Author Topic: Roger Stone On Why Trump's Tough Trade Talk Is Working  (Read 47 times)

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Roger Stone On Why Trump's Tough Trade Talk Is Working
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:50:16 AM »

I'm your co-host Roger stone and you're
at freedom command central yes it's the
war room I'm joined by my colleagues Rob
do the fanatical radical and the ever
pungent and vivacious Leanne McAdoo and
we've got some members of the silent
majority lined up who are gonna tell us
what's going on out there in America
exactly I put out the call earlier for
people who work within the steel
industry to give us a call to get their
take on the tariffs
we've got from I think this is Detroit
Free Press Trump's tariffs on steel and
aluminum could hurt us industry trade
war fear sinks stocks a Vox of course
another liberal outpost Trump steel
tariffs are hated by almost every US
industry and then you have
Trump's tariffs lead u.s. steel to
reopen big steelmaking facility so not
everybody agrees that steel tariffs are
gonna be bad let's go to ray in Illinois
he's a former steel employee go ahead
ray Palmer's are you ok we're doing good
15-year listener I worked I worked at a
steel company we did specialties feels
there is no way any others feel about
you as steel is quality we we use some
foreign steel and 50% of the product
would fail they said oh we're getting it
perhaps Isis but if you got 50% for a
freight what did you say well if you got
to rebuild it you're not saving anything
right exactly now we I did we did
specialty metals for McDonnell Douglas
Lockheed Martin NASA and the cruise
missile now they didn't use cheap steel
there it was but I can see were the
tariffs may
some of the smaller companies the mom
and pops that are buying the cheaper
steel to figure that means maybe a yeah
a product that I don't know how you
would well it's not a not a where it's
going to be holding weight or under
stress or something like a mailbox not a
jumbo jet exactly exactly
you know where they're buying cheaper
steel because they get it cheaper where
they where the US feel might ask them a
little more and that's the only thing
the only thing I see where it could be a
problem well it Germany did threaten to
raise the price of peanut butter in
oh really yes so watch out shovin peanut
butter all right well thank you Ray
anything else you want to add you know
what I'm probably on the list that's
being a Russian too you might be my mo
my grandfather was in the Russian Navy
no there you go you probably are Russian
er you've been colluding with Trump did
you steal the Podesta emails yeah get it
off your chest now ray this is the time
before you have to go through an atom
shift probe myself I was in the Air
my son just got out of the military that
confers in Afghanistan and they knew
that you my grandfather was in the
Russian Navy they never said nothing and
all those tanks and cars those we're all
using steel too right
and so now we're gonna rebuild our steel
industry and the globalists can't stand
it thanks for calling ray let's go to
Chris in Atlanta who's a sheet metal
worker sheet metal is used in everything
I mean we got sheet metal all around us
right now go ahead Chris Wow thank you
guys for having me
got the I'm in the stone zone but if I
was into the media they might call it
the Russian zone thank you guys for
taking my call sure LeeAnn thank you rob
Thank You Roger
one thing I want to say I am in South
Florida for the next month so I would
love to take you to lunch
no homo just would love to get to know
you offer to pay for your lunch here and
west bump but you're buying so hey
listen I wanted to got a couple things
first of all with the still with the
terrace I mean I'm the reports I've
heard is I'm in the Union in Atlanta out
of the local 85 little shout-out to
those guys so sure some of the guys are
listening but I want to say this is the
are excited about this you know the
unions are excited about the terrace
because they know it levels the playing
field and I think this is a you know
Trump is not I think Trump's very
bipartisan some be from the way he is
his approach has been to politics and
look at this the Democrats what do they
always do they're always looking to get
these different stacks these different
uh these different excuse me these
different specs to oh we're gonna
support you know this racial thing or
whatever to get them to to support them
well Trump is doing things in a more
legitimate way he's gonna get the unions
on our side which is a actually a big
voting block I think that one of the
ways you probably want some of the
northern state so I think the unions are
behind them it's not gonna yes short
term if there is some sort of a small
trade war it could hurt but you can't
look at something that's going to you
know say pulling off a band-aid
it needs to be pulled off you gotta let
the thing heal
there's going to be long-term benefits
to having more still more aluminum made
in the state and it's very common sense
to understand hey yes we don't need to
be by yes it might get it cheaper from
China but does that make it better
no does that make us more secure you
know does that if we don't have a steel
industry you know well then we're at the
mercy of China whenever they want to say
oh you know so all Trump is doing is
saying hey we're gonna stop this and
here's here's Richard Trumka who's the
of the afl-cio he said the
administration's steel and aluminum
tariffs are good steps towards fixing
predatory practices that hurt workers
and cheat companies that produce in the
US hey Mrs Mary said this is very very
significant because in this particular
case people don't understand that those
who say the president is starting a
trade war don't realize we've been in a
trade war for the last thirty years and
we're losing fact we're getting our
derriere kicked other nations our
trading partners are using tactics on us
that we don't use on them they put tight
tariffs big tariffs on our products yet
we allow them access to our markets
unfettered what President Trump is doing
is using about threat of tariffs against
them the end of the day the president's
business tax cuts will have a more
positive effect of bringing the
production back home than any tariff
that you could impose that said he is
wielding the big stick he wants a more
equitable trade relationship that is
beneficial to all of our trade partners
he's fed up with these big
one-size-fits-all Oh a hundred and
forty-four nations agreed to these rules
no we should negotiate separate deals
with everybody who we can prosper with
as partners where both countries benefit
but Americans are tired of getting that
crap picked up out of us in these and
being out negotiated because we send
social workers to negotiate and they
said is Donald from and saying killers
yeah vipers yeah exactly
Chris anything real quick you want to
add no thank you thank you guys for your
time one thing I want to say about the
thing with California and the governor
out there how is all the drugs getting
into America
these guys are globalist look at look at
the way that California is acting and
then we wonder why so many illegal drugs
exactly those are globalist right there
in California I'm gonna get to James
later on stay tuned we got more of the
wardroom coming up
if you preceding this translation you
are the resistance egg no mistake we've
made some major games against the
globalist but they're striking back all
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well that's at

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