Author Topic: Pro-Freedom US Senate Candidate Joey Gibson Joins War Room #WashingtonState  (Read 72 times)

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I made a bit of a faux pas I thought
that was our last segment on the Roger
stone because usually we do four because
the first five minutes is usually a
video but then we'd brought in Roger in
the first five so that was my mistake
but Roger is with us for one more
segment I looked up at the clock I'm
like wait a minute that's weird
but he's brought a guest on Joey Gibson
who's gonna be running for US Senate I
like the first thing on his platform
right there term limits that's what I'm
talking about term limits that's what we
need first and foremost if we're gonna
make any changes in this country we have
to get rid of the swamp creatures who
have embedded themselves in there no
public servants becoming multi
millionaire exactly exactly there's too
much of that going on so let's throw to
Roger who's gonna bring in Joey
go ahead Roger you know one of the
things that Owen destroyer and I have
trying to do is to search the country
and look for candidates hard chargers
real reform oriented libertarian minded
conservatives who are seeking to run for
public office as part of the Trump wave
I learned about Joey Gibson's candidacy
from Derek McAllister who was among a
contingent of activists and probably's
that I met at the Dorchester conference
in Salem Oregon in its 54th year and a
great of gathering of grassroots
Republicans conservatives and others
contingent came over from Washington
State I was proud to meet and have
selfies taken with most of them and they
talked effusive way about the candidacy
of Joey Gibson cause me to do some
research I am proud to present him now
because here is a libertarian minded
conservative who minces no words and is
running a hard-charging race to reform
America Joey welcome to the war room
No thank you I appreciate it you know
I'm happy to be here so tell us about
yourself and then tell us about your
candidacy yeah so basically you know
about a year ago when I saw people being
violent towards Trump supporters you
know I finally had enough and I decided
to go around on the west coast to
challenge the alt left challenge the
hate from the left and kind of expose
the hypocrisy and along the way you know
I was really hoping that we can liberate
the conservative the libertarian on the
west coast so that you don't have to
hide you know you don't have to be
ashamed of what you believe in over time
you know my hope was to get a couple
grassroots leaders to step up especially
you know ran for the the Senate in
Washington State I didn't really want to
run at first but then you know over time
and talking to a lot of people I decided
I'm gonna step in there and work my butt
off to to inspire people in the Pacific
Northwest so we can get freedom gone
back you know in Oregon in Washington
well you know I think it was President
Theodore Roosevelt who said you know I
respect the man who actually gets in the
arena not the guy who stands on the
sidelines it points out how the strong
man could have done better or how the
doer of Deeds could have done a better
job is that person will never know the
thrill of success or the agony of defeat
because they're shallow you're a man
who's climbed into the arena that takes
guts when you run for public office
people need to understand that it's an
all-consuming enterprise to get your
views in front of the motors so
we salute you for your for your support
of the First Amendment and a great
agenda term limits the FairTax has put
forward by Governor Gary Johnson in both
of his presidential campaigns an
excellent tax plan superior to the SIRT
to the current code to many libertarians
you've got a great reform agenda there
yeah absolutely for me it's about
getting to the root cause of some of
these problems you know one of the
biggest problems is corruption in the
establishment and so we have these
people that are a chancer to the system
that answer to the country
they've made a decision to get rich off
of American people by selling us out and
so I think that I'm gonna push term
limits as much as I can because I think
that's one way to get rid of the
establishment and so I'm really excited
to push that you know it's got to come
from the bottom up Scotty a grassroots
movement but also the tax code is
completely corrupt it's they've they put
74,000 pages which we don't need the
whole thing is complicated on purpose
it's rigged against the middle class
it's rigged against small business and
so that's why people buy out politicians
that's why businesses buy o politicians
because they get the loopholes even
Trump himself admitted the fact that he
had to play the game you know in order
to in order to succeed and it shouldn't
have to be that way if we completely
abolish the IRS we go to a simple you
know a sales tax you know the government
has no no business in to how much money
you make or how you make your money that
is Venice between you and your family
that is it and so we go to a sales tax
and no longer you know politicians don't
have to buy out or they don't have to
buy our politicians anymore and we can
simplify all of it and so I think those
two things you know the term limits and
the FairTax I think those two things
alone would would change our country and
change the government and it would bring
power back to the American people and
take it away from the people at the top
well I know you're running for the US
Senate Washington State you're
challenging a Democrat Murray
yeah well who seems to be just another
run-of-the-mill go along to get along
establishment Democrat and you face a
Republican primary this is going to be a
spirited race because I think you're
saying a lot of things that are going to
resonate with with people we are we're
in a desperate struggle here and the
real issue is censorship these people
don't want anyone to hear about Joey
Gibson these people don't want anyone on
Facebook or Twitter or Google or Amazon
to know what the Joey
Gibson vibe is like and what you're
saying in a race where you're tackling
issues and questions that nobody else no
career politician will talk about so we
salute you
for that how can people find you on the
Internet a candidate Gibson so you go to
Gibson for freedom it's all letters calm
you can find me on Facebook you know
Joey Gibson Twitter you know we're all
over the place the social media is
really starting to it's there they're
pressing us really hard like they're
really they don't want us to reach
people it's 100% true and so another
thing you can do if you go to Gibson for
freedom calm you can get on the email
list and so that way you know you can
get all the updates no one can censor us
through email it's one of the best ways
to to communicate with people and you
can also donate on there and as we know
Maria Cantwell is gonna have over ten
million dollars you know she's gonna
have all the money in the world and
she's gonna need it
trust me cuz she's gonna she has to buy
press time we're not have to buy press
time because we got we got high energy
we got passions we got one of the
biggest things that we need right now we
need politicians we need who are leaders
who can speak who can motivate and
inspire in Washington State we have the
Conservatives have lost their faith they
have lost their hope and so we have so
many moderate Democrats and Bernie
supporters who feel like the party has
left them you know the leadership and
the DNC is completely corrupt you look
at the fact that Hillary Clinton was
able to buy out the entire party we have
so many people who are looking for a new
home and so I'm gonna get out there with
the speeches with the videos and do
everything I can to to put a fire in
their heart to make them feel a certain
way that they've never felt in entire
lives and so and that's how we're gonna
get people to change their habits change
their voting habits don't vote for
someone just cuz it's comfortable don't
vote for Maria Cantwell don't vote for
you know Maxine Waters Nancy Pelosi
don't vote for these people anymore it's
time to get new people in DC people with
some passion you know as people people
with a heart and so if you look at Maria
Cantwell she used to have a lot of
energy she used to have a little bit of
a little bit of even some passion in her
speeches but now you look DC has
completely drained her spirit like she
can barely even stand up she can barely
even you know speak sometimes and so I
don't know I'm just really excited to
get in there and challenge her and bring
a good positive message of freedom back
to Washington
alright Joey let's go to your website
there one more time because I gotta tell
you man let's go to the kid
he's got the Kojak thing going on there
it's great
I like your whole look you better watch
out Oh in Troy this guy might be headed
for the best-dressed list
congratulations brother and I admire
your hard-charging spirit this is an
uphill race clearly you understand that
and incumbents have massive
million-dollar resources from special
interests but what you have is fight in
a great message and a nice personal
style so go get them we're gonna keep
track of your campaign here at the war
many thanks Billy Gibson thank you I
appreciate you bring me on there means
law I think the key is Joey needs to get
into a debate with Miss Maria Cantwell
and you know to really to show people
what she's made of I'm sorry yeah can't
well Maria Cantwell who he's running
against and that's the key for all these
up-and-coming people who want to get in
the political spectrum you have to get
into debates with these people you have
to get them televised you have to maybe
approach them and do it on the street
debate and you know if they don't want
to give you the time of day you have to
force the issue and really step it up
because that's the only way you're gonna
get people to see the difference in the
candidate system just otherwise they're
never gonna you know they're never gonna
hear of you and they don't want to
debate trust me these people have
nothing to offer yeah they're gonna say
well what are you scared of you know
he's just an average guy you've been
doing this for however long why are you
afraid of debate
exactly exactly well thanks for that
find Roger as Joey Gibson Gibson for
freedom calm and thank you for joining
us Roger stone at stone cold truth
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in healthy thyroid if you're interested
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