is this is the war on drugs
except that when you look at opioid
crisis it's not so much being driven by
these unethical uncontrolled street
dealers as it's being driven by these
unethical uncontrolled big
pharmaceutical companies all these
people who say the nra is bought the
Republican Party they bought Trump and
so well who has bought the that's the
picture right there that I was talking
about who has bought the government and
the media in terms of the opioid crisis
and so many other drugs that they push
on us on a regular basis that is the
basic that's basically the business
model for CNN for Fox News these cable
companies the broadcast can be playing
these pharmaceutical ads around the
clock constantly and as we look at where
this is going we've got a 66% increase
in emergency room visits in Illinois
from opioids in Indiana 35% increase 28%
increase in Ohio 21% increase in
Missouri Wisconsin saw a hundred and
nine percent increase in emergency room
visits from opioid epidemic
they said the opioid overdose rates rose
seventy percent across the Midwest but
on the East Coast opioid overdoses rose
by a hundred and five percent these are
just the people who were overdosing and
have to be taken to the emergency room
this is not people who were so addicted
to it that they can't function in their
life and again remember when chris
Christie was running for office and he
decided talking about the drug problem
he talked about a lawyer friend of his
who was at the top of the class had a
very successful law career and had a
family and then he hurt his back and the
doctors gave him up realize he became
addicted he lost his job he lost his
family and eventually he committed
suicide but of course he would not be
included and the statistics because he
didn't overdose except when he committed
suicide this is how bad this opioid
epidemic is I'm gonna have more on this
on the other side stay with us we have
more news breaks we also got Hillary
Clinton doing her worldwide trip and it
was a trip we'll see her next fall
stay with this we'll be right back
welcome back I want to go through some
news and we're gonna talk about taxes
the Democrats versus Republicans
President Trump is talking about a round
two of tax cuts but Chuck Schumer is
fighting you for the crumbs on your
kitchen table pretty clear difference
between the two parties we're also going
to talk about the no collusion
announcement primarily how the media did
not react to this one of the main legacy
media outlets did not even report it the
other two gave it a total of less than a
minute combined combined we'll also talk
about what's going on with gun control
but before we do I was talking at the
top of the hour about the opioid crisis
how it has soared in terms of the number
of emergency room visits of people who
had an overdose of it and again this is
not even a measure of people who have
lost their ability to function in
society because of their addiction to
opioids where is this coming from well
it's coming from our pharmaceutical
companies we got a 66% increase in
emergency room visits and Illinois as I
said before we got Wisconsin up 109
percent across the Midwest opioid
overdoses have risen by 70% on the East
Coast on average they've risen by 105
percent Pennsylvania up 81 percent
Delaware up 105 percent so where is this
coming from well you can get an idea of
this if we look at a trial in Providence
Rhode Island we have a rhode island pain
management doctor who admitted that he
accepted financial kickbacks for
prescribing opioids spray and he was
sentenced to 51 months in federal prison
on Friday the doctor's name is Gerald
Rosenberg he said I'm truly sorry for
what I've done
however he said he was just trying to
help his patients but prosecutors said
that he bullied them we haven't seen
that with doctors and what say vaccines
have we they don't bully anybody to take
vaccines I actually had my wife and I we
took our our sons and for a medical
check-up and we would tend to stay away
from the doctor as much as possible if
we're not sick we don't go and we didn't
take our kids unless they were sick
generally we took them in for a check-up
once and that was enough of for us to
learn the lesson started bullying us
about vaccines I started bullying us
even about fluoride tablets and I said
well I grew up on well water I didn't
have a fluoride and I know the effects
of fluoride on the brain thank you very
much go ahead and give me that
prescription we we didn't oppose him on
it because he was just adamant about it
he was very angry at us lecturing us
condescending so I just took this
prescription and we just threw it in the
trashcan as we walked out but that's
what these guys do so what did this
doctor do when he is bullying his a
patients getting them to take a fentanyl
spray call subsys he told one of them
stop crying you're acting like a child
yeah they treat everybody as children if
you don't take their prescription and he
was getting a hundred and eighty eight
thousand dollars in kickbacks and so the
question is who was paying him a hundred
and eighty eight thousand dollars to
push highly addictive opioids on
those are the people who need to be
going to jail they need to be going to
jail for big time there is an indication
that they are under prosecution as well
you know who else are they paying I'm
sure that this is something that's not
just limited to one organization
typically what they do is they send reps
around to talk to the doctors and they
give them one side of the story and the
doctors in many cases don't really know
what they're doing and of course they're
propagandizing everybody with these big
pharmaceuticals on CNN on Fox News and
all the cable and legacy media that's
what finances the legacy media that's
why they will not report this story they
want to say well the NRA oh they're uh
they're there they've got all the
Republicans in their pocket well the NRA
is doing what the NRA is members
millions of them want them to do and
that is to fight against any
infringement of the people's rights but
what big pharmaceutical companies are
doing is they're buying doctors in some
cases bribing them if they can't get
them to do it enough but at the very
least they're keeping them in the dark
and they're working with the government
agencies who for the most part of being
captured regulatory capture that means
there's a revolving door between the FDA
between the Food and Drug Administration
and Health and Human Services even with
the CDC I mean the CDC pushes all these
vaccines and they have a vested interest
profit and selling these vaccines and
there's a revolving door between
government and industry and certain big
companies always escape the light being
shone on them they don't do any studies
to show anything different than the
studies that these companies do the
paints our product in a positive light
so I said at least two patients survived
overdoses after receiving the opioid
antidote narcan an earlier court
documents one patient said she fell nine
to ten times and suffered numerous
injuries including breaking bones from
her thumb to her
she said I was killing myself I was so
high the case is one of several that
have been brought nationally against
people associated with the arizona-based
insists therapeutics and subsys
prescriptions as an under the tongue
spray that was approved by the FDA the
Food and Drug Administration back in
2012 they approved this stuff and they
approved it for cancer patients who had
severe pain and were already tolerant of
opioid therapy now here's the deal if
you got a terminally ill patient I would
not be for the government
withholding pain medication from them
but you let them know what the real
story is here in terms of addiction and
so forth if you get a terminally ill
person addiction is not necessarily
their concern but they're not using it
just on terminally ill cancer patients
anymore because it was approved by the
FDA that means it's totally safe right
it's a binary world it's either
completely safe or completely dangerous
depending on what the FDA says they
don't tell you that in the real world
you have a sliding scale of risk and so
it's like playing Russian roulette the
only question is is there one bullet and
a barrel that holds six rounds and so
you'd have one in six chance or is it
one bullet and a chamber that holds 100
rounds or a thousand rounds and they
don't tell you what that is you know
somebody tells you well okay this is a
gun you're gonna hold it to your head
and pull the trigger there is one bullet
you got a one in six chance or this is a
gun that holds 100 bullets and there's
one bullet in here you want to take the
chance that this thing is going to help
you or not and in many cases you listen
to the commercials when they tell you
that it's gonna exacerbate the problem
that you're trying to take this drug for
Plus give you things like heart attack
stroke and other issues like that
they say the drug was reimbursed at
least in part by Medicare so the
government is paying for your opioid
addiction they don't even pay for the
cocaine and heroin that you buy on the
street but they'll pay for the big
pharmaceutical drugs that they give you
and it can cost anywhere from two
thousand to more than sixteen thousand
dollars for a 30-day supply
that may be more than the street price
of most of these addictive drugs do you
think the big pharmaceutical companies
are making more than the than the
illegal drug dealers the drug cartels on
these things maybe in terms of of these
individual dosages maybe they are on a
per dosage basis if they can get $16,000
for a 30-day supply and they're only
giving this doctor a hundred and eighty
eight thousand dollars in kickbacks
maybe they don't need to go after the
doctor maybe they don't even need to go
after this company subsys maybe they
need to go after the people who are
actually manufacturing the opioids
who've been given a pass by our
government they say company executives
are also being prosecuted in the case
Rosen Berg admitted that he conspired
with insists officials between 2012 and
2015 to receive the kickbacks in the
form of speaking fees oh the Clinton
tactic right that's how you get your
kickbacks they looked at Clinton they
looked at Obama they looked at the
Bush's I said yeah you know we can we
can give them the kickbacks in terms of
speaking fees we just wanted to hear you
talk but then they come after the NRA
I'll talk about that when we come back
you won't believe the tactic that
they're using to come after the NRA now
it's very similar to tactic they're
using to attack Infowars we'll be right
back I'm David Knight welcome back we're
gonna talk about Hillary Clinton she's
having a very interesting trip she don't
show you pictures of her trip and her
nearly her pratfall in just a moment but
I was just talking about Big Pharma and
the reluctance of CNN and other legacy
media companies to attack Big Pharma on
the opioid epidemic Orry the rest of
this stuff you got Arnold Schwarzenegger
saying we're going to sue big wall
companies they're killing people they're
killing the planet and so forth we're
gonna take the same tactic that we did
with tobacco well why don't you take the
same tactic with the big pharmaceutical
companies that you did with tobacco and
at least stop advertising it
telling people that it's a wonderful
thing and we used to have the Marlboro
Man we used to tell people how how
wonderful that was now we've got the big
pharmaceutical companies where they give
you these very dangerous drugs that are
arguably more dangerous than tobacco I
would say that the opioids and maybe
these other things that they sell with
big pharma are far more dangerous than
tobacco and yet they're allowed to
advertise and to be the bulk of
advertising for most of the news media
why don't you stop that if you really
care about people's health once you stop
that instead of your phony lawsuits to
try to shut down our energy to try to
force us to not have any transportation
walk around on foot and be trapped
inside large cities and to bomb our
economies back into the Stone Age that's
what we're really talking about with the
Liberals they want total control over
your life they want you to be their
serfs their slaves they want to confine
you into the cities that's what they're
smart cities are about that's what
they're you and agenda21 they're you and
2030 agenda for sustainable 'ti it's all
about taking away your lifestyle your
life expectancy taking away your
freedoms taking away and managing the
economy that's the basis for why they
wanted to set up a world government they
needed to have a world problem so they
could have a world tax to fund a world
government and just go back and take a
look at what the Pope was pushing out
there I mean the Pope is out there
pushing a radical depopulation agenda as
a part of this environmentalism but then
they all attack the NRA and here's one
of their latest attacks against the NRA
supported by The Washington Post one of
the world's greatest sculptors warns
America about the NRA this is the guy
who created the very famous sculpture
called Cloud Gate his name is Anish
Kapoor and it's that millennial Park
there and there you go you can see that
if you're watching that it's this great
big reflective curved surface that's
kind of interesting to see it but you
know it's a piece of Modern Art but it's
become iconic for Chicago and last year
the NRA released its now they said
this is of the Washington Post reporting
so anything that the NRA does it's gonna
be infamous no no it's famous the
clenched fist of truth video and they
showed the picture of that sculpture
cloud gate as a stand-in for Chicago
says Washington Post on the city's most
famous recent resident Barack Obama so
they're talking about Barack Obama and
they show that they're you know Barack
Obama from Chicago in other words and
now this guy is suing them for copyright
infringement this is a public sculpture
it is an icon of Chicago and which is
associated with Barack Obama and because
they use this and a political ad and
political commentary they're suing them
for copyright infringement that is fair
use folks a public sculpture and it is
used for political commentary what are
they gonna do next are they going to if
they show the Chicago skyline you're
gonna have all the architects sue them
for copyright infringement we patented
that architectural design and you showed
that in your commercial to show Chicago
so now you're we're gonna sue you on
this it's very similar to what this guy
with Pepe is doing to Infowars you know
there's a poster and it's political
commentary and we didn't even create the
poster but it's a constellation of
personalities around Donald Trump in the
2016 election and Pepe was in there but
the artist even was begging people to
use Pepe and memes and so forth
this is the way they shut you down so we
have political we have web fair use we
can use stuff even if it is copyrighted
you can use it for political commentary
and for satire but these people will
stop at nothing to censor and to
suppress and to tie up in the courts
anybody that they don't agree with well
there's the NRA or where there's
Infowars that's their tactic take a look
at some more of the hatred we've got the
Washington Post's Michael Gerson saying
that evangelicals who support President
Trump are slimy political operatives and
not moral leaders so he's talking about
I don't necessarily identify myself as
the evangelical I identify myself as a
Christian this is a
a term that is malleable that means
different things to different people and
certainly when you got somebody at the
Washington Post starting to put
theological labels on people you can
take that with a grain of salt but what
he's talking about broadly are
Christians and he's saying that any
Christian who supports President Trump
you are slimy political operative if you
support President Trump you're not a
moral leader here's the clip I want to
ask you you just wrote an in-depth piece
about sort of the the struggle within or
as you see it the search for the soul of
the evangelical movement in in many ways
you say they've lost their interest in
decency what do you think the
evangelicals who support president Trump
make of this so the Democrats ever have
an interest in decency well it's the
height of hypocrisy and we saw it with
Roy Moore as well Oh hold it right there
hold it right there hold it right there
Roy Moore okay so they're gonna pull Roy
Moore up there and I can tell you that
no Christian that I know would support
somebody if they believed those charges
but it was a Washington Post that put
out a lot of charges most of them were
inflated some of them were proven false
and yet they continued to say oh he's
got nine people accusing him of sexual
molestation again nobody found those
charges to be critical credible because
they're coming from the Washington Post
because they came out at the very last
minute and as I've said I think that
it's not just the Washington Post I
think it was more like the Republican
establishment desperate to keep Roy
Moore from going to Washington so those
are politically motivated charges but
they want to get on their high horse and
he's gonna start talking about stormy
Daniels and so forth these are the
people remember before the election
these were the people that we saw
supporting Planned Parenthood and we saw
thanks to the project Veritas videos I
know wasn't them it was the Center for
medical progress those videos same type
of thing that Project Veritas does but
it was a Center for medical progress
and these Planned Parenthood people that
are supported categorically by the
Democrats today they're having an
election in Pennsylvania what's one of
the big differences between the two
candidates abortion a blank check for
Planned Parenthood versus trying to put
controls on this but we saw them selling
off body parts and talking about how
they could procure body parts and how
they would do the abortions at certain
time so they could get the baby body
parts don't lecture me about being slimy
Michael Gerson don't lecture me about
being slimy when you support an
organization that kills babies and
harvests their body parts that is slimy
that is slimy we'll talk about the rest
of his clip when we come back stay with
us so if you're a Christian and you
voted for President Trump the Washington
Post's Michael Gerson says you are slimy
political operative and you're immoral
these are the people as I said who
support not only abortion the murder of
tens of millions of children and this is
on the ballot today in Pennsylvania
folks you've got a Democrat candidate
versus a Republican candidate the
Democrat loves Obamacare all of its
controls and taxes hates the tax cuts of
President Trump that have created jobs
and he also loves abortion he says why I
don't like to see abortion yeah I hate
to see that happen but we have to
maintain the right to kill people that
kill people I don't have to be free to
kill your children the Supreme Court
said so and Supreme Court said so that
it's now right and we have to uphold
that right and as we're looking at these
pictures here Dan was just put up a
couple of pictures he said this guy Dan
Gerson looks like he's got Sally Jessy
Raphael is glasses I guess they go the
same optometrist but he's got some
really strong criticism of Christians
and let's hear the rest of what he has
to say about how you Christian
Trump supporter are slimy and immoral
here's what he has to say
guilty of of what is alleged in these
cases evangelicals would be you know off
the reservation this is a case where
their morality seems to be determined by
their politics and there seems to be
more leaders in that sense you know it's
it's a puzzle there second do you think
that there is situational morality with
the Democrats who have never never for
decades there just now some of them are
starting to criticize Bill Clinton very
mildly but they can't criticize Hillary
Clinton even though the victims of Bill
Clinton said that what Hillary Clinton
did to them was far worse even than Bill
Clinton because she crucified them in
public he raped them and private he
sexually assaulted them in private then
she attacked them in public but they
don't have a problem with Bill Clinton
as a matter of fact as I've mentioned
before when Clarence Thomas was going
for his confirmation hearings we had the
Anita Hill accusations very mild stuff
saying that he'd made some off-color
comments to her jokes in the office and
later when Bill Clinton and these women
who were saying that he had sexually
assaulted them and raped them we had
Anita Hill as well as Gloria Steinem the
leaders of the feminist Left who are all
they're all about women they supported
Bill Clinton against the women that he
had raped so Washington Post Michael
Gerson wants to lecture you about
situational ethics and as he goes
through this whole thing about stormy
Daniels and everything and look that is
a tragedy it's a tragedy for Melania as
a tragedy for Baron and Trump's family
it's an embarrassment to president Trump
even if he has chained I mean this is
ten years ago I don't know if he's the
same man some of the Christian leaders
who have talked to him says he has
changed I don't know I don't know the
man but whether he's changed or not this
is something that is very embarrassing
for him but compare this again to what
their hero
that most of them still can't bring
themselves to criticize for this to what
their hero did Ken Starr covered up the
real crimes of Bill Clinton
all the corruption and bribery charges
things that had happened in there in
Arkansas all the racketeering and
corruption that was all covered up Ken
started and talked about that he also
covered up the rape and sexual assault
charges he went with a consensual affair
with the intern Monica Lewinsky and yet
we look at this me too movement what do
we have with that we've got women saying
if you have a situation where a guy in
power is using that power to get sexual
favors even if it's a consensual thing
even if he's pressuring the woman even
if she wants to get a job so forth and
so on that's horrible and it is what did
Bill Clinton do arguably the most
powerful man in the world used his
position as president against an intern
to get what he wanted from her and this
is something that they all admit
something that most of them will say
when I over the years I talked to people
who defended Bill Clinton many many
times believe me I've talked a lot of
people who defended Bill Clinton tried
to tell them no there's a lot of other
crimes a Ken Starr gave him a pass on by
the way Ken Starr you know was the
lawyer who defended Jeffrey Epstein who
was running the plane service to his
pleasure island and Bill Clinton was one
of the frequent passengers on there the
Lolita Express underage girls and so
forth and so on when they caught up to
that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who
defended him oh that would be Ken Starr
Ken Starr who had really not been the
special prosecutor Bill Clinton but the
defender of Bill Clinton hiding up all
the serious crimes covering them up with
this Monica Lewinsky affair and then
they got Bill Clinton for committing
perjury and so I tell people they'd say
yeah he they tried to impeach him for
having an affair I said no they
impeached him for committing perjury
about the affair oh well it's just is
really about the fair I don't have any
problem with that but now these same
people who didn't have an affair with
her didn't have a problem with the
president using his power to get what he
from an intern they now have it has
struck them morally that if somebody
were to buy sex from a porn star
who is not only a prostitute but a
prostitute who wants to make her
prostitution the basis of her celebrity
and she's still doing it again I mean
that's what a porn star is it's a
celebrity prostitute and now they want
to lecture us on morality so I don't
know maybe there's situational ethics
here but it certainly is on the Democrat
side and there are other issues so when
we look at a lot of different issues
it's not necessary to agree with
President Trump on every other on every
issue when I look at something like this
as I said I think it is a personal
tragedy to him it makes me concerned
about whether or not he's going to be
loyal to his voters loyal to the
Constitution when he betrays his family
when he betrays his marriage vows that
gives me concern I was very concerned we
said well let's take the guns first and
do due process later it's like hold on
there hold on hold on maybe I need to
get a trial separation I'm concerned
about integrity is important with
somebody there but when you look at a
lot of these other issues and you say
well on the one side we got Hillary
Clinton who not only was okay with her
husband's sexual assaults and rapes but
was his enabler his defender and became
the point of the attack against his
victims so she's on the one side then on
the other side we've got somebody who
makes some locker room comments about
women but I don't like but how does that
compare to the Clintons sexual crimes
just their sexual crimes let's forget
about all the racketeering and
corruption that's going on the Clintons
let's forget about their position on
other issues let's forget about for the
moment their embrace of the murder of
millions of babies and defending the
practice of using their body parts let's
forget about all of that for a moment
and the moral Ledger here that we got
cuz we don't have perfect people you
know talk about this whenever we talk
about statues being removed the
Democrats want to pretend that there's
such a thing as perfect people no there
aren't so yeah you can find something
bad and the policies of life of all
these people that we erect statues to
and you can tear everybody down but you
can certainly tear down the Democrats so
when you look at these different issues
you know is there a a big difference on
the issues that where they differ I
think there's even a big difference on
these issues but let's go back to the
hate that Michael Gerson has for
Christians Clinton and and the president
and I understand that but they have been
the most sick of antic element of the
Republican coalition which was an
Christians have not provided that moral
judgment that that I think Levin's our
politics should live in our politics and
so you know I've done this piece in the
Atlantic as essentially arguing that
they've they're betraying a great
tradition evangelicalism really has had
a good tradition and now they're really
undermining that always loved Christians
before this hang on we come back we got
the money quote from this guy stay with
us alright we're gonna play the money
quote from the Washington Post's Michael
Gerson he says that Christians who
support President Trump are slimy and
immoral let's go straight to this
because I've been talking about it for
the last segment I want to get to where
he actually says that let's continue
with the clip but in that judgment
you're saying the transactional part of
this relationship isn't worth the
trade-off well they're acting like you
know slimy political operatives not
moral leaders they're essentially saying
in order to get benefits for themselves
in a certain way they talk about
religious liberty and other issues but
to get benefits for themselves they're
willing to wink at stormy Daniels and
wink at misogyny and and wink at
nativism and that I think is deeply
discredit nativism just in a political
sense but actually in a moral and
religious sense so this guy wants
talking about morality and religion let
me tell you
what a religion is to him his religion
is globalism his religion is secular
humanism he doesn't even have any idea
of what Christians values are you don't
talk about religious liberty uh it would
be his people who are trying to take
away our religious liberty our freedom
of expression our ability to freely
exercise our religion they want to side
with the radical LGBTQ activists we want
to lecture our children in kindergarten
about gender confusion you want to take
over bathrooms and endanger women and
children and bathrooms this is what this
is really about they don't care about
anybody's safety and they don't care
about your free expression of religion
they won't allow small bakers or
photographers to decide whether or not
they want to do a homosexual wedding but
they will allow YouTube and Facebook and
Twitter as a matter of fact they will
require them to enact censorship even
though they have a monopoly a national
monopoly there's not a monopoly on
wedding cakes and photography in these
communities these people were targeted
by LGBTQ activists to put them out of
business to make an example of them
that's what the Democrat Party stands
for so yeah it's about religious liberty
it's about life it's about you people as
I've said many times supporting abortion
supporting the vivisection of the babies
that you kill so you can sell off their
spare parts don't lecture us on morality
you slimy Washington Post reporter make
me want to throw up make me want to
throw up all right let's talk about the
specials that we got here and I want to
get to Hillary Clinton somebody else
wants to make me throw up she's on a
trip and will show you her trip in just
a moment but she's making some
pronouncements there that are just as
amazing and head-spinning as what you
just heard from the guy who supports her
Michael Gerson not the people who are
supporting her issue was trippin but the
people who support her politically
before we go back to that as I said
they're trying to censor anybody that
disagrees with them they'll put you out
of business they'll put you in jail in
many country
for hate speech the Southern Poverty Law
Center st. people trying to censor us
censor any conservatives any Trump
supporters these are the people who have
been pushing these hate crimes that have
sent people to jail and Canada and other
places because they support traditional
marriage between one man and one woman
and they want to do that here in America
as well as Southern Poverty Law Center
said the Family Research Council in
Washington was a hate group and they
encouraged a guy with their writings to
go in and try to shoot the place up
fortunately they stopped him no penalty
for the Southern Poverty Law Center for
doing that no no no they are the ones
who are conducting the witch-hunt
they're the ones that YouTube and
Twitter and Facebook and the FBI and
they sought to go to them and say you
know show us who the hate people are oh
these people over here these Christians
they're hateful people so we need to do
something to them we need to censor
their speech maybe we need to put them
in jail maybe we need to find them
maybe you need to shut down their
University B this is the tactics of the
left we understand what you're about
don't lecture us about situational
ethics when you justify the murder of
children but these are the tactics that
they're using to censor people the
lawsuits that they file and so forth if
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of us if you support us but it's
necessary for you to support us and we
really do appreciate that we have
Hillary Clinton has made the news
she's had another collapse we'll show
you that in just a moment but even more
interesting it's what she had to say and
I want to play a clip of what Hillary
Clinton had to say as part of her bitter
world tour she is now in India holding
court and finding different groups to
blame because of course it's all about
groups it's about identity politics and
so it's a which groups that Hillary
Clinton hates here's Hillary Clinton if
you look at the map of the United States
there's all that red in the middle where
Trump won now I win the coasts I win you
know Illinois the map doesn't show you
is that I won the places that represent
two-thirds of America's gross domestic
product so I won the places that she won
big cities that's why we want to have
the electoral college diverse dynamic
moving forward and his whole campaign
make America great again was looking
backwards you know we didn't like black
people getting rights you don't like
women you know getting jobs you don't
want it you know see that Indian
Americans succeeding more than you are
whatever your problem is her problem is
identity politics right India's identity
prom politics she says you know his
whole campaign make America great again
what was her campaign I'm with her in
other words it's my turn I'm a woman
you're with me it's all about me at
least Trump made his campaign about
America he made it about making things
as Scott Adams pointed out he said make
we're gonna make things we're gonna
bring back the manufacturing base what
did he just do he's doing things to
bring back the manufacturing base you
think Hillary Clinton would have done
that now no he wants to make America
great again Hillary Clinton wanted to
make herself great it was self
referential and then she goes into her
identity politics so he didn't like
black people getting rights you don't
like women you don't like you know
getting jobs well women are getting jobs
we had a record jobs increase report I
think a lot of those people were women
see these rising tide is lifting all
boats but Hillary Clinton is still
doubling down on
failed identity politics and she said if
people were looking for reality TV
campaign maybe I should have given them
more entertainment well it's pretty
entertaining what's happening to her in
India let's roll bat b-roll there she's
walking down the steps and again she's
having lots of problems with a step
below there she goes she picks tried to
make like two or three steps at once cuz
I guess she's having trouble with her
eyes maybe she forgot her fernell lenses
she did it again and then she's got two
people on both helping her supporting
her on either side still having trouble
getting down those steps but she goes on
to talk about her identity politics here
and she said women white women voted for
Trump because their husbands told them
to what was I just talking about in the
last segment I was talking about the
fact that Hillary Clinton did whatever
her husband told her to do he raped the
women she attacked them in public
because her husband told her to or maybe
she was telling her husband everything
else to do she said it's kind of a sort
of an ongoing pressure to vote the way
that your husband your boss your son
whoever believes you should say Saul the
men in your lives dominating it she said
Democrats don't do well with white men
and we don't do well with married white
women well why would that be Hillary
maybe they don't have your unmitigated
irrational hatred of men you and your
feminists maybe because they're married
they have a broader perspective they
don't share your hatred your prejudice
your bias against men
so they look at the issues and they
don't vote for you there's the other
part of the entertainment yeah we did
have a bit of a reality TV campaign
I thought Hillary was pretty
entertaining throughout the campaign you
know collapsing on 9/11 and then when
the balloons came down she's hogging the
balloons but she says it's part of that
identification again it's all about
identification for her right that
identification with the Republican Party
you think people who voted for Hillary
don't identify with the Democrat Party
maybe even more strongly a sort of
ongoing pressure to vote the way your
husband your boss your son whoever
whatever mail tells you you should in
other words yeah that's her hatred of
that's her division that she wants to
give people it's absolutely amazing she
will never give up but she has done the
balloons again you guys have got that
clip rolling she will never learn will
she but still pushing that hate still
pushing that division still pushing that
groupism let me tell you something the
places that voted for her are the big
population cities and that's why we have
the Electoral College to keep them from
dominating us we'll be right back coming
up in the next hour we're gonna take a
look at the wall and an interesting
court case that again reflects back on
to Dhaka we're also going to talk about
taxes the different approach of Schumer
he's calling for a tax increase they
want their money back Bernie Sanders
said you robbed the Treasury we want our
money back says a shimmery said the
Republicans are gonna rue the day that
they gave that money to the people of
America the businesses so they could
hire people so they could expand so he
wants to take it back
he's clawing fighting you for the crumbs
on the kitchen table President Trump
meanwhile had a very interesting comment
said we're going to do another tax cut
first time we heard about that also
talked about the nerve agent in Russia
the individual and his daughter who had
a nerve gas attack the first responder
is also in the hospital and very serious
or critical condition I'm not sure what
the official status of all of them all
right now nobody has died yet but
they're a very serious condition a
chemical attack in London and they are
now saying that it was a Russian nerve
gas and they're threatening sanctions so
um we'll see what's going to happen with
that as well and we have an interesting
story about what a judge did in a trial
doing an electric shock to the defendant
because he wouldn't cooperate with the
judge wasn't violent he just wouldn't
and they started shocking him so it's
very shocking result actually well no
pun intended but we'll talk about that
when we come back this segment I want to
talk a little bit about economics and
technology and how they use that to
control you this is a story from rodent
track diesel cars are being
from major cities and the newest
gas-powered cars might be next of course
they are been telling about this for a
long time but here's what's happening in
Germany he starts out by saying as his
Jack booth he says trusty was pointed
out that being apolitical doesn't enable
you to avoid the consequences of
political change in other words you you
may not really care one way or the other
about politics you may not care about
whether you have a diesel car or gas car
or electric vehicle maybe you're really
kind of apathetic about that you may not
care about cars at all but there's a
larger agenda happening here that will
affect you whether you care about those
things or not I mean I'm not interested
in this because I like to drive cars I
do like to drive cars but that's not my
point here and I don't have a particular
beef with people who drive electric cars
I have a problem with crony capitalism
but I also have a bigger problem with
control control structures that are
being forced upon us because if they
don't like what you're doing they're
going to just outright ban it just like
they're banning channels from YouTube
just as they're using censorship to shut
down any political discourse in the West
we're not just talking about China of
course people expect that from a
communist dictator in China but our
globalists are acting that way as well
and so it is apt for him to start
talking about communism and
authoritarian structures so he says
truss key said that if even though
you're not interested in politics it
doesn't mean that politics isn't
interested in you
he said that was on my mind when I read
Germany's court of last resort quote
unquote the federal administrative court
will decide this coming Thursday whether
or not individual cities can ban diesel
cars if the court gives the okay in
Germany as many as 90 German cities will
join Paris Madrid Mexico City and other
major urban centers and banning diesel
cars as soon as practically possible
this is something that has been at the
center of the agenda to take over our
lives by our government I talked about
this as I was coming to Infowars the EPA
trying to push the idea that
diesel particulates were causing cancer
and are killing people at a higher rate
than cancer ones at the same time they
were performing human experimentation
without informed consent on people right
there where I was in North Carolina
because they were trying to push for
more regulations and then we have the
EPA coming back and putting a four
billion dollar fine on Volkswagen
sending one of their people to jail when
nobody died nobody died it's not like
the airbags it's not like the exploding
pentose it's not like the rolling SUVs
nobody got anywhere close to that this
is orders of magnitude more because
they've got an agenda I'll tell you when
we come back yeah we got a story here
about a sex offender pedophile who had
his conviction overturned because you
had the judge shocking the monkey he had
him he wouldn't answer the questions of
the judge the judge had the bailiff put
a shock vest on him and shock him
repeatedly I want to talk about that
because this is in the broader
perspective of population control that
we're talking about it's one example
just happened here in Texas they just
overturned that trial and I tell you the
details of that but we were just talking
about and and this is also related
president Trump halting Broadcom taking
over Qualcomm these are two
communication companies Broadcom has
Chinese control they're worried because
the center of this is 5g technology the
technology that is going to be the
enabling technology of smart cities that
I was just talking about the control
structure as the military always says
you control the way people move the way
they communicate and the way they shoot
you control the people and this is a
part of it it's abroad the smart cities
agenda is a broad agenda to control the
population completely and so what they
said was a shift to Chinese dominance by
the way this was cepheus the same
organization that looks at the the
Committee on foreign investment in the
United States this the same committee
that was at the center of the uranium
one scandal they're supposed to look at
proposed mergers and buyouts and look at
them in terms of anti competitiveness
and national security of course they
failed to do that famously in the
uranium one scandal they approve that
even though it was known that the
individuals who are buying 20% at least
it's actually 20% of the known reserve
there they said have more reserves there
as well but the individuals who are
proposing to own that were known
racketeering and criminals Hillary
Clinton and the rest of them approved
that anyway and there were some special
favors that were given to Hillary
Clinton before and after that going
through so the same organization cepheus
now under Trump says we're not going to
allow this Chinese company to take over
this American company because 5g is
there and that is going to be an issue
of national security you can bet it's
gonna be a national security issue
you don't realize fully yet I think
mostly American people don't realize how
powerful 5g technology is gonna be
forget the health effects right now
there's some real issues about health
effects with 5g let's just talk about
the Liberty and surveillance features of
5g they don't want the Chinese to be
able to see all this but you can bet
that the national security state in
Washington is going to use this to watch
you I'm glad that the Chinese aren't
going to be doing it but I'm not happy
that the American government is going to
be having these kinds of surveillance
powers here it's gonna be very very
powerful it's all a part of this total
agenda to control us that we've been
talking about the limiting our
transportation watching our
communications and monitoring everything
that we do and when I say monitoring
everything we do again they're they Mock
the idea that's and we're just looking
at the metadata we're not recording or
your texts and we're not listening to
your phone conversations of course they
aren't they're doing things that they
can where they can monitor you
algorithmically that's why the metadata
is what is most valuable to them they
will listen to your phone conversations
of what if you're an interesting person
is Michael Hayden said we're not
interested in bad people are interested
in interesting people and they're very
interested in interesting people
well known if you're an opinion maker
they will examine you to the eighth
degree but if you're the general public
they want to know what the general
public what the hive mind thinks they're
going to construct narratives they're
gonna put them out there in the public
space and they want to see how you react
to those narratives and they will use
that feedback as a control mechanism as
a control loop to fine-tune their
message their narrative to control you
that's the way that control is going to
work that's why they're interested and
having 5g and other things and there's
also health issues and involved with
that but it's all part of the UN smart
cities agenda part of the 2030 agenda
for sustainable 'ti to limit your access
to energy to mobility to Liberty that is
what this is all part of and we've got
one of the guys who was involved in
setting up the World Wide Web
The Guardian talks about Tim berners-lee
they call him the inventor of the World
Wide Web well you know the Internet is
really a DARPA invention it is a
weaponized tool that got out of their
hands somewhat DARPA was JCR Licklider
who was a psychologist and he coined it
the intergalactic computer network they
shortened it to Internet but then on top
of that they imposed the World Wide Web
and we've had many people like Infowars
for example use that infrastructure just
like we use YouTube as long as though
allow us to use it they're shutting that
they're constricting what people can say
they've shut down so many different
channels pretty much everybody I talk to
now anymore has had their channel
removed had Mike Adams had his channel
remove Lee Stranahan had his channel
removed from YouTube they threatened to
shut ours down I haven't done it just
yet they shut down jerome corsi then
they put it back we don't know where
their standards are they won't tell
anybody they just do whatever they wish
their monopoly but nobody will control
them as monopolies and they're using
their monopoly powers to take back
control of this what was originally a
DARPA weapon and Tim berners-lee who
began the world wide web on top of the
DARPA net on top of the Internet so
Facebook Google and Twitter control
ideas and opinions that are seen and
shared and he said what was once a rich
selection of blogs and websites has been
compressed under the powerful weight of
a few dominant platforms
he said these online gatekeepers can
lock in their power by acquiring smaller
rivals by buying up new innovations and
by hiring the industry's top talent I
mean look at the DARPA competition for
what did Google do they were part of the
competition they didn't have a
particularly good robot to compete with
instead what they did was they bought up
everybody that was promising they now
own Boston Dynamics the people who
create those really creepy robots and he
said Google as he pointed out rather the
Guardian pointed out Google now accounts
for more than 87 percent of online
searches worldwide Facebook has more
than 2.2 billion monthly active users
together the two companies including
their subsidiaries Instagram and YouTube
get more than 60 percent of digital
advertising spent worldwide they are de
facto monopolies and when we look at
this merger decision abroad calm and
Qualcomm people are going to talk about
it as a competition between US and China
yes that's the superficial aspect of it
but the deeper aspect of it that you
should look at is why does your
government want to surveil and control
everything that you do you don't think
that they would do that you think
they're good people right well let's
take a look at I already talked about
what the EPA did oh we're not don't have
time well what we're gonna talk about
the shock the monkey aspect when we come
back it's a Texas judge using
electroshock on a defendant in the
courtroom to control him in the
courtroom and he wasn't violent at all
just refused to answer the judge what is
that about well I'll tell you when we
come back stay with us we're gonna talk
about human experimentation and torture
you may not realize it but you are part
of a lot of experiments that are
happening right now you're gonna be a
part of a lot more experiments as they
come down the pike we're just talking
about this in terms of the Broadcom
Qualcomm merger buyout whatever there
was just shut down at the heart of it
is 5g you are part of a human experiment
in terms of controlling your every
movement what you can say what knowing
what you think and so forth and of
course controlling your ability to
defend yourself against something like
that by taking away your guns that's all
part of the agenda yeah I know it sounds
paranoid except it's really happening
it's not paranoid if it's really
happening you know we look at all of
this stuff and we talked at the
beginning of the hour how the EPA was
conducting human experimentation it's
not a theory our government is perfectly
willing to do it they have no moral
qualms about that just look at what goes
on at the CIA torturing people at Gitmo
when you look at the CIA and you look at
the Saudis it's really kind of hard to
tell where one ends and the other one
begins you know there was the article
about the people in Saudi Arabia that
were rounded up taken to the
ritz-carlton and tortured and I was
something was really strange I mean only
in a filthy rich to Tollett Aryan regime
like Saudi Arabia and would you have the
people who are subject to torture taken
to the ritz-carlton and then tortured
and just a the way my mind works it
always triggers a song usually in
something in kind of a black comedy but
I thought back to Young Frankenstein
that tap dancing scene with Gene Wilder
and the monster right
tap dancing to putting on the Ritz and
the monster has I don't know maybe
that's a but that that's what came to my
mind when I looked at that but you know
when I look at torture I am always
constrained to put myself in the
position why would somebody even do that
on orders to people
yeah I've talked to John Kiriakou he
went to jail because he blue Hassan CIA
torture and he said he would do it again
but you know he stands out and this he's
not like the rest of the people of CIA
the rest of the people are perfectly
fine doing that and covering it up he's
the only one who would blow the whistle
on that he's the only one who complained
about it he's the only one who went to
jail not the people who tortured people
he's the one who went to jail the guy
who blew the whistle on the torture John
Kiriakou they sent him to jail
and when we look at the mindset of the
people in government you really don't
think they're going to take away
everything you've got if you don't fight
these people for your freedom that's not
being paranoid folks that is being
realistic and I want to give you an
insight into the mindset of people who
are drunk with power whether they're
Saudi billionaires Saudi princes Saudi
Kings whether there's somebody that
works the CIA or whether they're a judge
because you know judges can they got
their own little kingdom there and you
don't do what they say you don't jump as
high as they tell you to jump they feel
entitled to do anything they want to to
you well here's one judge out of Tarrant
County in Texas State District Judge
George Gallagher of Tarrant County told
a bailiff on three occasions to punish
an uncooperative defendant with electric
shocks and now the sex offenders
conviction has been overturned see
that's the bottom line this made by this
this guy the sex offender belongs in
jail he's gonna get out of jail he's
gonna have another trial they're not
gonna just let him go free but he might
go free who knows because of the
misconduct of this Judge that's the
other part of this
I said stun belts can be strapped around
the legs of some defendants if the
people are getting violent or they're
trying to escape that was not the case
in this particular case they said in the
case of Terry Lee Morris who is
convicted in 2014 of charges of
soliciting sexual performance from a 15
year old girl an appeals court found
that the judge used electric shocks as
punishment after the defendant failed to
answer the judges questions properly he
declined to comment in other words
taking the fifth you won't take the
bring out the electric shock bailiff and
put him on it after enduring 50,000
volts shocks Morris was apparently too
scared to return in the courtroom
actually did not attend the remainder of
his own trial he appealed his conviction
alleging that the judge
violated his constitutional rights by
repeatedly shocking him for failing to
answer questions while showing no signs
of becoming violent or being a risk of
flight and the words not trying to get
out and when we look at what's going on
with us this is very much like the
Milgram experiment isn't it remember
them half the Milgram experiment where
the psychologist had a guy who's running
an experiment he had the suppose a test
subject to a strapped into an electric
shocking apparatus but he was actually
in on the gag and the real test subject
was the guy that was going to be
administering the shock when the wrong
answer was given and the authority
figure would tell him to administer a
shock when they got the wrong answer and
continually told him to up the ante
until these people just on the basis of
authority would administer lethal shocks
to people they thought were gonna be
lethal shocks but it was a controlled
experiment and the guy who's being
shocked really wasn't being shocked he
was pretending he's being shocked and
then the French did a game show in a
documentary they called it the game of
death where they enacted the Milgram
experiment but they threw in something
else there they threw in another
experiment from a guy named ash who had
done a an experiment about groupthink
where they would have an entire group
and they would show them obvious answers
and say which line is longer than the
other well yeah answer was obvious but
they would have everybody in the group
give the wrong answer trying to get the
one test subject to agree with the group
not knowing that he was being tested and
in most cases that would work as well so
when the French did this they had an
audience a TV audience that was egging
on the person that was administering the
shocks so it wasn't just authority
figure pushing them there but it was
also groupthink that was pushing them
towards that and when you put those two
things together with just the Milgram
experiment where it was just the
authority figure saying administer the
electric shock they got over sixty-two
percent of people worldwide would
administer those shocks now and the
fridge games
where they did this and they had an
audience in addition to an authority
figure they got it up to a full 80% see
that's why it is so important that they
have the 5g technology so they can form
public opinion because you'll do a lot
just because the authorities tell you to
do it won't you but if you've got the
group telling you to do it as well they
can pretty much get it all the time
80 plus percent and going back to the
Milgram experiment he said I set up a
simple experiment at Yale University to
test how much pain an ordinary citizen
would inflict on another person simply
because he was ordered to by an
experimental scientist an authority
figure start Authority he said was
pitted against the subjects participants
or the participants strongest moral
imperatives against hurting other people
and with the subjects or the
participants ears ringing with the
screams of the victims Authority one
more often than not in other words 62%
of times what the results was the
extreme willingness of adults to go
almost any links on the command of
authority constitutes the chief findings
of the study in the fact that most
urgently demands explanation that was
the Milgram experiment so how did this
work out in this courtroom well on the
first day of the trial the judge asked
the defendant for his plea guilty or not
if he used to answer so the judge
instructed the bailiff to get the stun
belts and put him around his legs again
remember the stun belts can be used if
somebody is violent in the courtroom
obviously that makes sense or if they're
trying to escape trying to flee but this
was just because he wouldn't answer the
judge which really is under his Fifth
ability so the judge asked to defend it
two more times if he'd follow the rules
when the defendant did not provide a
plea the judge said the bailiff hit him
the bailiff pressed a button
sent the electric shock through his body
50,000 volts by the way 50,000 volts and
the defendant said I've got a history of
mental illness
he said hit him again kept doing this
kept doing this and they said you know
delivering 50,000 volts that can
mentally impaired somebody even if they
don't have
so now as this court said when they gave
their opinion watch I'll tell you on the
other side of the break what the Texas
appeals court said because it's very
interesting the way they looked at this
we'll be right back
you know the idea that power corrupts is
not a new idea it's something our
founders understood that's why they
divided the federal government into
three pieces and then divided the power
between the federal government that was
subdivided into three pieces between the
federal government and the people and
the states but of course that has
changed now if you want an example as
how power corrupts just take a look at
this case you know this is something
that was announced they overturned this
judge who was using electroshock and the
court they overturned that conviction
back on February 28 that took about
another week for anybody to report it
and then it took me another week to
notice it because I saw the headline on
the daily bail judge uses electroshock
in court on suspect like a live Milgram
experiment that got my attention a live
Milgram experiment and that's exactly
what it was now that's what the bailiff
was doing and it's what the CIA does I
just point out everybody except John
Kuryakin oh yeah yeah well you want us
to torture we'll do it for the Saudis at
the Ritz Hotel
yeah well torture um put them on the
roots I mean it's just the people will
do whatever an authority figure tells
them to do but then look at the judge
he's the one who was corrupted by power
the bailiff is the one who was
intimidated by power and this now the
the conviction has been overturned this
guy will get another trouble what they
gonna do the judge what are they going
to do to the bailiff who obeyed the
judge that's the question I have as well
probably nothing to either one of them
cuz they never did anything to the CIA
tortures even after John Kiriakou
exposed it here's what the judges in the
appeal said their appeal decision we do
not believe that trial judges can use
stun belts to enforce decorum that's
putting it pretty modelling is that a
stun belt is a device meant to ensure
physical safety it is not an operant
conditioning collar meant to punish a
defendant until he obeys a judge's whim
this Court cannot sit idly by and say
nothing when a judge turns a court of
into a skinner box a skinner box they
referenced BF Skinner in their Court
decision they did it and appropriately
I'll tell you why in just a moment
electrocuting a defendant until he
provides a judge with behavior that he
likes again the shock that can
administer 50,000 volts can mentally
deranged somebody to the extent they
can't answer your questions is only to
be used on people who get violent or
trying to escape and flee this is being
used because the judge demanded an
answer from him and he refused to answer
so I'm gonna shock you into compliance
now there reference the Skinner box and
let me tell you this is not a Skinner
BF Skinner and his Skinner box was set
there to reward animals who are part of
his experiment to reward them when they
engaged in a certain behavior they would
learn that if they could push a lever
they could get a treat and that was the
basic idea no a BF Skinner did that was
so powerful was he didn't do negative
conditioning see this is negative
conditioned you do what I say or I'm
gonna shock you and so it wasn't a
Skinner box what this judge was doing
was negative conditioning BF Skinner
found that it was far more effective to
give positive conditioning to people and
he was able to get people using his
clicker training procedure and so forth
have been able to train all kinds of
animals to do all kinds of things that
they could never get animals to do if
you say you know bad dog don't do that
now instead you reward them with the
appropriate behavior we've used it on my
border collie effectively today's a very
effective way to manipulate animals and
human beings as well and so it wasn't a
Skinner box but let me tell you what is
a Skinner box the TSA we've got an
article about the TSA here on the
Guardian questions for the TSA after
reports of laptop and phone searches on
domestic flights they say there's a
growing number of reports the TSA is
searching the electronic devices of
passengers on domestic flights in the US
and there
a lawsuit that was just filed by the
ACLU they did it yesterday demanding
that the government disclose its
policies for searching the computers and
cell phones of domestic travelers you
know maybe you should have a reason for
searching us that's what the Fourth
Amendment says but of course we've
thrown out the Constitution completely
and we are allowing everyone in
government to act like this little petty
tyrant judge who shocked the defendant
because he wouldn't give an answer this
is a very dangerous type of behavior
that we are allowing from the people
that we have given authority over us
this is why the founders are so
concerned about Authority so we have to
have certain rules that they're going to
respect if we're going to let them take
the authority they have to swear
allegiance to the Bill of Rights to take
their oath of office but we have to
enforce it when they disobey that oath
that's the important thing they said we
received reports of passengers on purely
domestic flights having their phones
laptops searched and the takeaway is
that the TSA has been taking these items
from people without providing any reason
why the search of an electronic device
has the potential to be highly invasive
and covers the most personal details
about a person well that's true
that is the least really of what the TSA
is doing and when I said the TSA
operates on you like a Skinner box it is
positive operant conditioning you let me
do whatever I wish to you and I won't
make it too painful I'll put you through
a scanner or I'll frisk you and touch
your body but you let me do that and you
can get on the plane no they don't if
you decide that you don't want to do
that and you don't want to fly they
don't come around and say we're gonna do
that not yet not yet anyway
but that's the power of positive operant
conditioning and after a while
everybody's just fine with it I don't
see anybody when I fly I don't see
anybody even opting out I do the most
that when I have to fly because of
business when I have to fly I want to
gum up the works as
much as I can and no matter what they do
with a pat-down procedure I'm going to
take their personnel I'm gonna waste
their time I'm gonna make the line
longer if I can I'm gonna do everything
that I can to resist them other than not
fly I wish I could not fly but sometimes
I have to it's part of the job but you
know at some point we got to try to get
our power back with these people and
when you look at this judge and the way
they're able to get away with things and
the bailiff they will absolutely not see
any cut in their power they won't be
removed from office they won't pay any
fines the public will have to pay for
another trial for this guy he may get
off who knows I don't know but it's it's
sad to see this but if you think that
the searching of your laptops and your
phones yes it is
very private and it has the essence of
who you are and guess what the
government is free to search that at any
time they want they don't have to have
the TSA goons do a physical handling of
this they can do it with their where we
started the beginning of the hour the
fact that James clapper is oh no we're
not we're not spying on the American
people and we just had the five year
anniversary of that and now he's passed
the statute of limitations we can't send
him to jail he got away with it got away
with that lie and they're still getting
away with that lie they're still getting
away with violating the Constitution
they're still monitoring you and that
takes us back to where I was talking
about the 5g that's coming wait until
they get that in the stays and they
confine you into the cities they are
going to be looking at everything inside
your phone your laptop following all
your patterns of movement who do you
talk to what do you do who are you what
are your political beliefs what are your
religious beliefs
it's called geospatial intelligence
activity based intelligence human domain
analytics look it up find out how bad
this is gonna be its pre-crime folks
it's Minority Report stuff that they're
coming along with let's take a look at
the daka situation because we have
president Trump traveling to the wall
prototypes in California is gonna take a
look at the different prototypes there
and I'm sure that everybody be focused
back-and-forth conflicts of protests and
so forth but let's take a look at Dhaka
because we had an interesting court
finding the EPA broke the law by
delaying a smog rule says the court said
EPA administers Scott Pruett was
supposed to announced by October the 1st
which areas of the country were in
compliance with the 2015 Obama
administration rule this is a rule not a
law not the border okay this is a rule
that he decided that he released the
information about the areas that did
comply but he did not release the
information about the areas that did not
comply so what does this have to do with
daca you had the EPA official delay
performing his administrative duty
what is daca it is delayed action on
childhood arrivals
it's the Obama administration saying
they're not going to enforce not just a
rule but a law they're not going to
enforce the border they're not going to
enforce immigration law they said we're
going to delay it that is now in the
opinion of a lot of these judges oh by
the way there was a third federal judge
that ruled on this daca issue and
Trump's ability to ignore the delaying
of the enforcement but you haven't heard
about that judge on mainstream media
have you he said Trump is perfectly
within his rights to do that you only
heard about the California and the New
York judge who said Trump can't do that
no he has to continue delaying the
enforcement of law when they just said
the EPA has to enforce the law they
can't delay enforcement of it do you see
the double standard that's going on here
that's the real issue with daca of
course there's a bigger issue with that
as well but we don't have time for that
thank you for joining us that's the end
of our program today
make no mistake we've made some major
games against the globalist but they're
striking back all over the world now
more than ever is the time to get
prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
medical supplies emergency supplies
communications tactical it's all there
and we're adding more and more every day
of the very best products out there so
go to fortified supply.com today to not
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